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Someday By Tori Ainsworth Original Story By Charlotte Zolotow

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BC: The Someday Story

FC: someday | BY: Tori Ainsworth | Original story by Charlotte Zolotow

1: someday By: Tori Ainsworth original story by Charlotte Zolotow

2: I wish that my classmates would admire me for being trustworthy. I wish that people would tell me whats on their mind and just trust that i wont go telling the whole world whats going on. I am a very trustworthy person but I wish more people could see that. If someone knows something that has to do with me, I would hope that they would tell me what its about and not hide it from me! I just wish that more people could see that I am a person worth trusting.

4: If I could change something at home it would be that I don't get my phone taken away for no good reason. I hate getting it taken away if I say something like shut-up to my brother or for one, not flossing. I get it taken away for the dumbest things and its really annoying. I'm a good kid and taking away my phone for the dumbest reasons gets really old. I love my parents but I wish they wouldn't be so strict.

7: Something I wish I could do better is drawing at free will. I'm a pretty good drawer when I take my time, but I would like to have the talent to draw really good really fast. Really its only for school so my projects look cool. Or for when I get really board I have the talent to draw something really cool. I think that this talent would be pretty cool.

9: A sport I wish I could do better would be riding horses. I love riding because my grandparents have horses but I wanna be able to have them run in a full sprint without me freaking out. I love taking care of them and I am good going into a trot or a slow gallop but i want to get to a more mature level when riding. I'm a country girl at heart but i just want to be able to take control with a horse. But i do love horses.

10: Something I wish that I could give to others would be happiness (: I love making people laugh and I think I'm pretty good at it. I wish that everyone would laugh all the time for really no apparent reason. Joy is a great think and everyone needs to have a little of that in them. Who doesn't like to smile.

11: Always in my heart

12: family <3

13: Something that I wish that I could change would back to the way it used to be would be to have more parties and hanging out with my family more. My family used to do that all the time and I wish we did it more. I miss having fun at the parties and hanging out with my friends. It was one of my most memorable times. I wish my family did this more.

15: I wish that my parents wouldn't yell at me for dumb things. I get yelled at for not flossing and things like not paying attention to my brother. These things get really annoying. I think that I shouldn't get yelled at for stupid stuff like that. That's pretty much it because I love my parents very much but I don't like getting yelled at for no good reason.

16: "A mother holds your hand for a while, but holds your heart forever." | Something materialistic that I want would be my own private island and a jet pack. My jet pack would take me to the secret private island and I would party on the island. Of coarse the island is only exclusive to close friends and family. I would have giraffe and flying unicorns on my supers secret island along with other unknown animals. My island, jet pack, and other weird creatures would be the bomb.

19: 2 pets that I wish that I could have would be a German Shepherd and a penguin. I love shepherds because I've had them since I was a very little girl and they are my most favorite dog ever. I would want a penguin because they are really cute and they waddle. They are small and so cute. These are my two top ten most favorite animals ever and they are both just so adorable.

20: A place that I would like to visit someday would be Europe. Europe is such a beautiful place with many amazing landmarks that are hundreds maybe thousands of years old. I think that it would be a very fun experience to travel there sometime. It would be very awesome to go to Paris and Rome and other places. I would really love to travel there sometime in my life.

23: Super Hero | A job I wish that I could have would be a super hero. I would want my super power to be invisibility and to be able to fly. I wish I could have a job as a super hero because you get these super awesome powers. Yeah you get to help people too, but flying around the house or sneaking up on people when you're invisible is pretty cool. Being a super hero would be the funnest job ever.

24: I wish that every quarter of the school year i would get strait A's. I'm a very good student and always get A's with the exception of one B. All I want is to prove that I can get flawless grades, and getting all A's proves it. All need is that extra hard work so that I can get those good grades. I would like to keep my good grades but with an extra A added to it.

26: Something I wish for in my friendships are honesty. If something is talked about, about one anther, we need to tell each other. If something happens and one of us messes up, we need to fess up and tell the truth. Honesty is very important in a friendship and I absolutely hate it when people are being sneaky. I hope that all of my friends are honest with me.

29: If I could do something for the Earth it would be to stop pollution. I don't understand why people don't just throw their garbage away in a trash can. I also don't get why to many people are to lazy to recycle. The Earth is your home and it doesn't appreciate it when millions of people just litter and don't care about it. It's a sad thing and I wish I could put an end to pollution.

30: If i were to do something for the world, I would create world peace. I am so confused why people kill other people because they don't like your religion or because of the way you dress or something. This includes gangs. I don't know why gangs get a kick out of killing people. I also don't get why other kids bully each other. It's mean and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want to get bullied yourself.

33: A law I wish we didn't have would be the age that you can drive. I think that kids should start learning to drive at age 13. We would take all the tests and everything but we cant go on the free way or anything crazy like that. But I do think the at 13 we should be at least taught the basics of driving. This way we have more experience with driving and there for in the future most of us will be better drivers.

34: But now its time for my real life. Getting up in the morning and dragging myself out of bed. Doing my chores and hustling to school. Coming home and helping with dinner and then go to softball and then come home and pass out. Gotta love my real life.

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