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Sky Ranch Scrapbook

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S: My Sky Ranch Scrapbook 2012

FC: My 2012 Sky Ranch Scrapbook! | By: Esha Ellendula

1: All About My Sky Ranch TRip 2012! | Sky Ranch is a fun educational camp. We went there as a 5th grade field trip. This scrapbook will tell you all about it.

2: Challenges | We played a lot of different games in this one. They were really fun, and we got to use teamwork throughout them! We all had to cooperate, and make sure our voices were heard in different choices we had to make.

3: Lily Pads :This one was my favorite. Even though there was a lot of teamwork in this, it was not hard. Basically what we had to do is that we had to get from island to island. But, there was lava surrounding us. We had to use 5 lily pads to get across. Every time our foot was not on a lily pad, it would be taken away from us. We had to use lots of strategies to get across.On each island there was a wish that we could use.

4: The Maze : Our counselor told us about the history of Boogie - Man. She said that she would set up traps in her house.( we knew she really didn't) We had a 16 piece 4 x 4 grid. Everyone would take turns. We had to get into her party without making a mistake. It was tricky, but fun! | My Precious : This one was fun too. Our counselor had a hamster. This was their precious. Whenever they had their back turned, we could run or walk. We would try to steal the hamster as a team. Whenever they noticed it was gone, they could guess who it was. It was fun!

5: Time Warp : First, we all stood in a circle. Then we could throw the ball to whoever we wanted. Then, we had to memorize that order. We had to think and use up our minds to find out different strategies. We decided to get in a circle that order. then we used different ways to get it under three seconds. Winning Round- Was when we stood in a circle really close and had our hands in a circle, palms up. I think we got it in 2 : 59. We got it done!

6: Spell A Really Big Word :Then, we had to spell a really big word. These were the letters : A R E A L L Y B I G W O R D. Yet, we didn't know it was that phrase. Before that, we had to use vowels and use all our spelling thinkyness for it. It was funny when we asked our counselor for a hint, she would say " Okay, here's your hint : It's A Really Big Word." We also counted the letters and saw what words we could make up in it. It was a really smart thinking game!

7: Expeditions | In this group we got to learn all about animals. It was cool how we got to pet them and learn about their habitats. Animals Rock!

8: Something Related: We also learned about Habitats and Environments at school. | We got to learn lots about animals. Here are some things we learned: | - We got to learn about their habitats. They could've lived in the Jungle, Forest, Farm or other places, etc.

9: -We got to pet the different animals. It was fun, but there was also some education in it. We did this because we needed to know how they survived. For example, hedgehog has spikes to protect itself from predators.

10: -We got to learn about Hair Follicles. This was because we learned about Chinchillas.

11: Then, we went to go look t Leaf Decomposition Study. We used our five senses except taste to verify different samples. | Sand Sample | One Month Sample | This looked like regular sand at the beach. There were some pebbles. There were these bugs that dug holes in the sand that could only walk backwards. | There were a lot of crinkled and full shaped leaves. There were also big sticks. There was dust on the bottom. It smelled like a tree and sounded like crinkled paper.

12: Six Month Sample | One Year Sample | It looked mulchy, dark brown, and there were twigs in it. It felt like mulch, dry, and dusty. It smelled like old pine. It sounded of rubbing mulch. There were barely any crinkled leaves in it. | There are still a little bit of crinkled leaves. It looked like natural mulch. It smelled very faint of pine. There wasn't really a sound to me.

13: In Forces In Nature, we learned all about Nature. We also got to learn about different forces in nature. | Forces In Nature

14: We went on a Nature Walk. We got to learn about rocks. We learned about the three types of rocks: Sedimentary, Igneous, and Metamorphic. We learned about how they changed and how they formed. | David even taught us a song about rocks. | It was: Weathering Is The Braking Of Rocks Into Itty Bitty Pieces.

15: We also made paper and Duct Tape rockets. | Each group had to make a type of distance rocket. They had to do an: | Explosion Rocket Short Distance Rocket Medium Distance Rocket or A Long Distance Rocket. | They had to go through a certain amount of meters. Example A Short Distance would go through 0 - 10 meters. | David's Rocket went so far! It went into the woods!

16: We also got to learn about Friction and Gravity. | We learned that Friction is: Friction- Is when two things rub together. Let's say something is moving one way, Friction will cause the object to move the other way. | Gravity- Let's say you are jumping in the air. When you come back down, Gravity is pulling you back down to the Ground.

17: Next came the Zipline Tower! | We got Miss Coleman and Miss Martin to go on the Zipline!

18: We named them The Colemanator and The Martin Machine!

