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Share a Miracle Projects

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S: Share a Miracle

BC: Share a Miracle Project

FC: Share a Miracle Project & Miracle Investments | Chere Raye

1: Welcome to miracles the next level of consciousness Brought to you by

2: The purpose of physical consciousness is to evolve and embrace the unlimited potential to give and receive Love.

3: The purpose of consciousness is to be a Co-Creator by using the frequency of Perfect Love. In the beginning this was done by learning how to define a purpose with the Love frequency. Thus, the frequency in the beginning was Perfect Love. Just as it is understood in our world, spiritual education is an intricate tool in the higher learning process. By teaching an innocent expression how to assign a specific Love purpose, innocence would grow into spiritual maturity by learning to assign Perfect Love to purpose. Co-Creating with Love would inspire a perfect Universe based on the ability to communicate Perfect Love consistently with no break in communication. This is why the Universal Language is referred to as Love.

4: In the entire Universe there was one Planet that stood out like a jewel. This was the Planet Earth. And so it was, all spiritual education of innocent expression was to happen on the Planet Earth. The entire Planet Earth was thus recognized as the Innocent Garden called Eden. This way of schooling innocence lasted for millions of years. Then something happened, and everything changed. A thought entered into the innocent mind, and formed a question : "what if there is something else?" In that instant the Heavens shook, displacing 10% of the Heavens, and another world began.

5: The symbolic eating of the tree of good and bad did not determine reality, it determined unreality. Reality cannot be made through a false desire to create without Perfect Love. In the instant of recognition there might be something else, this something else came into existence and belief in a false existence began to be considered a reality. Thus. the separation was made real in the mind of those who asked the question. An innocent expression that has not reached maturity is not capable of defining reality; but this is exactly what occurred. The sin in the Garden was an immature rebellion that changed time and space.

6: Heaven knows immaturity cannot be held accountable for a mistake. However, Heaven also knows because of the basic Law of Cause and Effect, the action of Expressing Free Will without consequences is impossible. Once Free Will is Expressed at the creative level, it must be completed. The mistake made in the Garden could not be the Cause of Creation, because it was out of harmony with Unconditional, or Perfect Love. Therefore, making up a world to live in based on the question asked became the make believe world we live in today. Even at this, those who had taken part in leaving the Garden State would not be held accountable forever for this error. A Spiritual Plan was put into motion, which would take 6000 years to complete. During this time, the world would be defined by the mistake. This mistake is the cause of all conflicted memory in our world.

7: The basic premise of spiritual history comes from the application of using Higher Law to define what is possible in our world. Because the stories of the Bible are so out of alignment with what people believe is possible, much of recorded spiritual history is indeed miraculous. All of these stories refer to a righteous heart condition within, which when used properly will be the cause of miracles. Because miracles do not share the frequency of the mistake, they are not subject to the evidence of the error. Belief in miracle evidence is the closest our world comes to understanding miracles, which is not a miracle definition. It is time to return to the Garden, but before this can happen, there are certain conditions that have been adopted through belief patterns that are interfering with the Vision necessary to see the Garden. The purpose of miracles is to restore this vision.

8: Miracles require specific conditions to work properly. These conditions are defined by a much higher appreciation of Love than what people understand. For this reason, there is a Plan to help the people learn how to meet the conditions of a miracle, which will place them in a position of attaining what they do not understand yet. As the people learn to meet miracle conditions a New World understanding of Love will begin to dawn within the mind. It is essential for the people to take the first step. Just as innocence used Free Will to take the first step out of the Garden, we must use Free Will to take the first steps back into the Garden.

9: The premise of the Share a Miracle Project is made specifically to meet miracle requirements. In the beginning, these will be recognized as a physical investment in a miracle solution. The purpose of these investments is to shift the value in a dollar investment, and allow the miracle to return this value to the Self. This is the proper Order, as defined by Perfect Love. | The Share a Miracle Project is specifically designed to meet miracle conditions. The only requirement is to make a conscious decision to use the Universal Plan specifically designed to meet miracle conditions.

10: When the expression of Free Will separated from Love, the value of Free Will trapped in the error along with faith, free will, appreciation, and peace. Separate, these expressions are limited, but when they come together, miracles happen. In order to obtain whole access to all of these spiritual expressions, they must be accessed together in one place. Whole access to these expressions can be found in physical value, which in its simplest form is money. By using Free Will, and offering the spiritual expression held in the dollar, the miracle has the ability to shift this value and return it to the Self, which is you.

