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Stanfill Class Poetry Book (Copy)

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S: Mrs. Stanfill's Class Poetry Book 2008-2009

FC: Mrs. Stanfill's Class Poetry Book 2008-2009

1: That darn blueberry pop That darn blueberry pop makes me want to shake and twist. That darn blueberry pop almost broke my wrist. That darn blueberry pop put me on a leash. That darn blueberry pop made me eat a peach. That darn blueberry pop just doesn't know who I am. That darn blueberry pop is my imaginary friend sam. | by Myah Brewer

2: MY MOM My mom is like a fairytale she shines like a star in the indigo sky. When i hug her I feel tingily inside everyday she tells me "try your best, don't be like the rest" she tells me she loves me and will always be there and she held me with care She's like a parade with balloons in the sky, she would make a beatiful butterfly. Her hair is long and wavy like a mermaid's tail She puts me in a haze Her catch-phrase is"your mind is like sweet chocolate don't let those kids get you behind" she gives me her hand. I feel dizzy, and it's kinda hard since she's always busy my mom is a rose she stays on her toes my mom is incredible and smart but she works at Walmart!! | by Madison Brooks

3: Fur falling, Tail wagging, Drool splatting, DOGS ! BIG bark, Small growl Going CRAZY DOGS ! | Toys squeaking. Balls flying, Things breaking, DOGS ! This is truly doggie heaven It's great To be a DOG ! | By Morgan Chapman

4: my love my boy he's young my love he's nice and quiet my love he is the one I love. | By Desiree DeLaRosa

5: Why me? Why now? Stop yelling! No sound! I wish right now ya'll would stop! Ya'll would stop! No sound! Think about us and how we feel Sad,Upset,Mad One on the way No sound! | By Lauren Descoteau

6: twinkle twinkle little cat where, I wonder, where's your hat? Up above the world you haunt, like the stinky rat you want. Twinkle twinkle little cat where, I wonder, where's your hat? | by Sammyah Dyer

7: my bed is silky with scattered petals, the silky bed was cudly as a pillow, I slept dearly, as the petals fall, they spin like a top. In the middle of my silky bed sits a soft, white teddy bear with my soft pillow. | By Quiana Henry

8: Darkness The dog can bark But not in the dark I'm afraid can't u see Were are u gonna be Darkness The darkness is coming I haven't done nothing Where ever it went It was sent Darkness The wind blew I never knew The dark is afraid Let's make a great day Darkness | By Shenundre Love

9: Your hair is soft as silk, And your eyes are dark brown Your shirt is white like milk, And your bracelets are gold as a crown To me you were really nice, And always very sweet You were also smooth like ice, And really,really neat | By Karen Miranda


11: LOVE Love is as red as roses It smells like a vanilla candle It looks like two angels in the sky And it sounds so romantic It tastes like candy It makes you feel so happy | By Gabriella Ochoa

12: The butterfly The butterfly is as thin as sheet of paper. It has such beautiful wings. You can hear it do its zips in the air. I see it go in a whirly loop. It moves in a circles . It flies like a bird doing tricks in the air. It waves goodbye with its wings. | By Claudia Ortiz

13: MY DOG I have a dog his name is clog She is so hyper thats why i love her I wish we could play all day but she goes to sleep no one makes a peep | this is my lovely heart | By Debbie Peacock

14: When I was a kid I got a dog Named Star She was a lovable Cute puppy,that loves people,named star At night I like to look up in the sky at the stars That's why I named her Star | By Julissa Pineda-Espinosa

15: Roses are red,Violets are blue I'm asking you one thing Do you think this love is true? Roses are red,Violets are blue It's hard for me to tell you this But I don't think this love is true enough Please don't let this come between the two us Roses are red,Violets are blue If I would die today I would be hoping you'd die with me too | By Chelsey Pittmon

16: Splish Splash Let me get out These bubles are in my hair Splish Splash let me get out I am a bit to clean | Splish Splash Let me get out Are you trying to torture me Splish Splash Let me get out I'm a poor puppy | By: Tabreya Ryan | P.S Boy dogs don't take baths they would rather roll in the mud. love, your dog

17: "Munch, munch," what's that sound, it's the new Spring caterpilars eating leaves off the ground. | Winter is gone, it's time for Spring, the bees are buzzing, they're ready to sting. | The trees have many green Spring leaves to wear,now I no loger call them bare. | The winter cold has frozen the grass and its growth, but look out, here comes Spring, ready to save them both. . | One tree is as green as a lime, the caterpillars seem ready, perhaphs it's time. | Spring has grown with lots of age, now it's time to turn the page. | Heads up, next is summer, don't stay out or you'll just fry, but for now that's it, so, goodbye | By Kayla Sea

18: What I Want 2 Be When I Grow Up? Theres so many things i want 2 be when i grow up!!!!!! Like a firefighter in a big red truck Or maybe i should be a singer yeah that will be fun driving in a limo all day long maybe i should be a mom that will be great tucking my kids into bed and teaching them how to skate!!!!! Maybe a loving aunt whos cool and neat and who also loves her favorite neice. Or how bout a grandma who loves her grandkids and still loves them when they act like dirty pigs | By Joniya Baker

19: Your voice is loud big and bold each and every story told your voice has an effect day and night let it shine nice and bright think about what you say it matters in every way let your voice be of good use any tone you choose to use don't use in abuse your voice is lovely and it's yours and yours only | By Cassidy Simmons

20: They are very rare, They will be scared Bears that tear They're extremely mean Like a hawk snatching their prey. They will be prepared. Bears that tear. They will scratch they will bite as they might. They control you. Bears that tear You wil be compared to a baby. You could be eaten alive by the Bears that tear They all tear, they don't care. Bears that tear | By Sequoia Smith

21: I feel like a fish swimming in the sea, The way that the waves sway around me. Everything I see is so pretty and lovely, Like the Jellyfish that have never stung me. I imagine that I'm racing to the top, Until my own breathing stops. I feel like a fish swimming in the sea, Because of the lovely things around me. | By Tierra Smith

22: When I get to the movies, I get a good seat. I ask the employees for a good treat. I wait until the previews are finally done. I eat my popcorn and have some fun. Alot of people are talking so much. Shh The movie has just begun. | By Branisha Wilson

23: Me And U Me and u Together we go through thick and thin to be together forever Me and U We see the sky is blue never to be true friends 'till the end where did it begin ME AND U | Don't get mad We're always going to be bad we will not stop were going to make it to the top We went from just plain mad to we were glad nature within u we were off to ME AND U Me and u | By Briyan Washington

24: Dear older brother why do you pick on me, is it because i'm younger or is it just me? Dear older brother why do you pick on me, is it because i'm 11 and your 23? | Dear older brother why do you pick on me, is it because i'm 5 feet and your like 23? Dear older brother why do you pick on me, is it because i'm younger or is it just me? | By Caitlyn Wilson

25: slimy an green as small as a bean up and down on the river boats stream even though it's very keen what is this mystery perhaps? A frog slimy and green! | By Makala Winfrey

26: when i look at the sky when i look at the sky i see a beautiful ocean. when i look at the sky i see a world with thousands of dreams,hopes,and fatasies. when i look at the sky i see a world where there's no limit to the possibiities i hear something calling me to come swim into the sunset. | By Alex Workman

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