19: We also learned about Energy Sources!

20: Some Are: | - Fossil Fuels - Windmills - Solar - Hydroelectric | - Biofuel - Geothermal

21: In this lesson, we learned all about water. We also got to learn about turtles. | Limnology

22: We got to learn all about Water Molecules. We got to see all of they transformed into different ways. | They could precipitate, condensate, evaporate, and even more! | We also got to play a game!

23: This game is very simple. First you are dismissed to go to a station. Let's say the station was rivers. Then you would roll the dice. It you rolled it and it said oceans, then you would go to the ocean station. Then let's say that you rolled it again and it said oceans. Then you would just stay at oceans. You would keep doing this until all your blanks were filled in. Later we went over it as a group and discussed different ways of how one thing could travel into another. | The Molecule Journey

24: Then we got to learn all about Turtles and a bit about Tortoises. It was a lot of fun because we got to learn about them and pet them too!

25: We got to learn how they move. They mostly stay in water. They will usually swim around with their feet. | What they eat. Thy definitely don't eat each other. They eat different types of plants. | Where they live. They live in water. If a predator comes out, they can hide in their shell and act like a rock. There some turtle that can't do this do. But learning about this was cool!

26: Next we went to Sky Pond. Our problem was: Is Sky Pond healthy? We learned about Vertebrates and invertebrates. Then we took nets and cereal boxes. They called them PCD ( personal catching device) and PCC ( personal catching container). We would fill the PCC with the pond water to see if any bugs would want to come to it. Then, we would dig into the pond with our nets to gather up mud. We would then flop all this mud onto the ground. We would use our hands or sticks if we were too disgusted. We would try to find any Macro - Invertebrates.

27: My Observations: Color- Expired Milk Chocolate Temperature- Cold Sounds- Birds Chirping Smells- Used Toilet Signs of Life- Plants, Birds, and Bugs | We found out that Sky Pond is healthy. Yay!

28: Recreational Time | Rec. Time was the best time there. We got to do a lot of fun stuff. It lasted 2 hours long. I will tell you all about the things we did there.

29: We could do: | -The Jumping Pillow

30: -The Crazy Pool | 30 meters water slide

31: Go Ms. Reinberg!

32: - The Party Pool | The Trapeze

33: The Slide | (We didn't really ride these)

34: -Water Slides

35: Other Things: Sky Café Gaga Court Tetherball Volleyball

36: Campfire | Campfire was really fun. We got to do skits for each of our cabins. We got Kadeem and Christian for our counselors in Campfire.

37: There were a lot of skits. Here were some of the titles: | The Great Swami The Doctor's Office Sky's Got Talent The Taco Dorrito Chips Commercial Another Boys Talent Show

38: Campfire was hilarious when Kadeem and Christian did some skits. They did one where Cristian was in front of Kadeem and she had a bandanna and he had a banana.

39: And there was also one where there was a song like this: | Howdy Hoe, Buckaroo, Take the gun, form under my shoe. And on the count of three, we'll see who's faster you or me, a 1 a 2 a zap | i

40: Then Christian kept losing her money because Kadeem kept beating her. The next time she would play, he charged her more money.

41: A picture of our skit. I played a nurse, who caught it from Hannah.

42: Go Campfire | i

43: Cabins | The cabins were really good for a camp. We got to use bunk beds. I slept on the top. My bunkmate was Varenya. It was funny Because I had a full sized covers and they wet over her bed and made covers. Thank goodness the bathrooms weren't gross! I was actually in cabin 27. The cabin with the view. The cabins our school had were 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 30.

44: Games | We played two games. They were really fun, and here you will see.

45: The first game was a game called Neuk Em. We were on a volleyball, court, and there were two teams. One team would serve and yell Neuk Em! Then they would throw the ball over somebody would catch it and throw it back over.

46: The next one was a life size version of Clue. It was really fun, and we had to challenge other Cabins to see who would win.

47: It turned out it was the Wrangler. But my cabin chose the cook.

48: What we had to do throughout the trip:

49: Be hydrated and exercise! | p.s. And Have Fun!

50: Headquarters and Around Town | First, let me tell you about Headquarters. It was huge. There were chairs in the back, a screen in the front, and plenty of space in the middle.

51: We got to play games like Connectamania where we would choose a partner. Then, music would turn on, and we would try to get as far as away from our partner. Then David would say something random and we would find our partner and do it.

52: We also had some dancers! | We also had a singing contest. Go Miss Martin!

53: We also had the Dining Hall for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. | They had really good food and the desserts were a presentation!

54: Our trip to Sky Ranch was a blast, but I guess it couldn't last!

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