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Sir Gawain And The Green Knight Continued ...

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S: Sir Gawain and the green knight continued ...

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FC: Sir Gawain and the green knight continued ... | Christopher howatt 8-2 | Award Winning novel

1: As the green knight rides away, Sir Gawain, the knights and King Arthur stood shocked thinking about what happened. "Well, lets eat" King Arther shouted. The next day, King Arther went to talk to Sir Gawain in his room. "Excuse me, Sir Gawain. But I could not stop myself from asking you, what are you going to do? King Arther asked anxiously. " I don't know" Exclaimed Sir Gawain. "I have one year

2: exactly, counting last knight to find out what I am going to do. I think I might leave" Sir Gawain said disappointedly. "What, you cant! You cant leave your king, it is against the knights code of chivalry! "I know. But if I stay, and in one year time, when the Green

3: Knight does come back, and I just say no, then what would happen? He might destroy the town! If I leave now, no harm will come to you and your people" Sir Gawain said. "Very well. You do what you want but if so, you shall leave my kingdom at once!" King Arthur said demandingly. "I will get my stuff" Sir Gawain says as he walks to his closet. As the next day arrives, Sir Gawain is escorted out of the castle with in his hands only a

4: a golden dagger his dad given him before he died and a bag full of clothes. "Good bye" Sir Gawain says heroically as the drawbridge closes behind him. As Sir Gawain walks away from the castle, he stops and thinks to himself what he is going to do now that he is not allowed back into the castle and no longer a knight. He decided to go into the forest and live the rest of his life there until he has to face his duties. But then

5: a strange idea jumped into his head. "Why don't I go and try to find this Green Knight and try to fix things so I wont have to fix my head." After he thought about it for a while he decided to go with his new plan and find this Green Knight. And

6: I know exactly where to start. Then Sir Gawain started to walk to the nearest village in search for the Green Knight. As Sir Gawain walks into the village, a little boy runs up to him and asks him if he is a knight and why he is in this village. "I am no longer a knight and I am in this village because I am in search for the Green Knight." Sir Gawain explains."By any chance, have you seen a knight in green?" "I have not seen any knight but my mom might of seen him. She is over there working that stand full of fruits." The little boy replies. "Thanks." Sir Gawain says while he

7: starts walking toward the stand crowded with people. "Excuse me miss, but by any chance have you seen a knight in green on a green horse?" "I am sorry sir but I do not remember believing in leprechauns. Now leave me and let me work!" "No, a knight in green armor and a horse in green armor." "Well in that case, yes. I have seen a green knight ride through here yesterday. He bought a apple from my stand and sat and talked to me for a while and he said something about going to the top of the Mountain of Doom. I don't know why he was going there but that is

8: what he said." The lady informs Sir Gawain. "Just being curious here, but why do you want to know where this knight is going?" After this question, Sir Gawain tells the lady about what happened and asks her question. "By any chance do you know any one here that would let me spend the

9: night as a favor?" "Well, from what I am hearing, and from what you told me you have gone through, you can rest the night at my house." "Thank you very much miss. I will be gone by tomorrow" "Oh please, call me Vorinica." The next day, Sir Gawain sets off to the Mountain of Doom. But before he leaves, he goes into the nearest blacksmith. As he walks in, he reaches into hes left pocket and shockingly, he has a couple gold pieces. He asks the blacksmith how much his best sword is. "That will be seven gold pieces

10: "But I only have five gold pieces." Sir Gawain says | please," "I only have four gold pieces though," Sir Gawain says unhappily. "Here, I give it to you as a gift. But you promise me that you will pay me back." The blacksmith says empathetically. "You have my word," Sir Gawain says picking up the silver longsword and heading for the door. It took Sir Gawain Several weeks of traveling to different towns and villages. After a while, those weeks turned into months and before he new it, it was Christmas Eve and he is standing if front of

11: the entrance of the cave on top of the Mountain of Doom. As Sir Gawain starts walking in, to his surprise there was the Green Knight standing before him.

12: "One day early," The Green Knight laughs loudly. "You are the first one to actually stick to the Code of Chivalry and also to break it. As in you stick to your word and also to leave your king." "Listen, I don't want to die on Christmas Eve so is there any way we can get even without me losing my life?" "Well why should I let you live when I don't have a head? Hmm, why should I just set every thing behind me and just let me you off the hook when it wasn't me who gave there word. Last time I checked you cant just make a deal and break it, or cut someones head of and not stick to your

13: word. Now will you excuse me, I need to cut your head off." "I you want my head, then come you will have to get it!" Sir Gawain says grabbing his silver sword but to his surprise, it was gone. "I must of left it somewhere." Sir Gawain thinks. "So I will," The Green Knight says devilishly as he runs toward Sir Gawain thrusting his sharp, pointy battle axe in front of him surprising Sir Gawain. As his only weapon, Sir Gawain throws himself toward the battle and turns as the Green Knight misses and Sir Gawain

14: stabs the Green Knight in the back with his golden dagger. As the Green Knight falls to the ground with the golden dagger still in his back, Sir Gawain walks heroically back to the entrance of the cave. As Sir Gawain is talking a somewhat of a lofty pace, he hears something move behind him. As he turns around all he can see is his own scared reflection in the battle axe as it goes flying passed him at a incredibly fast speed. Next thing he sees is the dirty floor of the cave at the top of the Mountain

15: of Doom and all he can here is the chuckle of the Green Knight."Is this the spirit of my body? Is this what happens when you die? Your spirit is still alive but not your body?" Sir Gawain thinks to himself. All of a sudden,

16: the Green Knight picks up Sir Gawain's head. "Oh know, what is he going to do with my head? Burn it? Put it on his mantle of heads of the unfortunate?" Sir Gawain thinks to himself again. But no. The Green Knight doesn't do any of the things that Sir Gawain thought to himself. Instead, the Green Knight puts Sir Gawain's head in the arms of his own body. Sir Gawain could feel his own cold dirty head in his own cold dirty hands. For some weird reason he could move his hands and he was shocked to realize that he was still alive. "Now we are twins," The Green

17: Knight chuckles. "So we are." Sir Gawain says shocked. "So, are we going to do this again?" Asks the Green Knight, "Do what again?" Sir Gawain replies. "You know, do the same thing that I did to you?" "You mean ask people the same question you asked me?" "Yes." "Well, you know what, I have nothing to lose so, why not." "So you are?" "Yes. I will help."

18: Oh ya, by the way, don't let go of your head." "Why?" "Because it will roll away on you." The green Knight laughs as he walks toward the entrance. "Now I can teach you how to put your head back on." The Green Knight laughs as he pats Sir Gawain on the back. THE END

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