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Social Studies

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S: Social Studies

FC: Stopping In St. Louis, Missouri While On The Journey To California 1849 By: A Fifth Grade Student

1: Dear Diary, Papa and Mama packed up all of our belongings in the covered wagon, for our trip to California. The whole family is excited. Papa said that there is gold in California. We are joining the gold rush with our friends, the Ingalls. My sister Amelia says we can get rich off of the gold. We have just gotten in Missouri and are going to stop for a few nights of rest.

2: Dear Diary, Our family has been staying in a little town in Missouri called St. Louis. All the men and boys camped under the trees. And us girls and women stayed in the covered wagons. Durring the day my sisters, the Ingall girls, and I would help the women and then play with our dollies down by the creek. The boys helped the men and then messed around by the creek as well.

3: Dear Diary, Amelia, Mary, and I followed Papa to the general store to get some flour and rice for Mama. My sisters and I were excited to head to town. We have been cooped up at the campsite and were ready to see more of St. Louis. At the store Papa looked around before getting Mama's supplies. Of course we didn't have much money to get anything more. Papa then grabbed the flour and rice and went to the store clerk. My sisters and I were stunned when we heard that the flour cost $0.02 per pound which altogether cost $0.10. The rice cost $0.05 per pound and $0.25 altogether. To us that was a lot of money.

4: Dear Diary, My family and the Ingalls have been in St. Louis, Missouri for three days now. Papa said we will probably stay two more days and leave on the 8th of May, in three days. Mama and Papa have been easy on us with our chores, but now we have pick up some slack. The Ingall girls, my sisters, and I all went down to the creek to wash our clothing. Mama gave us all of the dirty clothes to clean. Back East at our old home this was a normal chore to do. After washing our clothing we headed back to hang them up then help with the cooking. I always love helping Mama with the cooking. She would say I was her little baker. Helping Mama always made me happy.

5: Dear Diary, Today is our last full day in St. Louis. Tomorrow we leave for California. So Mama and Mrs. Ingall decided to make a nice supper with what little food we have. We have invited many of our new friends that we have met. All of them are stopping in St. Louis as well as us, before getting back on the trail to California. St. Louis is a great town to stop in after being on the tough trail for so long because of the Mississippi River. The river provided many advantages. Like water supplies, transportation, and exports.

6: Dear Diary, We are leaving for our journey to California, today. Mama and Papa seem a little stressed for the trip. Many people have talked about how rough the journey is. My sisters and I are anxious to get on the trail again, though I'll miss St. Louis. And the friends I have made that aren't leaving. The people that aren't leaving just don't want to set out on the trail which has killed many people. Well I guess I am a little scared because of what I heard. Papa and Mama said we will have to be very brave and strong while on the trail. Papa also said that we will stop in another town probably close to the Oregon Territory. If we need to we will take a stop sooner than that. I just can't wait to get to California.

8: MixBook Lesson Plan SECTION ONE Author: Rebecca Fattig Email Address: rbecca1969@gmail.com Semester Created: Fall 08 LESSON OVERVIEW Title: Westward Expansion Project (MixBook) Brief Description: After conducting research on westward expansion to California, students will work create their own fictional book by using the research they completed and Mixbook.com. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS/GENERALIZATIONS: This lesson will enable students to learn about western expansion to California in 1849 and how it has impacted the United States by conducting research on this topic and writing a fictional story. Students will become engaged in their learning as they create their story through the eyes of the main character.

9: ENGAGING QUESTION/SCENARIO: To begin the lesson on westward expansion I will show a fun youtube clip the Schoolhouse Rock cartoon called Elbow Room. This is funny song/cartoon is found at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=twFs9Vk6F0A&feature=related. After they have seen the clip, I will activate their prior knowledge by allowing the student to talk about what they already know about western expansion. SUBJECT AREA(S) ___ Math ___ Science _x_ Reading _x_ Writing _x_ Social Studies/History ___ Foreign Language Art ___ Music ___ PE x information and Technology Literacy

10: GRADE LEVEL: 5 DETAILED LESSON DESCRIPTION Students will create a fictional history book by conducting research about western expansion to California. Students will also research why many settlers chose to stop in Missouri on their way to California and the reasons why many chose to stay in Missouri rather than continue their trip further west. This lesson is not only a fun social studies project but it is also a reading and writing project as well; therefore, time allowances for working on the book can be intermingled during the reading and writing schedule.

11: GLE #1: SWBAT analyze messages conveyed in various media (e.g., videos, pictures, web-sites, artwork, plays and/or news programs) Statement and Context of the GLE with Show-Me Performance Standards (GLE: Communication Arts, Information Literacy, Strand 2 Develop and apply effective skills and strategies to analyze and evaluate oral and visual media, Concept A-Grade 5) (Performance Standards 1.5, 1.7, 2.7) GLE #2: SWBAT write a narrative text about westward expansion in the United States (GLE: Communication Arts, Writing, Strand 3 Write effectively in various forms and types of writing, Concept A- Grade 5) (Performance Standards 1.8, 2.1)

13: STUDENT ASSESSMENT: Formative Assessment: Teacher will collaborate with each student while they are conducting the necessary research for the project. Each day the teacher will be available to monitor student progress and provide necessary feedback for the student to succeed. Teacher will also keep a log on progress each student is making on the project. This will help the teacher to be aware of the progress each student is making each day and will serve as a tool to let the teacher know which students need extra help. This will also monitor the student’s daily achievement and ensure that students will not fall behind. Summative: Students will complete MixBook project and meet criteria of the provided rubric. PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: See attached rubric project

14: COLLABORATION: •Much of this project will have to be completed on the computer. If personal computers are not available for each student in the classroom, the project must be done in the school computer lab. If this be the case, collaboration with computer lab teacher will be needed. •For students with learning disabilities, it may be necessary to collaborate with the LD teacher LESSON IMPLEMENTATION Length of Unit: Approximately two weeks, one hour per day Prerequisite Skills: Students must be able to effectively navigate the internet to collect research to complete project

16: UNIT PLAN FLOW CHART/TIMELINE Identify and explain the activities, materials, resources, technology integration strategies, collaboration, and timeline for your lesson. A clear and easy way to complete this section is to identify what you’ll be doing for each step of the process. Day 1: •Introduce Schoolhouse Rock video via youtube • Activate prior knowledge of subject •Discuss different resource tools that can be used for research such as websites, books, journal, etc. •Explain project, show example of MixBook and pass out rubric Day 2: •Give a tutorial of MixBook and how to you it •Allow students to experiment with it •Begin using research resources

17: Day 3: •Continue research •Begin putting ideas together about the story they wish to create •Begin constructing their book Day 4: •Continue research •Construct story and book Day 5: •Continue research •Construct story and book Day 6: •Continue research •Construct story and book Day 7: •By this time all research should be completed and story is a work in progress

18: Day 8: •Continue creating book Day 9: •Begin finalizing book Day 10: •Finish book and submit for grading

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