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FC: Original Book By: Charlotte Zolotow | Someday...

1: By: Taylor Eddleman Originally by: Charlotte Zolotow

2: Someday my classmates will admire the smell of my hair. Each day a new scent will linger on my beautiful locks of hair. My classmates will never get bored, smelling scents such as, passion fruit surprise or summer green grass. They will each have a favorite scent and will never smell the same scent in the same year. Sometime in the near future my classmates will be jealous of my never-ending hair scents.

3: Someday my house will be able to levitate more than 50 feet of the ground. Everyone will be jealous, as they watch us jump from our bedroom windows into a pool filled with Jell-O. Our house will have varying heights, for example we will be able to set it to change based on many different things. If there is a snow storm we could lower our house because of wind but if there is a flood we could raise our house to avoid the water. Eventually my house will be able to lift itself up off the ground.

4: PB&J Sandwich | Someday I will be the worlds best PB&J maker, but I won't make it the traditional way. Everyone will ooh and awe in envy of how great I make PB&J with my... TOES! Not only will I have great talent in making the sandwich fast, but it will be the best PB&J you will ever taste. The aroma might not smell as good as it tastes though. Don't be disgusted though my sacred-PB&J-making- toes will be clean!

5: Mud Pit Belly Flop | Someday I will be an amazing mud-pit-belly-flop-contestant. I will be the best in the state, then move on to best in the country, and then best in the world. No one would want to face me, they would fear the day they were forced to compete. My name would be engraved in gold on a plaque hung in a room plastered in gold dedicated to the sport of mud flopping, yet I would be the only person honored. The day I was born will eventually be glorified by all mud-pit-belly-flopping fans!

6: Someday I wish to give hope to children in Africa. I want to be able to supply children with food, water, and shelter. Whenever I see young kids who have no hope for the future my heart just hurts for them, and all I want to do is fill their hearts with hope. I will be a mother to all children, because I will provide them with love and hope. When I am older I hope to be able to help fill stomachs of children in poorer countries and give them hope.

7: Someday I will go back to the good old days, back in kindergarten where all we did was color. I wish we could all just go back to the days of ABC's and 123's when we didn't have a 5 foot tall stack of homework each night. If we were all still 3 feet 4 inches tall and wearing colorful band-aids on our so-called "boo boos" life would be so much simpler. When we were in kindergarten we all liked each other an sat in circles singing ring around the rosy. Sometimes I just wish I could go back to the days where we could sit around coloring pictures of Sponge-Bob.

8: Someday I wish to be able to bake cookies more often with my parents. We are always so busy that we never have time to bake a simple batch of classic chocolate chip cookies. When our schedules finally free up I would like to try a new type of cookie, maybe peanut butter. Eventually when we have time my parents and I will bake dozens of cookies. Sweet aromas will fill the air throughout my house. | Baking Cookies

9: S | Someday I hope to have a Butter Stick Type so that I can be at ease when I butter my bread. If I had a Butter Stick Type I wouldn't have to whine and fuss about the skill needed to butter bread. It would be as easy as 123 to spread butter on just about... everything! The Butter Stick Type would make me enjoy spreading and smearing butter on things. Someday I will have my own Butter Stick Type and easy butter spreading will be at my fingertips... literally!

10: Someday I would love to have a dog just like my dog I used to have, Bruiser. Bruiser was the best dog in the world, he was so laid back and relaxed. I loved that dog so much, he was always so sweet and never hurt a fly. Although he may have eaten a few of my things, he was the most behaved dog I ever had. If I could have any pet in the world I would pick him!

11: Someday I would love to be able to travel to Ghana, Africa. I think going to Ghana would be a great experience and opportunity to help people in need. The feeling of helping someone is a feeling that just can't be beat, and Ghana would be just the place to find it. Also I would love to visit Genevieve, a little girl we sponsor, and meet her and her family. It would be a great experience to be able to see how others live and be able to help out. | Genevieve

12: Someday I would like to have the amazing job of being a fortune cookie writer. I would sit around all day and come up with cheesy fortunes that are 10 times better than the junk | in there now-a-days. My fortunes would make no sense for example, "a bountiful feast of muffins is heading your way." People would be jealous of how my fortunes are so original | and wouldn't believe that I thought them all up myself using the good old noggin. When I become a fortune cookie writer someday, people will definitely be saying "what the noodles?!"

13: Someday school work will be more fun and homework will be banned from all grades. We won't have to deal with teachers telling us two days into a huge homework packet that it's not | being graded, because we won't have to do it in the first place. School work will be more fun, the principals will only allow teachers to teach things in a fun way. That means no | more note taking, no more lectures, and definitely no more homework. All the students will admire me because I would have started a revolution, and all schoolwork would be fun!

14: Someday my friends and I will still be friends. We will be the type of friends who can't bail each other out of jail because we will be right there next to each other through the whole thing. We will know everything about each other inside and out. Our kids will be like cousins, they'll call us Aunt's and Uncle's. And once we get old and saggy we'll be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing home, wheeling around on stolen wheelchairs and whacking other old people on their birthday when they can't blow out the candles.

15: Someday whaling will stop and the population of whales will boom! I will help fund an organization to help with the reproduction of whales. Not one person no matter what race, what age, or what reason they give us will lay a single finger on an endangered whale. No longer will whale meat be served in Japanese restaurants. Eventually, someday, whales will be able to live in peace forever!

16: Someday I will be part of the end to world hunger. Not one young child will go hungry, every stomach filled. Mal- nourishment will be banned from the Earth and will never return. Every person once starved will be filled with hope. Someday I would love to stop starvation through out the world.

17: Someday the law in Maryland, that it is illegal to take your camel to the movies, will be taken away. When that day comes me and Henry will be able to go to the movies in peace. People in Maryland will finally be able to treat their pet to a nice movie. Henry will be so excited when he can finally go to the movies, maybe he will star in his own film. But not yet, someday though he will be allowed.

19: But now it's time for the long, grueling 2-hour volleyball practice, weekly bible study, the job of vice president of Student Council, many NJHS meetings, dreaded school, long hours of play practice, throw some dinner in there somewhere, oh and don't forget the stack of homework waiting for me at home, and hope that someday summer will get here!

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