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Social 30-1 (Section 2 Challenge - A Historical Album)

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Social 30-1 (Section 2 Challenge - A Historical Album) - Page Text Content

S: Liberalism

FC: The Liberal Heritage | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."

1: At the age of 5 I was forced to work as I watch the rich kids go to school. My grandpa opposed to my grandma's rights to vote. He was superior. | My name is Elliot Smith and this is my story..

2: Great Grandparents | According to my great, I guess super great I should say, grand parents, the first known democracy took place in 507 BC where it helped build stronger societies.

3: This was developed for upper and lower class citizens (like my family), this excluded slaves and women because women were not counted as citizens. | Ancient Greek Democracy

4: The document is written in Latin. I never knew how to speak it nor write it because like I said, I couldn't go to school when I was young

5: In 1215 a document called Magna Carta was created. Its purpose is to limit the power of the monarchy back in the day because the government angered all those under the influence of the King. The document was forced upon the King that limited his control over the people and this was the first step into having a more democratic style of government.

6: It's really interesting how during the Renaissance period, the men get to take a shower first; followed by the women; the children; and the babies | I forgot to mention that during these events, people had a strong belief about God and nobody dares to go against Him. So it must be a sin to go against the 'appointed' one, which would be the monarchy or the King/Queen | Poor babies...

7: In 1300, the Renaissance took place. It is the time when logic and reason start to overthrow the church, weakening the monarchy's power. This event started the age of enlightenment.

8: In 1400, Haudenosau-nee Confederacy was introduced | Also called the Great Law of Peace

9: It is an alliance among nations that involves equal participation of people in the government which includes women. This confederacy contains a freedom of speech and individual rights for all citizens. This was a great impact within the citizens that lead into a more equal and fair society.

10: Reformation, the action of correcting the institution that the people believed in, took place from 1517-1648.

11: It altered the ways in Europe, including the economy and politics, opposing the Catholic Church leading the loss of the church power. | Martin Luther dominated the reformation by criticizing the policy of purgatory which leads into doubting the church

12: The Enlightenment: 1700 My dad said that my great uncle opposed the church teachings in 1600 and the institution banished him into a place only my great uncle knows. I remember reading the letter he wrote to my great aunt when I was just learning how to read...

13: Louisa, I write to you each day hoping that one day you may remember me. I apologize for being away, for I have to face the consequences of my deed. I still stand for my belief that logic and reason would someday lead into a free society. This place, the banishment and punishment, we never lose hope. This is the age of reason as we call; we will fight until the worth of individual rights is recognized. One day as you see my Louisa, the society will thank my people for challenging the church as we find the values of democracy. Andres | And he did...

14: 50 years go by; it seems like yesterday my great uncle was fighting for our rights. In 1750, Industrial Revolution happened. It started in England and spread throughout Britain during 1800. Uncle would have been very old by that time, maybe 80 or 90. He would mail his family once in a while telling auntie what took place. He said that there was not much jobs to support the population. The wages of the workers were low. People were crowded into already crowded houses. Diseases were everywhere and a lot of people died during an outbreak of cholera. | The letters from uncle would still arrive once in a while, “I still write to you each day but I expect that each day would be my last day. So if you stop receiving my letters do not shed a tear for I will be in a better place.” | The letters stopped coming in after a couple of years according to my grandpa although my aunt would still expect letters from him. Then my great aunt passed away...

15: Improvements gradually took place for the poor. The legislature passed laws that let the city councils clean up the street. The place starts to become healthier. Proper machineries were built. Houses were built to a better living standard. Paved streets and lightings made the streets better. The slums were accustomed and better houses were built. My family watched these changes overtime as they thank the people who fought for it every day. | Industrial Revolution

16: Robespierre was the leader of the revolution.

17: French Revolution took place from 1789-1799. Common people fought against nobles who had higher rights and it resulted to deaths. The 3rd estate (lower people) sought for equality that leads them into trying to overthrow the higher people (1st and 2nd estates). Eventually, the 1st and 2nd estates joined the 3rd estate and were against the king and queen because of the corrupted institution. The monarchy was overthrown due to the extensive population of the people against them. In the end, the declaration of the rights of man and of the citizen was signed, declaring the equality of people. This contributed to the history of Liberalism.

19: In 1800, changes to class system occurred. My uncle's people had a great impact that economic change resulted to a large social change. The peasants moved away from the farms into the cities. Wages were higher; there were more jobs, more money, and more goods. The growing middle class took the monarch's place and they demanded a change. And that's how liberalism first started

21: Liberalism | The struggle in liberal history..

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