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Shakespeare Mix Book

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S: Shakespeare

BC: Bibliography: | The Globe. N.D. Salem Press. Salem Press Inc. n.d. Web 25 April 2012. Not determined. Italian Renaissance Painting. Wikipedia. Wikipedia, 13 March 2012. 25 April. 2012. Not determined. Mona Lisa. Leonard-Da-Vinci. 26 Apr. 2012. | By: Amanda Levkoff

FC: Elizabethan Era and Shakespeare By: Amanda Levkoff

1: EnG | English Renaissance

2: This renaissance took place in England, April 1564. On November 29th 1582, Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway. They had a child, Susanna, together on May 1583 and twins named, Hamlet and Judith in late January 1585 | Geography

3: Shakespeare was born under the rule of Elizabeth l. Elizabeth's society protested and outlawed Catholicism. The public faith during this time was protestant. | Religion | Catholicism

4: One major achievement by Shakespeare was his play, Romeo and Juliet. His play was being performed in London, 1592. In the year 1596, Shakespeare became a successful actor and theater owner. He was a major writer and he had kids. | Achievements | Romeo & Juliet

5: People during this time were very aware of the danger in politics. Plays were censored and the catholic religion was not approved of during these years. There were many strict laws that Shakespeare and his family knew of. | Politics | Shakespeare

6: People during this time, raised sheep and mowed and plowed the fields to help them with their economic problems. New industries transformed the country's economy. | Economy | Raising Sheep

7: Friends and families during this time period in history were tortured and arrested for many things that would not sound like something to be arrested or harmed for doing. People were dying at the age of 40 or younger. Plays were the one thing that would cheer everybody up, they would help people when they are down or upset about something. | Society | Population | Queen Elizabeth

8: Italian Renaissance

9: Geography | This Renaissance eventually spread from Northern Italy to the rest of Europe. Italy was the birth place of the Renaissance because of the thriving cities it had, the wealthy merchant class, and of course because of the classical heritage of Greece and Rome.

10: The role of the Catholic Church changed from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in many ways. One major reason it changed was because of the black death disease. Also because society stopped trusting the church and printed books were starting to come out at the time. | Religion | Catholic Church

11: During the Renaissance, there were many renowned Renaissance artists who made many contributions to the arts and literature happening in history. Two major artists were Leonardo Da Vinci and also Masaccio. Both of these artists are known for their many great accomplishments and paintings that are still known of even today! For example, one of Leonardo Da Vinci's famous art work is the Mona Lisa painting. These two men along with many others were very intelligent. | Achievements | Mona Lisa | Leonardo Da Vinci

12: The role of government (monarchs) changed from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance in many ways. In the Renaissance, gunpowder was introduced to the public society. Learning during the Renaissance was more efficient to classical learning and feudalism gave way to centralized forms of government which was part of the government's role | Politics

13: The Commercial Revolution was the expansion of trade and business in the Medieval Ages. The connection between the Crusades, the Commercial Revolution, and the Renaissance is that they all share the same time period. After the crusades, the Commercial Revolution began to start which was during the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Renaissance. | Economy

14: Humanism is an intellectual movement that focuses on human potential, achievements and accomplishments that are made. Urban life during the Renaissance time period was different than normal life. Italy was distinguished from the rest of Europe by the degree of its urbanization. | Society | Renaissance Art | Renaissance Humanism

15: The Life and Times of William Shakespeare | Shakespeare's Funeral | William Shakespeare

16: Shakespeare had 8 siblings and he was the third oldest. He attended school for 7 years, ages 7 to 14. Shakespeare's parents' names were Mary and John Shakespeare. John Shakespeare was a leather merchant who became a farmer. Mary Shakespeare was the daughter of a land owner. In school, Shakespeare learned Latin, grammar, classics, study of the arts, and literature. | Shakespeare's Life | Shakespeare's School

17: Shakespeare married Anne Hathaway who he had three children with. They were 9 years apart of age. Shakespeare's three children with Anne were named Susanna, Judith, and Hamnet. A major tragedy that happened was that one of his children died. Most of Shakespeare's life, he lived in Warwickshire, England. His wife passed away on August 6th, 1623 when she was 67 years old. Shakespeare started to get really sick in 1616. Shakespeare then died on April 23rd, 1616 on his 52nd birthday. | Shakespeare's Home

18: Shakespeare is famous for three major professions, acting, play writing, and poetry. In total, Shakespeare wrote 36 plays throughout his life. Aside from plays, he also wrote poetry. The name of the acting company Shakespeare owned was Lord Chamberlains Men. He later switched the name of it to Kings Men. Shakespeare "borrowed" a source for the plot of Romeo and Juliet which was Arthur Brooke's poem. Shakespeare moved to London in 1592. He moved because there were better play writing opportunities for him in London. | Shakespeare's Career | Shakespeare's Acting Company

19: Shakespeare wrote all sorts of plays. Three known genres of plays that he wrote were history, comedy, and tragedy. Two examples of history plays that he wrote were "Richard lll" and "King John." Two examples of comedy plays he wrote were "As You Like It" and "Twelfth Night". Finally, two examples of tragedy plays he wrote were "Hamlet" and "Romeo and Juliet". Many quotations from Shakespeare's work are now very famous. "If music be the food of love, play on" was a quote used in "Twelfth Night. ""Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown" was said in "Romeo and Juliet". "The first thing we do, lets kill the players" was a quote in "Richard lll". Queen Elizabeth was the former queen of England. King James came after her for 22 years. Queen Elizabeth was influential in Shakespeare's success because she was a queen who had an interest in theater. Shakespeare's fame came after his death. Shakespeare co-owned the Globe Theatre with James Burbage which was built outside of London's city limits because 13 theaters were not allowed in the city walls. The opening date of the Globe was September 1559. The plague caused all of the theatres to shut down for two years. During this time, there were no female actors because it was considered inappropriate for women to work in the theatres. Shakespeare's death was a devastating event that occurred in history. | The Globe Theatre

20: Early modern language was the form of English used in the time of Shakespeare's plays. How people spoke in Shakespeare's plays were very similar to the way people spoke in history at this time period. | The Language of Shakespeare's Time | Shakespeare's writing

21: Some words Shakespeare used have different meanings today or have never been heard of. For example art back then means to be now. Coz back then means cousin today. Hark you means listen, knave means dishonest man, stay means to remain, and thrice means three times. Sometimes Shakespeare would shorten his words that he used. For example instead of saying it is he would say 'tis. Instead of saying open he would use the word ope, instead of over it was o'er, instead of at it was gi', instead of never he would use ne'er, instead of saying in it was I' and instead of saying often he would use oft. | Script of Romeo and Juliet

22: Essential Question: How does the Renaissance influence literature and history? | Literature and history were two major accomplishments during the Italian Renaissance. Poets, musicians, architectures, and play writers helped develop successfully during this time period. The Globe Theater is a well known example. This theater was built mainly for play writers to help them use their opportunity to produce their great work. Shakespeare's plays were produced in this theater which inspired people to come and see it being performed and in the long run this helped William Shakespeare become famous for his talents.

23: Similarities: -Humanism -Received money the same way by making art work -Celebrating the arts and literatures | Differences: Italian Renaissance: -Spiritual society -Known for artwork -Never had a Golden Age -Successful with trading Elizabethan Era: -Protestant -Catholic -Had a Golden Age -Wasn't successful with trade because of lack of supplies and goods needed

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