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Shakespeare in Elizabethan England

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FC: Shakespeare in Elizabethan England | By Michael Gaudreau English 9 Period 3

1: The Renaissance came up with many ideas that are still in use today. For example, Raphael, an artist, came up with perspective drawing. This technique is the most lifelike way to paint as if it was a photograph. Many artists still use this form of painting. Leonardo DaVinci made very important scientific achievements. He pioneered the birth of the flying machine. He also showed that a mans wingspan should be equal to his | How Does the Renaissance Influence Literature and History? | height through his famous Vitruvian Man. Banks were also perfected at this time and banks are still very useful in the world even to this day. The Renaissance has influenced and will continue to influence the world as we know it.

2: GRAPES of Elizabethan England The capital of England in this time period was London. Many cities were built on the Thames River. The religion of this period was ever changing. King Henry VII founded the Protestant religion so that he could divorce his wife. After he died, his successor Mary I converted the national religion to Catholicism. When Elizabeth I took power she again converted the national religion back to Protestant. This led to conflict between the people because they did not want to abandon their faith, but people were executed for failing to convert to the national religion. Queen Elizabeth was a large patron of the arts and enjoyed attending plays in her free time. Therefore, she gave playwrights and actors the ability to express themselves and write many plays, which led to some of the greatest literature ever with some specific examples being, "Romeo and Juliet", "Hamlet", "Macbeth" and many more. During this time period there was a large gap in society. A person was either very wealthy or so poor that they were living on the streets. Most people were merchants and farmers, which is where England gained a lot of their money at this time period.

5: GRAPES of the Italian Renaissance Italy was the birthplace of the Renaissance. All of Italy was effected by this, but two specific city-states that prospered the most were Milan and Florence. Italy was still a Catholic place, however, the power of the church greatly declined during the Renaissance because people believed in more worldly values over spiritual values.While England was more focused on literature during the Renaissance, Italy had a lot of famous painters and sculptors, some of which include Michelangelo and his Statue of David, Leonardo DaVinci and his Mona Lisa, and Raphael and his School of Athens. Merchants and wealthy families dominated the politics of Italy. The Medicis, were among the most powerful. The Medicis were famous for two specific reasons. One was that they were huge patrons of the arts, which allowed some of the most famous artists to create, and another is that they stimulated Italy's economy by creating a banking system there. Italy's economy also benefited through trade with the Middle East, which was opened through the Crusades. People focused on humanism during this time period. Humanism is the celebration of human life and potential. Because the plague wiped out so much of Italy's population, they tried to celebrate living as much as possible.

6: The Life of William Shakespeare Shakespeare was born and baptized in a small town called Stratford upon Avon in the year 1564. His actual birth date is unknown. During this time period there was a lot of religious controversy. Despite this Shakespeare, his father John, his mother Mary, and the rest of his family remained Catholic even when the national religion was changed to Protestant. This was a very bold and brave way to live because the punishment for opposing the Queen was death. | Shakespeare's family was wealthy for most of his childhood, until his father was caught being an illegal sheep smuggler. The Shakespeare's had very little money after this.

7: They had to pull William out of school at the age of fourteen so he could help support the family. This showed him the tragedies and sadness of the world and that is why he wrote so many tragedies. He married Anne Hathaway and had three children, Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet. Hamnet got the Bubonic Plague and died at a young age. Shakespeare died in 1616 at the age of fifty two. It is still unknown how he died. His will has been the source of much controversy over the years because instead of giving his possessions to his wife, he gave them to his mistress.

8: Shakespeare was famous for doing three things, being a poet, playwright, and actor. Shakespeare has collectively written thirty seven plays. Some of his most famous include, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and A Midsummers Nights Dream. In 1592 he moved to London to pursue writing and acting. He formed an acting troupe called The Lord Chamberlain's Men. They later renamed it to The King's Men because King James took power after Elizabeth died. Many people do not know that Shakespeare did not come up with the idea of Romeo and Juliet. | Shakespeare's Career

9: He borrowed the plot from a poem called "The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet." Queen Elizabeth was one of the reasons that Shakespeare was so successful. She enjoyed watching plays in her free time so she gave a lot of money for plays to be produced.In 1598, Shakespeare opened his own theatre along with Richard and Cuthbert Burbage, John Heminges,Thomas Pope, And Augustine Phillips. The called their theatre The Globe Theatre. For a period of two years all of the Theatres in England were shut down because Puritans rose to power and they disapproved of the arts. In 1613, The Globe burnt down and had to be rebuilt.

10: The Language of the Time The form of English that Shakespeare used to write his plays was Early Modern English. People actually spoke the way that Shakespeare wrote in his plays, however, they didn't rhyme. Shakespeare just made some of his plays rhyme because of preference. Some of the word that Shakespeare used were these:

11: art- are coz- cousin/ relative hark you- listen knave- servant 'tis- it is ope- open o'er- over gi'- give ne'er- never I'- I've e'er- ever Oft- often a'- have e'ev- every

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