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stupid play

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FC: Romeo & Juliet

1: 1. I think Shakespeare told about the end and he gave away that the two families were fighting and that Romeo and Juliet would fall in love and that they would die. He told us all of this so people would concentrate on the point of the story. It helps us to understand the whole families fighting and all the killing. .

2: 2. Romeo came from a rich family that hated Juliet's family and Juliet's family hated Romeo's family but they were in love. So the two families were always fighting . The city was Verona, which was in Italy. There was a prince because it was a city state. The time period was in the 1600s.

3: 3. To me the whole prolouge was confusing. The fancy words and the way he spoke made it hard to hear and understand. 5 From forth the fatal loins of these two foes – Fatal loins – the parents of Romeo and Juliet 7 Whose misadventured piteous overthrows They fail to convince their parents to give up the feuding even by marrying (misadventured piteous overthrows) but only in their death do they succeed 13 The which if you with patient ears attend,Line 13 – So listen carefully

4: 1. The feud is huge and it extends to the whole city not just the two families. The servants, who are not related, are even involved. 2. To take the wall is to go away from the gutter and not get poo thrown on you. 3.Biting your thumb is one of the highest forms of offense, like fingering someone. 4. Benvolio is a litle peace-making tatletale. He is opposite to Tybalt and more open. Tybalt likes to fight and wants to kill everyone else.

5: 5. The punishment was death and it was ironic because the Prince had to kill people to make peace. 6. The fighting makes the city look bad because the city was falling apart, and the Prince took it as a personal insult. 7. My first impression is that Romeo is a wimp he is a stalker and he is shallow and he is a crybaby.

6: 1. Paris is old, rich, has lots of money, and he is a friend of the Capulets. He wants to marry Juliet.

7: 2. Lord Capulet was a good dad because he wanted his girl to stay a kid and wants her to be happy and marry for love.

8: 3. Juliet dosent have that much power over her own life, but she dose have some. Her opinion on marriage is valued, and she gets to check Paris out first.

9: 4.Peter the servant is a hyper, freeking out nut job, who gives Romeo and idea to come to the party.

10: 5.Romeo decides to crash the Capulet party because Rosaline is going to be there.

11: Act 1 scene 3 Juliet doesn't realy want to marry some old guy. She is still young and wants to marry some one for love. It is an honor she dreams not of.

12: The nurse is a weird old freak and she realy likes to talk a lot and ramble on. She likes to make inappropriate jokes obout little girls. She had a daughter who died and her husband is dead too. The nurse loves Juliet and wants her to marry for love.

13: Act 1 Scene 4 1. The boys were talking about crashing Capulet's party. 2. Romeo was feeling jumpy because he had a dream that he was going to die as a result of the party. 3. Mercutio likes to party, is related to the Prince, and likes to go have fun. He doesn't take love seriously. He may be gay, and may have a crush on Romeo.

14: 4. Romeo convinces Juliet to kiss him by talking all weird and then he just kises her. 5. The forshadowing is that Juliet is talking about geting married and dying and Romeo is talking about his life in his enemy's hands.

15: Act 1 Scene 5 1. Shakespeare included the scene with the servants so the actors can change costumes and it provides comic relief. 2. Romeo's entrance to the party was ironic because he was all in love with Rosaline then as soon as he sees Juliet he is in love with her and he sits and talks out loud and Tybalt gets mad. 3. When Tybalt hears Romeo's voice he is going to kill Romeo because they are enemies. Capulet says "go to" which means go away. He doesn't want any fighting.

16: act 2 , 1 1. They think he is in the bushes with Rosalin. 2. He is huding in the bushes all alone watching juliet 3.He compered he to an angel, sun, stars. he sais she is green and sick because she is a vergin

17: act2 , 2 4. Shakespeare puts that there so romeo dosnt look like he is as much of a stalker and so it looks like he is in love. 5. The line means that if his name was difern he would still be the same. 6.He swears his love by the moon she dosent like this because the moon is always changing. 7. She proposes to him the plan is to get mairyed in secret.

18: act 2, 3 1. He gose to the friar lawrence to see if he will mairy them. 2. He thinks it is good romeo isnt obsesed with rosalin any more. 3. He thinks it is good because it might stop the fighting in the city.

19: Act 2, Scene 4 1. Tybalt sends Romeo a leter asking him to fight. 2. Mercutio calls Tybalt the Prince of Cats, who was one of the best sword fighters. 3. Mercutio is so crude because he is jealous that Romeo spent the night with Rosaline supposedly and gay. 4. Mercutio says she is a "hoar" and he calls her fat. He thinks she is a dirty old woman.

