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Speaking Our Truth: Room 209's Poetry Book

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S: Speaking Our Truth

BC: Thanks for reading!!

FC: Speaking Our Truth Room 209's Poetry Book

1: This book was created by Room 209. The theme was "Speaking Your Truth." Some students chose to write about their favourite sports, a favourite dream they had or something that is very important to them .

2: Chocolate Tastes sweet and delicious Sweet like strawberries Feels hard like ice Looks like brown squares. Chocolate is sweet like candy. Chocolate melts like snow. When you eat chocolate, chocolate becomes soft Like fluffy snow. When you hold it, chocolate is hard. When you put chocolate in the oven, chocolate melts. When you put chocolate in the fridge, it becomes hard Like a rock. I like chocolate. By: Leticia

3: Dinosaur School >.< I have this Mr. Smith Gives imagination, Us horrible and It gives me Difficult Homework!!! But, I The power to think Mr. Smith is dream Sweet and kind on the inside. d Our classroom screams I dream about For help because we’re like Dinosaur school, Wild animals. I have an evil, gigantic I sit at my desk teacher named Waiting for my Mr. Smith! Class mates If you get on his To calm down. It takes Terrible side you Forever, Don’t want to know Trust me! That his Roar is like Japan’s Those pencils they’re EARTHQUAKE!! Depressed and But then there’s cry Ms.Mihalj, all When we use them. Kind and sweet, Those chess pieces don’t stand she has a heart of a chance! They yelp because Candy. they broke a leg I’m kind and a caring Mr. Smith taught us student, that ‘’RAWR’’ means I’m super "I Love you’" in dinosaur Smart. language! I love school! We have lots of fun, like I’m a friendly student A birthday party! So join me, like an angel! in my Dinosaur DREAM! By: Jeanine

4: Soccer If you enjoy playing soccer you probably play it. I know I like soccer. Soccer is the finest sport of all but I wonder why isn’t it called football? Soccer is jolly like the hot sun You can play it in the frigid winter or the warm summer. A soccer ball is sprinting like a rabbit so it doesn’t get touched but it always does. Soccer balls sometimes jump up during a game but usually they are upset or furious. The ball gets so excited like a child in summer but in winter it gets so grumpy because it’s cold and hard. In summer it is rapid but in winter it is slow. I like soccer because it is my favorite sport. Soccer makes me feel so jolly and excited. What does soccer make you feel? By: Haseem

5: Hockey I like hockey! Do you like hockey? Hockey is sometimes shocking, sometimes entertaining. When you play hockey you have to wear equipment. It’s pretty heavy but it keeps you protected. When you play hockey it’s really frightening it feels like King Kong is gonna crush you!! The puck jumps as high as it can. Your body equipment is heavy like a giant brick. The ice cries when you skate on it. The hockey stick gets mad because it gets hurt. When I play hockey it is so tiring, freezing and frightening!!! Hockey makes me feel excited because it’s my favorite sport. By: David

6: Little Big Planet 2 I love Little Big Planet 2. In It I can do anything I want to do. In this awesome game there’s a person named Sackboy. He’s way better then any happy toy. I play as him, he saves the day. It’s really amusing to play. I love it, it’s magnificent and the best like the exciting Wild West, but even better. I love it like my favorite cheerful sweater. The game is on the amazing Ps3. I love it like climbing a fantastic tree. Even the Ps3 starts to smile. I even enjoy the Little Big Planet 2 trial. Now Sackboy has to go and play. I guess I’ll see him some other day. By: Matthew

7: The Car And The Race The car reved his engine he is ready to race. He was angry as fire when he went to a race in the sunny hot desert. the car reved his engine like a bear's roar while he did burnout with a lot of smoke like dust soaring in the air. He gets ready and the man said “Ready Set Go the car moves left, right and forward the finish line was 500 meters in front of him. He was so close and happy because he was going to win so he reved his engine. So he did it His best and he won But it was all in my dream. By: Tahmid

8: Soup Good to eat Because my mom cooks it It’s very good Hot and spicy It’s hot like summer And like ice-cream it is soft It is wet like water And it is crunchy Like walking on pavement It is big and yellow like the sun By: Medea

9: Machines Machines assist us in daily life. They are things we can't live without. Working day and night, running about. Generating sounds which might sometimes shout. Made out of many parts like art. Including blades, gears and many other parts. Machines are complicated like an E.Q.A.O test. Especially if you are disturbed by growing pests! If machines were real they might squeal: "I wish my operator will get struck by a steel wheel!" Here and there, machines are everywhere. Assisting us in as many of their ways as possible! Machines come in a variety of shapes and sizes like people. Ranging from tiny to massive and circular to triangular! Machines are cold like a frozen iceberg. When they are tossed into the blowing wind. Machines are marvelous inventions. That are things which will always advance that I really like! By: Tommy

10: The Dancing Ghost At my old house there's this ghost. I'm scared of him, when he dances the cups jump, the fridge swings, the computer talks and my bed walks. Every night it happens again. He can be as tall as a mountain and as small as a mouse. He looks very ugly; he's got black clothing and very shiny shoes. His eyes are black and red, but the way he dances is very funny. He eats everything in the fridge. Until one night I pulled down his hood and I was shocked. So I said, "Am I dreaming?" I think I am because what I saw was.... Me!!!!!! By: Kevin

11: Summer It’s a warm summer day I want to go out and play. I want to go to the swimming pool To keep me cool. The grass is wet Just like a sweaty pet. The sun is so bright You don’t have to turn on a light. I like summer because it makes me feel hot Like a burning pot. The sun smiles in the park I hope that my dog doesn’t bark. I like to go fast I will make a big splash! When I get home I’m cool But I don’t have a pool. I don’t have to wear a sweater A tank top would be better. My popsicle is yummy It smiles in my tummy. The grass gets mad It is not sad. I make a bet To see when the sun sets. By: Samantha

