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Shakespeare and the life of Renaissance

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FC: Shakespeare and The Life of the Renaissance By Charlie VanTongeren

1: The Geography of the 1600's in England during the Renaissance was near the Atlantic ocean and near Ireland. The weather most of the time is very rainy and cloudy but in the warmer mouths there is a ton of sun and hot weather. Also England is surrounded by water. However the land is very mountainous | Geography

2: Religion | The Religion was very serious and a daily life event in the peoples life during the Renaissance in the region of England. Such as Elizabethan period and the intellectual era of the Renaissance introduced English persecution of witchcraft. witches were a very serious in the 1600's even though people now a day’s think it is crazy that people thought there was witches running around the street but this is was a big part of the 1600's. Also most people were protestant and they prosecuted Jews and catholic men and women.

3: Religion | witches were a very serious in the 1600's even though people now a days think it is crazy that people thought there was witches running around the street but this is was a big part of the 1600's. Also most people were protestant and they prosecuted Jews and catholic men and women.

4: Politics | In the 1600's during the Renaissance the people had a strong sense of government. The Queen that was the leader was Queen Elizabeth and she ruled England for many years she was born in 1533 and died 1603 AD. Elizabeth had a lot of political skill and had many great characteristics.

5: Econonmy | The Economy in Elizabethan England was very strong this included the leading naval and commercial power. Also England consoidated its position with the defeat of the spansish armada. and there was a huge a rising of merchants in england around the time peroid 1600's

6: Society | The society of the 1600's was filled with excitement because of everything that was being created such as entertainment there was a lot of games, gambling, beer and bull hunting and especially plays. They also had festivals and parties and marriages.

7: The Queen was the most powerful person in England then the next would be priest and then it would go merchants etc. | Society

8: Achievements | The people of the 1600's had many Achievements expanding from inventions to every day society. First off they had many different occupations such as bottler a chaplain and many more.

9: The Globe Theater | Shakespeare opened in 1599 and it was used for plays that he used. the unique thing about it is that it is round and very large.

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12: Early Life of Shakespeare | William Shakespeare was born in 1564 in Stratford -upon -Avon England. growing up he had 8 brothers and sisters and he was third out of that 8. | William Shakespeare grew up on a farm with his parents john and Mary Shakespeare, and his brothers and sisters

13: Shakespeare's middle ages | Shakespeare went to school for around 7 years. and then i was married at the age of 18 to Ann Hathaway. They had 5 children Susanna ,Anne, William, Hammet and Judith. however Hammet dided at the age of 11 of the black plauge. | in school he studied subjects such as latin grammar and also classics.

14: Shakespeare Accomplishments | Some of Shakespeare Accomplishments are that he became a playwright and he became very popualr over the U.k on top of that shakespeare made 37 plays and 154 sonnets also he opened an outstanding theater called the globe theater.

15: BIO of Afro Van Tongeren | My name is Afro Van TongerenI am 21 years old. My occupation GoldsmithIn my daily life as a Goldsmith I store gold and silver for customers and I craft gold into objects. my economic status as a Goldsmith were in the middle of the social class I am defiantly not poor because my job is very expensive if a person wishes to have one of my pieces.I am a tall strong man with dark brown hair and brown eyes.I am a very busy man which can cause some bad mood swings of my stressful job of having very thing perfect for my customers.I am strong, skillful, charming. My vocal qualities are very strong willing; I use my hands when I talk.My clothing is not the best but they are surely not the worst but it keeps me warm and dry. My home is a medium size and I have a very large family with a amazing wife with 4 boys and 3 girls. My meals change on a weekly bases because it depends on how much my job makes me because I don’t have a set salary.I have had 9 years of education. I work for Juliet’s family the reason why I have the pleasure to work with her family is because I am the best at what I do.

16: Daily Life | I am a 21 year old goldsmith that lives in Verona Italy with a big family with a lovely wife. i work for the Capulet family which is a very rich family and the treat me very well. Every day for me is pretty much the same because I get up in the morning and wake up every day and see my wife making me breakfast. I make some honest money because the Capulet family pay me very well as they should because my job is a very skillful job. I go to work every day and get loaded with work which is bad and good because i love my job but it is a ton of work and there is no room for error so you can say i could be a stressful man when i am doing my work and when I get home but my family helps me through it. Then I usually have dinner wanting for me then in the morning I start the whole process over.

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