11: Once the Self Value of faith, free will, appreciation, and peace held in the physical physical investment has been brought together, it becomes a miracle investment in the Self. Unconditional Love recognizes the Value of the Self. Once value has shifted, miracles happen. By seeing the effects of miracle investing,the people can begin to use their OWN miracle value for New World possibilities, while re-establishing the Garden Conditions, which were evident in the beginning. All of this is possible and more.

12: If you would like to join and take part in a spiritual Plan that cannot fail, you are being invited to unite together and participate in The Share a Miracle Project. Your investment is needed to secure a world for future generations.Only a Spiritual Plan that began when the expression of Free Will walked out of the Garden can offer our world a miracle alternative. The name of this Plan is One Wholeness Now. The purpose of this Plan is to undo the mistake and restore the Garden State, recognized as In the Beginning. Nothing happens anywhere in the whole Universe without an investment. Miracle investments are the best investments the people will ever make.

13: The basic investment for a miracle is $1.00 because everyone is entitled to a miracle. However, a dollar is a limit, and we are dealing with unlimited potential. Please ask what your investment should be. What you hear will be the right investment for you. Please visit www.miracleresponse for further information. Please sign up for our Miracle Investment Network at If you have any questions, please contact Bobbi Friday at 704.928.5596 We also have a Miracle Investment Club. Please see the following pages.

14: The Miracle Investment Club

15: What we invest in, we expect a return on. Even though we cannot always see what we invest in, we trust our investments will be honored and given the respect they deserve, for when our investments are given respect, so are we. Miracles cannot be seen. They cannot be physically identified until evidence of their effects have been recognized and duly noted at a physical level. This is because miracles do not use paper agreements to uphold their value. Instead the value they uphold comes from Universal Order. This Universal Order comes from Perfect Love. The perfect reason to invest in miracles is to access Perfect Order, and Perfect Love. Miracles are the perfect means to reach eternal integrity.

16: Just about everyone believes in miracles, but they cannot accurately define them. This is because miracles require consistent honesty, something our world has not yet learned. Just like miracles, we know honesty is real, but because everyone carries a different belief concerning honesty, there are no consistent beliefs that can hold together the consistency necessary for honesty or a miracle. The consistency required for miracles is beyond what can be believed. This allows miracles to work in time, but they are not restricted by the inconsistencies learned in time. The origin of miracles is timeless, but their purpose is served in time.

17: How miracles work can be described as an employee who, once is given an assignment, will do whatever is necessary to make sure the assignment is completed perfectly. The reason miracles are not depended on more for understanding in our world is because of a basic lack of understanding of their purpose. Or, no one believes anything can be as consistently helpful or honest as miracles. Miracles are therefore believed in, but not trusted. Miracle investments help restore our trust without loss.

18: Miracle investing allows us to step into what we do not understand, by offering free will, faith, appreciation, and peace to what we want, while allowing our miracle investment to do the work for us. In other words, instead of trying to give what we do not understand, our willingness to miracle invest does this for us. Miracles know exactly how to offer us the best return on our investment. They will always honor our identity and integrity, and always offer us the respect our Spiritual Self is worthy of. They must serve the Plan of One Wholeness Now, and because this Plan serves Self Value, it must serve the miracle investor.

19: There is no belief in this world, that offers this to us. Being a miracle investor also saves time. Because it is not left up to the individual to figure out the who, what, when, whee, why, or how, their time is free for more relevant matters, like happiness, joy, bliss, playing, laughing, sharing goodness, kindness, hobbies, and the things we really want. There is no end to the opportunities and possibilities that happen when we invest in miracles instead of what we believe. Miracles are real, they happen, and give us what we want. It is time to learn how be a miracle investor.

20: To find out more about miracle investing, please go to; or visit The Miracle Investment Club at or call Bobbi Friday at 828.298.3706 email:

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  • Title: Share a Miracle Projects
  • Consciousness is evolving. The common beliefs individually carried concerning unlimited Love will soon be recognized individually as the Miracle of Love. The Share a Miracle Project is designed to help with this evolutionary shift in consciousness by learning how to invest in miracles.
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