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Suessology of Embryology

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S: Suessology of Embryology Tara Banaszek

BC: About the author | She majored in biological science and psych, And has never found a chocolate that she doesn't like Although the book is fare more simple than embryology is really, She wanted focus on some main parts and yet still be silly Maybe some day she could become complex from her notes which are long Or make another book about: what could go wrong? But for now, it's back to studying to continue her journey To continue helping patients and never stop learning! | Tara survived gastrulation and was born in Missouri She has one little sister and a cat that's quite furry | Her hobbies are to read, scrapbook, and run She also likes to be with her friends and have fun

FC: Tara Banaszek Baylor College of Medicine Class of 2012

1: One egg, two egg, red egg, blue egg

2: What do you mean? What do you do? I may be red, and you may be blue. | But eggs we were not and never will be, why do you say this and what do you mean?

3: Eggs you were once You red and me blue. | Smaller than frazzles, fishes or Who’s.

4: Smaller than Who’s? No, this cannot be, I could not, would not, be small as a flea!

5: Yet you were! Yes, me too!—I started as 1 and progressed to 2. Then to 4, and to 8, then to 16, -- it’s true! | In order to implant, the cells must accrue! Zygote that first week, and layers the next. Now listen up lass, the next part’s complex .....

6: It’s the week of 2’s, and that blastocyst’s now in layers The tremendous trophoblast and embryoblast players | You’d never guess it, but you’re in for a ball This trophoblast invades endometrial wall, Before it does that, it also needs 2 layers amassed | We’ll give them crazy names like the last, How about synctio- and cyto- trophoblast ?

7: What will it do? What will it be? | Well, remember synctio--...it will make HCG!

8: What about the embryoblast, is it true? Would it, could it, also turn in to 2 ? | Now you’re getting it lass! ---Indeed take a risk, Hypo- and Epi-blasts—will be the bilaminar germ disc! One will be baby, the other: yolk sac Which is which? Care to take a whack?

9: Oooh, oooh, ooooh, I don’t know, I confess! Epiblast to baby, is my very best guess. | So good you are, don’t you see? But now it’s going to get quite tricky. The week of 2’s is ending, yet something’s a miss There’s no cavities? .....Guess, we must persist.

10: Beneath this disc, there are clefts that will coalesce, So now the amniotic cavity, we did address! | Yet there’s another space that we must confirm In order to do that, here’s a new term: The extraembryonic mesoderm

11: It jumps on it between the epi-and the cytotropho- blasts! With bells and whistles, whorls and casts. Then bam! It splits --- defying gravity And look, there we have it: chorionic cavity!

12: Week 3 is life’s greatest elation For this is the time of your gastrulation! | First across the epiblast, there’s a primitive streak That those cells migrate towards, with the greatest technique Down the they dive, there they go, they invaginate But once they are down, where do they migrate?

13: Some go way deep to be the endoderm This will be gut lining, in the long term Also other lining, I must affirm And many other features that someday you’ll learn

14: Then some of those cells end up in the middle, This part will be the mesoderm riddle Cells move all over, depending where they dive But alas, without them, we simply won’t thrive

15: And what’s left on top? Ectoderm that shall that be With that revelation, we went 2 to 3! Bilaminar no more, not even a whisk For now in week 3, it’s trilaminar disc! | But wait, that’s way too simplified! Back to the mesoderm--I’ll be your guide

16: At the top, those cells form a prechordal plate Hiding among hypoblast until late In comes the endoderm, a point not ignored And with that event, out pops notochord

17: And, of course, with that great formation, It is time for the neuralation!

18: But cells near the tube, for them what is next? Those are special cells: they form neural crest They travel the body and make many a cell And without them, you work--but not quite as well! | Neural folds form and create a groove Then soon enough it will make a tube!

19: But, wait there’s more--we’re forgetting again the mesoderm’s lore Where the cells dived in just on the side of center The term paraxial mesoderm shall enter Paraxial forms several a pharyngeal arch Also the somites begin their march | Somites are composed of parts of three: Sclerotome, myotome, and dermatome be thee Skin, muscle and bone—that’s what you’ll see But what about other stuff—like a kidney?

20: Moving out from the midst of the paraxial zone, We find ourselves in the intermediate mesoderm cone This forms a ridge for urogenital parts, Gonads and kidneys will get their starts

21: Moving out even more, the lateral mesoderm, we will find It splits into splanchnic and visceral mesoderm kind Together they line the inside of intraembryonic cavity But soon it rolls up and coelmic cavity, we see!

22: Skin, muscle, bone, kidney, gut, gonads, oh my! It seems like so much of an embryo pie. Yet what about heart? You need one of those.

23: The next dilations sound quite atrocious The truncus arteriosis and sinus venosus Yet with the looping and growth of the wall Your body is ready for the long haul | For heart, it’s mesoderm again! Let’s see how this goes: The precardiac mesoderm forms the endocardial tube, The cells around secrete a cardiac jelly matrix lube The tube will get its segments set First, there’s the atrium, inlet, and outlet

25: By the end of week 4, most everything’s started and just needs to grow more If you are still wondering and want to know more, there’s a whole library you can explore! | Wow, thanks! There’s so much to uncork! I can’t believe I thought I came from a stork!

26: Isn’t it crazy how you start out so small? Just a single cell each is what started us all. So when you are down or you’re feeling real blue, remember it’s amazing how you became you with so many steps, lots of things could go wrong yet here you are now --where you belong!

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