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Star Diary by Isaac Wilson

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Star Diary by Isaac Wilson - Page Text Content

S: The Star Diary Bob the Sta

FC: The Life Diary Of Bob The Star

1: I would like to dedicate this book to the star before me, the one who created the nebula that made me.

2: Hi my name is Bob the White Dwarf Star. I was born from the nebula of an exploded star coming together to form me. Nebulae are big spans of dust and gas. When a nebula is pulled together by gravity, it is formed into a sphere. Next, the helium atoms fuse together to create helium through nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion only happens at very high temperatures and it is when elements are fused together to make new elements. | My Birth

3: As I enter my childhood, I begin to create energy and light from the helium that I am producing. As long as I am continuously producing helium, my size won't change very much. The helium that I produce is made in my core, but when I get older, my core will shrink and I will die out, but I will tell you about that later! | My Childhood

4: As an adult, just like you humanoids, I grow, but instead of growing a few feet, I grow to be at least 10 times the size of your sun now, which is about 8,650,000 miles or more in diameter. Stars like me in adulthood are called red giants. This happens to us when our core shrinks and our atmosphere enlarges and cools off a little. If I grow bigger than a red giant, I am considered a supergiant star. At this stage I have to be at least 100 times the size of the sun, which would be at least 86,500,000 miles in diameter. In the picture on the bottom right of this page, on the left side, you will see a speck. That speck is words. It says "The Sun", and as you can probably guess, the sun is invisible on that picture because the words are almost invisible. The shape that says VY Canis Majoris inside is the size of a supergiant. Now, since the earth is about a million times smaller than the sun, and the sun is invisible in the picture, you would probably think that a supergiant star really is super giant! | Adulthood

5: If I am a star that is the same size or smaller than the sun, my death will be very anticlimactic. All of my hydrogen will burn out. I am no longer producing energy, but I can still shine very faintly for billions of years. Stars like this are called White Dwarfs. White Dwarfs are the leftover cores/centers of old stars. After the "White Dwarf Stage" I lose all of my hydrogen fuel and become a black, dead star like the one in the bottom right photo. | My Tragic Death

6: Resources: Photos: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3430/3229236402_56e84d2b0a_o.jpg; http://www.advocacysouthwest.org.au/images/Clipart/Star---Smiling-3.gif; http://www.harmsy.freeuk.com/images/fusion.gif; http://www.aerospaceguide.net/solar_system/our_sun.gif http://www.skyofplenty.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/red-giant.jpg; http://media.photobucket.com/image/supergiant%20star/ShadowFoxxx/Sun_and_VY_Canis_Majoris.png; http://cse.ssl.berkeley.edu/bmendez/ay10/2000/cycle/whitedwarf.jpg; http://www.theintellectualdevotional.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2007/10/crab-nebula-552300.jpg; http://www.swotti.com/tmp/swottiqs/BCK/AG8=/BHQ=/IHM=/Y2K=/ZW4=/Y2U=/cacheSG9SDCBTY2LLBMNLIGFUZCBUZWNOBM9SB2D5OIBBC3RYB25VBXKGU2HVCNQGQ291CNNLIEO=/main_photo_150.jpg; http://art.ngfiles.com/images/13/kyothine_dead-star.png; http://www.scienceteecher.com/images/D/StarLifeCycle_large-01.jpg; http://images9.cafepress.com/product/309538989v5_480x480_Front_Color-White.jpg Text Information: Science Textbook


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