12: Hockey The hockey game has started. The players are skating as fast as missiles. One of the players shoots the puck like a bullet. The puck was so scared that it was trying to run away from the players. It was so scared that the puck was jumping up and down. I like to watch hockey because there are lots of scores. By: Eric

13: My very first pizza My pizza was ready that my Mom cooked it was hot like lava with hot tomato sauce it was very tasty and warm and light and hot it was warm as dry grass and edible, when I ate the pizza it was jumping in my mouth warm and very tasty it felt lovely like a flower in a summer day the oven was giving the pizza a hug my pizza was fierce because it was cooked very hot my pizza got angry because it was bitten but I didn’t care my pizza my mom cooked it By: Ayub

14: Domo! I have this domo Domo can’t talk but It’s soft and cozy! He could talk in my It looks like a big brownie dreams He has a giant mouth Domo could not walk I like brownies but but in my dreams It wasn’t a domo some domo’s are mean So I chased it! Like an apple some When I’m sad domo can domo’s wishes he is a Make me HAPPY! Human also he thinks When I first he could be a little boy Saw domo it was BIG! Not a doll sometimes Like my school!! He’s fast when he runs My domo likes to read and sometime he’s slow And write poems like a snail this is When I saw it my domo! It was scary because It was quickly chasing me In my dream! I ran around everywhere!! When I saw his mouth It was dangerous By: Nicky

15: Puppy Sensation I love puppies! When I went to the pool I jumped in. My puppy jumped in with me. When it jumps in, it cries because the water is too cold. When we go home it takes a nap. I love puppies because they are so cute and chubby! I also like that they have silky soft fur, They are so ADORABLE! Their fur is soft like cotton candy! They are cute just like a newborn baby! We went outside but my puppy started to yell at the other kids so we had to go back inside again But it was very boring like a cave that has no exit I LOVE PUPPIES THEY ARE SO CUTE AND FLUFFY! By: Giselle

16: Coconuts Hard and yummy. I like coconuts because they’re tasty. Not if they are rotten. I feel happy when I eat coconuts. Coconuts are round like a soccer ball. Coconuts are as hairy as grass. Brown, juicy, sweet. Coconuts get scared when they fall of a tree. Coconuts feel cold when the wind blows them. Coconuts feel trapped when they’re stuck on a tree. Coconuts make me smile. By: Zain

17: Drums One day, there was a bright sun Playing my drum feeling Happy, jolly, energetic, exciting. My drum is round and smooth And red then a few minutes later I played it as loud as a horn! It felt energetic like a car! It was hard as a soccer ball. Soon it started jumping and yelling I feel excited. By: Luis

18: NBA 2K11 NBA is fun to watch but video games are better. I like sport games and most of all I play NBA 2k11 Make a guy 6.7, he’s a shooting guard They say he’s as tall as a gigantic tree He’s an all around player. I get drafted to the heat, all four games were over So I made it in the NBA and used my skill points to upgrade my attributes And then I start my first NBA game I only played 29 minutes because they put me on the bench. Then I just go back and do some drills. When it comes to 2k I play as good as Dwayne Wade, better then LeBron And I play serious as the government trying to keep promises. I bet the PS3 is tired and if I keep playing the TV might burst. Sometimes I hear my guy talking to me like I’m on his team, Another thing that’s very weird is that I sometimes think the ball is smiling so I turn off the PS3 and go back and do some work. By: Junior

19: My Basketball Day The other day I was playing basketball And I looked at the net and it looked like A Tornado sucking up all the air. And the ball looks Like a colossal orange and when I shoot sometimes I feel like Kobe Bryant and when the Wind blew in my ear I couldn’t even hear my teammates and I got scared like a monster was chasing me. The ball listens for the sound of a teammate saying pass the ball. The net is waiting for the ball to come in and I like basketball so much that I feel like I found a treasure I like basketball so much I could give it a big hug. The other Day I was playing and the sun was shining on the net and it looks like a big brown circle I love basketball so much it is the best sport I ever played. By: Nicholas

20: Best Friends 4 Ever My Best friend Farhiya is a nice friend she never lies, she’s always honest with people. Farhiya and me have been BFF’S since Kindergarten. Farhiya and me would have sleepovers we would go to the mall. When me and Farhiya go to the mall The mall was as big as the Earth in space was saying “Why don’t you go into some shops?” I feel happy because we skip all through the mall and The clothes were shouting "Buy me!" we get to go get some new cute clothes. That’s about me and Farhiya, believe it or not. Our friendship makes me feel Happy like the sun on a summer day. By: Angel

21: Voice My voice is my best friend It’s always there for me It helps me stand up to bullies But most of all.. It sings for me I sing about anything I want When I’m feeling sad it sings a sorrowful song When I’m feeling phenomenal I sing about the fluffy white clouds and the golden bright sun They cheer and say “Encore, encore!” I sing to the moon and the stars too They dance to the rhythm and laugh The daisies are watching too They clap and giggle It’s beautiful, marvelous, charming, and cute I sing about anything, anywhere I sing about giants as small as ants And ants as big as giants I sing about skinny being fat And fat being skinny I can sing about anything, anywhere That’s why I’m forever grateful By: Farhiya

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  • Title: Speaking Our Truth: Room 209's Poetry Book
  • This is a poetry book created by Room 209. These poems express something that is important to each of our students.
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