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Simple Yearbook

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2: Katniss Everdeen

3: "The Girl on Fire," Katniss Everdeen, is the 16 year old narrator and main character in this story. She is the female tribute from District 12. She volunteered to fight in the hunger games in the place of her 12 year old beloved sister,Primrose. During the games, she goes through alot of emotional and physical turmoil with Rue (another tribute with whom she parterned for part of the games), and Peeta (her District partner). Using her bow and arrow to kill her opponents was the only way to stay alive in the game...

4: Peeta Mellark

5: Peeta Mellark is the 16 year old male tribute for District 12. He takes up w pretty important role in this book together with Katniss.Although he's as many say, nothing much than the baker's sun, this character was able to make it to the last stage of the Hunger Games .Being deeply in love with his fellow tribute, Katniss, he confesses his love to everybody at the Tribute interview night, which causes many problems for him later on. He takes some very smart decisions during this book. Some of those decisions did mean life or death to both him and his beloved Katniss.He tries helping out Katniss throughout the games and for it, he gets what could've been the worse beeting he had gotten in his life by Cato, the District 2 Tribute. This not stopping him from being one of the winning tributes.

6: Gale Hawthorne

7: 19 year old Gale Hawthore is Katnisse's bestfriend, hunting partner, and confident. Whit allready his own family to feed,this character was the one that Katniss had left in charge for both her mother and her little sister after Katniss left for the Hunger Games.Although Katniss and Gale were almost allways together, they didn't have any type of relationship and that's why everytime that Gale presented her to someone, he would allways refer to her as his cousin.

8: Primsrose Everdeen

9: Primrose is Katniss's dear younger sister, who is 12 years old. She was the original tribute for the games, but, Katiss volunteered in her place knowing that if her helpless sister attended the games, she would most commonly die in the attempt of winning. Primrose was Katnisse's most loved treasure and for her, she would be willing to give up her life...

10: Fellow Tributes | -Cato-

11: This District 2 tribute, is what you could call the most brutal and cruel out of the whole tributes. He is a bloodthirsty guy that has as all the other tributes, to win the Hunger games. During this attempt, he tried killing Katniss (his major opponent) while she was up on a tree but failed to do so as the tree branches had broken. After being chased and fought with Peeta at the same time, Cato is almost left dead by the hungry mutants and then Katniss stops his suffering by sending an arrow straight to his skull, which leaves him dead.

12: -RUE-

13: This young girl from District 11 named Rue, worked at the orchards back home. Although slightly small and verry often underestimated, it was the fact that she was small that made her very agile and what you could say sneaky. The young girl had formed an alliance with Katniss after warning her from a nest of Jacker Trackers in a tree Katniss had been stuck on. The young girl was killed at the age of twelve by Marvel when he thrust a sphere at her stomach. Her lst words were to Katniss saying, "You have to win Katniss."

14: -Haymitch and- -Effie-

15: Although verry different, these two characters managed to get stuff working out on the trainings and lifes of the District 12 tributes. Haymitch, allways being half drunk but being a former winner of the Hunger Games, managed to teach both Katniss and Peeta skills that would help them survive in the Arena. While Effie, hoping to get a better district the upcoming year, made sure that their training schedules, their looks, and maybe even theri way of acting in oublic was rite. Both of these trainers were satisfied with the results.




19: This is a verry exciting part of the book. It is when Katniss volunteers for her little sister, Primrose to attend to the Hunger Games. While she tries to walk up the stairs to go take her place, she is verry confused and its almost like she has no idea what she's doing. During the ceremony, she realized that her trainer is compleately drunk and gets both scared and dissapointed because she knows that with someone like him as a trainer it would be within a matter of minutes after stepping into the arena when she would die. Her little sister pulling her back so she wont do it but Katniss continues on with Gale's help who grabs primrose back so she won't continue. After her volunteering, there is a long tered silence because you could say she volunteered to go die instead of her sister. After ong seconds of silence, the crowd stands up and gives her what they call a cheer for her braveness. By any means did she think SHE would be the one this year. The one to go die at the 74th Hunger Games.


21: There was a part in the story where Katniss was sleeping up on a tree when suddenly Cato finds out and TRIES to kill her. Fortunatelly for Katniss, Cato is too heavy for the branches and he brakes them making hiim fall to the ground. Katniss was Cato's biggest enemy because of the fact that she had scored an 11 at the Training Exhibition, he thinks (knows) thatshe is going to be one of his main targets but he doesn't know WHAT skill made Katniss win that 11.


23: On the last day of the Games, wolflike mutations chase him out of the woods making Peeta and Katniss think he was on his way to kill them. Katniss's attempt to kill HIM failed for she threw and arrow that bounced off his chest because of his armor. This causes a fight between th threenof them in which Cato almost chokes and then takes Peeta as his bait. Katniss tried shooting him again but he told her that if she shot him, Peeta would go down with him too. At this time Peeta gives Katniss a signal that means that Katniss has to shoot an arrow at Cato's hand so that he will let go of him. When she does do this, Cato falls back to where the wolf mutations are at, making him be at their will. They litterally tear him apart and Katniss hearing his screams and pain decides to end his horror and pain by shooting an arrow straight through his skull. She later writes the thought, "The raw hunk of meat that used to be my enemy makes a sound, and I know where his mouth is. And I think the word he is trying to say is please. Pity, not vengeance, sends my arrow flying into his skull."

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