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Slavery- The Fight For Freedom

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FC: The Slave Diaries: The Fight to Survive | By: Harnaik Sembhi & Michael Snyder

1: The Turners have bought more slaves a week ago. They were two boys and one girl. Uncle Ruckus opened to them warmly. It didn't take long for them to get use to the new family. All three of them are my cousins now said Ruckus. | June 20th 1780

2: The other day Murphy and Sarah jumped the broomstick. This is how us Africans celebrate marriage. It's a shame that the white masters refuse to honor this. | August 21st 1799

3: January 4th 1800 | Joseph was almost caught by the overseer singing. We was singing "Rabbit in de Briar patch". White folks don't like us singing them songs because they cause rebellion. But that don't stop us, I hear the song almost everyday.

4: I do believe in God, but not the God they force me to understand. Uncle Silas brought up a mighty good question. "Us slaves gonna be free in heaven?" He was just ignored. I know for a fact that this kind of God can't possibly exist. Just like the Israelites, we will persevere and see the light at the end of this tunnel. | February 3rd 1801

5: April 5th 1802 | I was close to scolding the white master for his wrong doing. I almost had to cover my mouth with my hand. They been making us pick more and more cotton nowadays and punishment is still the same. Mason was whipped today because he weeped, for they whipped one of my close friends to death.

6: March 7th 1809 | Late at night we tell each other our stories. All of us been walking far just to be slaves to different masters. Now I honestly feel that freedom is nothing but a dream to avoid despair. I think I'm starting to forget that dream.

7: Rebellions | March 1st 1739 Many slaves are coming in, this is good. We will finally get our chance at the British. - Spanish King | December 20th 1739 Jemmy and our crew succeeded in killing some people. However it was not a total success. Us Spaniards will still never surrender. - Spanish King

8: September 1st 1788 It has been a good year. As a Maroon our goal is to put fear in the white man's eyes. When we attacked Georgia last year so much so that the government sent people after us it gave me a good feeling. I know I have been in serious hiding for the past year but the chance of freedom is too good to pass up.

9: December 29th 1831 It was crazy that night. All of a sudden, Nat just burst through the door and told us all to come with him. When we left, all you could see is our plantation in flames. Never in my entire life did I think someone would take a stand for their freedom like Nat did.

10: November 1st 1829 As I was reading David Walker's article I was thinking about Vessey and Prosser. They took a stand and for one of their own to snitch on them is crazy. What in the world could they have wanted more than freedom? | May 2nd 1830 Got beat yesterday. To think it happened because I did not have a pass on me. Our rebellions must start working otherwise these conditions are going to get worse

11: THE MOVEMENT | November 18th 1818 What's not to love about the Colonization Society. Blacks have done their work for us. Who needs them anymore, we are definitely a better country without them. Why do you think I formed Liberia so quickly. - James Monroe

12: 1817 This Colonization Society is wrong. I know many people think that we will be better off there but this is our home. We just have to take action and make it as much of ours as everyone else's -Richard Allen

13: May 2nd 1840 Dear Quakers, I would like to thank you for helping me build this school for the colored. I hope that many of us will become educated enough to make a good living and to fight for our freedom. from, John Morris

14: July 4th 1853 It's ok if we are not that respected. I'm going to help others anyway. I am starting my own mutual-aid society. Not just for colors but for anyone. Maybe this will help people think less lowly of us. Let us hope.

15: August 12th 1862 | I never thought I would be saying this, but I wish I was in the South right now. Africans are getting jobs there and good ones for that matter. Many of us are struggling up north with all this competition from immigrants. I thought the North was the best place for slaves?

16: March 6th 1863 We must burn down all of these colored schools. They are talking too much now. We must end this education so there is no rebellion in the future. People of color are not made to learn but to work.

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