20: 5. They are not educated and they don't speak as nice and fancy as the others. They don't speak in iambic pentameter. 6.The marriage is going to be in 1 hour. 7. This scene is a happy scene and they are all joking around.

21: Act 2 Scene 5 1. The nurse has gotten back from her errands and she talks to Juliet about the wedding, and she is bugging Juliet. 2. The nurse torturing Juliet because she is tired and she has worked hard but Juliet doesn't care so the Nurse wants to get back at her and teases her a bit. Act 2 Scene 6 1. In this scene, the friar is about to marry Romeo and Juliet and they are all over each other. 2. The friar's speech is all about trying to get Romeo to know what he is getting into and asking Romeo to think about what is going to do.

22: Act 3 Scene 1 1. Tybalt and Mercutio fight because Romeo won't since Tybalt is his cousin now, and Tybalt kills Mercutio. 2. Romeo kills Tybalt in revenge for Mercutio. 3. He is impulsive because he decides he wants to marry Juliet in about 5 seconds, and he decides to drink poison without thinking.

23: 4. A tragic hero always has a fatal flaw, and keep repeating it, and eventually die because of it. 5.His flaw is that he is impulsive. 6.An angry mob comes and the prince freaks out. Romeo is banished. 7. This is the turning point because it is the reason Romeo and Juliet die.

24: Act 3 scene2 1.Juliet thinks romeo is dead but it is Tybalt that is dead. 2. "Wolvish-ravening lamb , fiend angelical , a damned saint, honorable villain." 3. Juliet is mad at romeo at first but then she is on his side. 4. Juliet gets mad and hollers at her so she is on Romeo's side. 5. The nurse disides to find romeo.

25: Act 3 scene 3 1. Romeo and the Friar are friends but it is a bit of a different friendship becuse Romeo only comes there to cry and complain. 2. Romeo shows he is unlogical because he puts a dagger to his throat and says he would rather die. 3.the Friar suggests that Romeo should move to Mantua for a while till things blow over.

26: 4. The Frier tells Romeo to go to Mantua and stay there till things blow over, and until the Prince forgives him.

27: Act 3 Scene 4 1. Capulet decides that Juliet's fate is to marry Paris. 2. Capulet's only concern is that the wedding is too soon after Tybalt's death. This shows that Capulet dousnt know a thing about her because he sais she will listen to him.

28: Act 3 scene 5 1. The significance of the larks and nightingales is that Juliet says she hears a nightengale (night bird) not a lark (morning bird) so that Romeo will stay. 2.The foreshadowing Shakespeare uses is so easy to see because they are saying that each other looks like dead bodies. 3.Juliet stays calm when her mom tells her to marry Paris and she uses double meanings like saying she'd rather marry Romeo. 4. Capulet freaks out when Juliet says no and he says she has to marry Paris or he will kick her out and never see her again.

29: 5. "Doth she not count her blest unworthy a gentleman to be her bride?" shows how he doesn't like Juliet. 6. Juliet says for the nurse to make her bridal bed in a grave, which is true.

30: Act 4 Scene 1 1. Paris is at the church because he is arranging the wedding. 2. Juliet uses double meaning in this scene when she is talking to Paris. 3. When she is talking to the fryer she pulls a knife and said she will kill herself. 4. She would rather chain herself to a roaring bear.

31: 5. Friar Lawrence's plan is for Juliet to take the potion and fall into a deep death-like sleep. Her parents will think she is dead and then she will go to the tomb. Romeo will come get her and they will leave and live happily ever after.

32: Act 4 Scene 2 1. He is blabbering about licking his fingers because if a cook licks his fingers then the food is good. 2.The wedding is bumped up to a day sooner. Act 4 Scene 3 1. Juliet is unsure about taking the potion because she thinks the Friar might be trying to kill her, or she could go nuts in the vault and play with bones, or suffocate to death alone in the crypt.

33: 2. Juliet drinks the potion because she thinks of Romeo getting chased by Tybalt's ghost.

34: Act 4 Scene 4 1.In this scene they are getting ready for the wedding.

35: Act 4 scene 5 1. Death is personified in this scene when they say death married Juliet. 2. Juliet's parents are mad because they planned everything and it was all ready to go, but they don't get to do it and they don't get any money. 3.The Friar tells them to stop crying because Juliet is happy in heaven and she will be happy there. 4. They have the scene with the musicians so they can change scenes without people having to wait.

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