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shama's summers body

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S: shama's summers body

FC: SHAMALAMADINGDONG SUMMERS By: Samantha Ottwell Julianna Cortez Cherish Paolinelli John Summers

2: Welcome!! We are going to be talking about shama's body. First we are going to talk about the heart . This is how the heart pumps blood. Oxygne poor blood flows from the body into the right artium. Blood flows through the right atrium into the right ventricle. The right ventricle pumps the blood to the lungs. Oxygen rich blood returns to the heart from the lungs. Blood flows through the left artium into the left ventricle. The left ventricle pumps the oxygen and rich blood to all parts of the body.

4: Next we are going to talk about the brain. The Brain and all the parts in the brain. First we are going to talk about the nervous system. How do you rember the way to your friend's house? Why do your eyes blink without you

5: about the cerebrum. The biggest part of the brain is the cerebrum. The cerebrum makes up 85% of the brain's weight, and it 's easy to see why. The cerebrum is the thinking part of the brain and it controls your volunatry muscles.The ones that move when you want them to so you can't dance or kick the soccer ball whithout your cerebrum.

6: kidneys help us and our body by removing waste from blood cells. Kidneys take the waste and sends it to the blatter. That is how the kidneys help our body!!!

9: LUNGS The job of your lungs is to carry gases between the outside air and your blood. Air goes into the mouth or nose the mucas in your sinus traps dust,and other dirty things. Air travles through the larynx and trachea to the bronchi. The bronchioles become smaller and end in tiny air sacs. Blood filled capillaries surround the air sacs and exchange new oxygen for carbon dioxide wich we breath back out.

11: A tube carries urine away from the kindeys to the urinary bladder. This bladder stores urine until it leaves the body. At the bottom of the bladder is a tight round muscle that keeps the urine inside until it is removed from the body.

13: At the bottom of your esophagus is a tight round muscle when you swallow this muscle relaxes and opens to let food into your stomach then the muscle closes to keep the food from moving back into your esophagus. Your stomach is under your lower your left ribs the stomach's walls can stretch to store all the food from the meal. The stomach produces fluids mix with the food after the food becomes a soupy paste, it is ready to leave to your stomach.

14: The stomach squeezes the food into the small intestines. Your liver and pancreas are organs that send chemicals to your small intestine to help digest food. When digestion is finshed, the particles of digested food can move into blood vessels that are in the walls of intestine. Tiny finger shaped structures called villi are found all over the inside walls the small intestine. Villi give the small intestine more surface area to absorb food.

16: at the end of the small intestine some food that cannot be digested remain. This food waste moves to a wide tube called the large intestine. Most of the large intestine is also know as the colon. Helpful bacteria live here. Some bacteria make vitamins that your body uses. these bacteria also help keep out other bacteria that causes disease.The large intestine takes water and salt from the waste more solid. Finally, muscle squeeze to push the waste out of the body.

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