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Spica - Page Text Content

BC: Ale Acosta && Devin Wells 8th period- Science

FC: Starlight, Starbright | 2011

1: "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." - Anne Morrow Lindbergh

2: Dust particles flew everywhere in sight. Dust and gas collided by the force of gravity and it started to condense. At this point it will heat up so much that nuclear fusion starts and "BOOM," Spica A, and Spica B are born. The universe has now a new set of twins.

3: Spica | Birth Certificate Color- Blue Surface temperature- 22,400 Kelvin Absolute magnitude-apparent- +0.9 absolue- -3.6 to -3.7 Luminosity- 1900 times more luminous than the sun Type- O Average Radius- 7.4+5.7 Star spectrum- Main sequence, Spica has a classification of B1 III-IV. The luminosity class matches the spectrum of a star that is midway between a subgiant and a giant star. Main Characteristics- Spica is a close binary star whose components orbit about each other every four days.

5: The newly formed Spica continues to grow. The stars began to form their shape and learning how to live in the universe, and Spica, and Spicette, were now brother/sister twins. Who knew that from a collision two stars would be born? | Extra- When the protostar contracts, it begins to develop its own "wind". This blows away the remaining dust and gas that are in its gravity. As the star material takes shape, some dust and gas has not been blown away. It remains trapped in the stars gravity. Matter within the gravity that was left behind can clump together to form planets.

6: As soon as the two stars were born Spica had heard from its mother that in the universe there could only be only one Spica. Knowing that both stars were just born, and both stars wanted to live for a very long time. They fought over who would stay. They fought, and fought, and fought. No one would say who would stay alive.

7: "Let me stay, I'm older" Spica said. "No I'm older and everyone knows that!" said the twin. "Really like who? Because I was created first!" Spica replied. "Nu-uh!" replied spicette. And the fight went from there. The two twins were so outraged with each other, and niether of them would come to an agreement.

9: They soon got so mad that both stars at their teen stage just started fighting. They circled each other as fast as a racecar circling the track. Both stars moving at incredible speeds. And both stars just collided into a huge mess. The gasses mixed everywhere, dust, and flames flew in every dark spot in the universe. The twins just collided into just one.

10: Both stars were now one. When Spica was fully developed as a new star since the mass of the star, nuclear fusion took place and it begins at the core of the star where hydrogen is turned into helium causing a release of alot of energy. This energy presses outward against the inward gravitational pressure of the gas which makes up the star body. The process is called the main sequence and can last billions of years.

11: Cherish The Ones You Love

12: The core is hot enough for the helium to fuse to form carbon. The outer layers begin to expand, cool and shine less brightly. The expanding Spica is now a Blue Giant. The star’s main goal in life is to achieve equilibrium. It does not mean that there isn’t any change in the star, It just means that it is a stable star.. In a stable star, the gas pressure pushing out from the center is equal with the gravity pulling atoms inward to the center – when these forces are equal, the star is at equilibrium.

15: The helium core runs out, and the outer layers drift of away from the core as a gaseous shell, this gas that surrounds the core is called a planetary nebula.

17: Billions of years have passed and while Spica was in Its Papa stage,The remaining core is now in its final stages.All that is left of the now dead star is a degenerate star or white dwarf. Although very hot at the beginning, it has no more means of producing energy, so it is a white dwarf until it will slowly radiate it's heat off into space until it has no more to radiate it is then it's a black dwarf.

18: Live as if you will die tomorrow. | Live well, laugh often, love much

19: Since Spica is now a Black Dwarf it drifts through the universe. It might lose one atom every few billion billion years; this is very slow but after enough time the star will just evaporate altogether.

20: WHen Spica died, I simply winked out of existence as a Black Dwarf, for they do not have enough pressure to fuse helium. So they simply grow dimmer and cooler as they float through the void of space. | "Live Your Life the fullest it can be"

21: Spica... | Spica...

22: You will be missed... You were an amazing star, and you will always stay in our hearts. Your soul will live on forever. | R.I.P Spica

24: Extra- Spica has a stellar classification of B1 III-IV. The subgiant and a giant star, and it is no longer a B-type main sequence star. This is a massive star with more than 10 times the mass of the Sun and seven times the Sun's radius.

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