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Spirit of the Renaissance and The World of Shakepeare

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Spirit of the Renaissance and The World of Shakepeare - Page Text Content

FC: Spirit of the Renaissance | Dylan Manley | The Life of William Shakespeare | Miss Maricevic English 9 4/19/12

1: Language | What was the form of English I used? -Early modern English | Did people really speak the way they do in my plays? -Yes, but often times they spoke less formally | Some words that I used in my plays are different than those used now. Here is a list of these types of words: art = are coz = to cheat knave = a young boy/servant thrice = three times | Some words I abbreviated. Here is a list of these types of words: 'tis = it is ope = open o'er = over gi' = give ne'er = never oft = often

2: Italian Renaissance | Geography -Main city states: Milan, Florence and Ferrara -3 advantages Italy had over other regions: thriving city states, wealthy merchant class, classical heritage of Greece and Rome | Religion -Catholic church becomes a large part of of both art and literature -People decide that the enjoyment of material things does not offend God -People for the most part remain Christian -Churches beautify Rome | Achievements -Most achievement made in the area of art with a few in the science feild -Leonardo DaVinci: sculptor, inventor, studies anatomy -Castiglione: writer -Michelangelo: sculptor -Raphael: realist painter, develops perspective | Politics -Machiavelli: not what us morally right, but politically efficient -A high percentage of citizens were apart of government -Merchant based politics | Economy -The expansion of trade and business -Goods became more available -Small fairs were often held in order for peasants to sell their goods -Merchants become a very important part of the economy | Society -Humanism: an intellectual movement that focused on human potential and achievements -People tried to understand greek values -Classical education

3: Elizabethan England | Geography -Main regions: Britain, Whales, Northern Ireland -Mountains, plains hills | Religion -Queen Elizabeth tries to limit religious prosecution -Protestant beliefs get reinstated | Achievements -English language is further developed -Literature -Advances in navigational science -Sir Francis Drake circumnavigates the globe -Music | Economy -Queen Elizabeth keeps the budget tight and allows the economy to grow naturally -this period was known as golden age, where trade flourished | Society -Society was divided into a social pyramis where the monarch was at the top followed by the nobles, with merchants in the middle and peasants at the bottom

4: My Life | When and where was I born? -April 23, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon in England Baptized? -April 26, 1564 | How long did I attend school? 7 years | What did I learn in school? -Classic latin grammar | What were my parents names? -John Shakespeare and Mary Arden How did they make a living? John was a glover and aldermen, while Mary was the daughter of an affluent farmer and stayed home. | How many brothers and sisters did I have? -8 Where was I born in the birth order? -The 3rd of 8 eight children, but the oldest of the surviving children

5: When and how did I die? -April 23, 1616, cause unknown How old was I? -52 | How many children did I have? -3 What were names? -Susanna, and twins Hamnet and Judith What tragedy befell one of my children? -Hamnet died at the age of 11 of unknown causes | Who did I marry? -Anne Hathaway What rumors were there concerning -our marriage/relationship? - There was a large age difference and Anne became pregnant before the marriage | Where did I live most of my life? -London | When did my wife die? -August 6, 1623 | Continued...

6: My Career | What three professions and I famous for -Acting -Poetry writing -Play writting | How many plays did I write? -9 What kind of plays did I write? What is an example of each one? -Histories: King Henry -Comedies: A Midsummer Nights Dream -Tragedies: Hamlet | What is the name of my acting company? -The Chamberlains Men What does the name get changed too and why? -Queen Elizabeth dies and King James takes the throne, the name is changed to The King's Men

7: Why did I move to London? -To pursue a career in acting | Who was Queen Elizabeth? -The queen of England from 1558-1603 How did she influence my success -She encouraged the arts on many ways, and commissioned the building of the first public theater in London | What did I build? -The Globe Theater What were some of it's physical features? -Thatched roof -Open roof -3,000 person capacity

8: Essential Question: | How does the Renaissance influence literature and history? | First and for most, the English renaissance is where the English language takes a big leap, and starts to shift towards modern literature. This period was also important and influential because it was the first step towards moving out of the dark ages. If their hadn't been brave people like Leonardo DaVinci and Queen Elizabeth, we could still be in a period of darkness and little leaning. It is because of these people, who dared to learn and expand their mind, that we are now in a place where we are now.

9: -Alchin, L. K. “Elizabeth England.” Elizabethan Era. N.p., 16 May 2005. Web. 20 Apr. 2012. . -Gray, Terry A. “A Shakespeare Timeline.” Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet. N.p., 25 Feb. 2009. Web. 20 Apr. 2012. . -Presley, J. M. “Shakespeare’s Biography.” Shakespeare Resource Center. N.p., 5 Feb. 1212. Web. 20 Apr. 2012. . | Work Cites | All pictures from Wikipedia

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