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Summer Reading (Grade 8)

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Summer Reading (Grade 8) - Page Text Content

S: Summer Reading (Entering Grade 8) Denise Perez (;

BC: This project was made by: Denise Perez(; | THE END!

FC: By: Denise Perez (; | *Summer Reading* | "The Outsiders" | "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" | -Evtering Grade 8-

1: By: | S. E. Hinton | "The Outsiders" | -Info- * Name: Denise Perez * Date: Thursday, August 4, 2011 * Title: "The Outsiders" * Author: S. E. Hinton | * Publisher: Penguin Group (USA) Inc. * Copyright: 1967 (Original), 1995 (Renewed)

2: "The Outsiders" (Summary) | In the world of Greasers and Socials, there is a young boy in his early teen years named "Ponyboy." He lives with his two brothers Soda, and Darry, along with the rest of his other gang members. In their world, they aren't considered a gang, but a close group of friends who have each others backs. There was Johnny, Dallas, Twp-Bit, and Steve, along with Pony and his brothers concealed within their "gang." | In the beginning of the book, Ponyboy has just seen a movie and is | walking home, thinking about it. On his way, he notices that a red Corvair was trailing him. Although he was only a few blocks from home, five Socials get out of the car and surrounded him. The Socials begin to beat him up, also known as being "jumped." A couples minutes into the beating, Ponyboy is rescued by his brothers and the rest of their gang. He leaves with only minor bruises and scratches. The next day, Pony and Johnny go to the

3: drive-in with Dallas. They all spot two good-looking Social girls. Dallas begins to harass them, but Johnny tells him to stop. Dallas stops, but leaves in a fury. So the girls, Cherry Valance and Maria ask the two boys, Pony and Johnny to sit with them. The boys soon learn that the girls are sitting alone, because their boyfriends were out drinking, and Cherry disliked the idea of hanging around people who were under the influence of alcohol. Soon, Two-Bit arrives and reveals a liking for Maria, and she seems to be returning the favor as well. Meanwhile, Pony tells Cherry about the horrific beating Johnny got from a gang of Socials last spring, a beating that's left him in a constant state | of fear. After the movies, Pony, Johnny, and Two-Bit begin walking with the girls to

4: Summary (Cont.) | Two-Bit's house. He plans to drive the girls home but their boyfriends, Bob and Randy, arrive on the road and intervene. The girls, scared that a brawl will surface, leave with them instead. | Later, Ponyboy and Johnny were alone in the vacant lot. They talk for a while and drift off to sleep. When they wake up, it's two in the morning. Darry, Pony's oldest brother, is furious when Pony gets home, and they argue. Darry slaps Pony, who then runs back to Johnny. They walk to the park and a gang of Socials, including Randy and Bob, attack them. One of the Socials, tries to drown Pony in the fountain, and Pony passes out. When he wakes up, he learns that Johnny stabbed Bob, and he is dead. Pony and Johnny go see Dallas, who tells them to jump a train out

5: of town and hide out in an abandoned church. He gives them some money. The two boys follow his instructions and spend five days in the there. Dallas shows up on the fifth day, and takes them out to eat. When they get back to the church, it's on fire, and a bunch of school children are trapped inside. Pony and Johnny rush in and save all the little kids. But a piece of burning timber falls on Johnny, and Pony is knocked unconscious by Dallas. When Pony wakes up, he's on the way to the hospital. At the hospital, he's reunited with his brothers. He also gets the scoop on his friends: Dallas is OK, but Johnny is in intensive condition and might die. The next day is a big Greasers vs. Socials rumble. Cherry Valance has helped made sure that both gangs will fight fairly, and that neither will bring weapons. The Greasers win, and Pony and Dallas rush to the hospital to tell Johnny. While

6: Summary (Cont.) | they're with Johnny, though, their feelings of victory quickly diminish – Johnny dies. Dallas runs off, because Johnny and him had a special relationship that no one can rekindle. Pony wanders the streets in a sort of trance, until a man offers him a ride and takes him home. Back at home, Pony and the rest of the gang learn that Dallas has robbed a grocery store, and that the cops are chasing him, and that he wants the gang to meet him at the vacant lot. The cops come to the lot and Dallas shows them his gun, to make it seem like he is tough. They shoot and kill Dallas. Soon after, a hearing is held on whether Pony will face charges for running away from a murder, and whether he and Soda will be able to stay with their brother, | When his English teacher tells him to write an essay, one from the heart, about something meaningful to him, he realizes that he can share the story of the three dead boys with the world, (Dallas, Johnny, and Bob) and maybe make a difference in | Darry. The judge acts in Pony's favor. A couple of days after the hearing, Pony seems to be losing his mind, his stance, and his above average, good grades.

7: in the lives of others who are afraid to speak up. He begins to write... “When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home...” | Theme Description | Dictionary Definition- a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard, any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins Description: The theme of "The Outsiders" is friends and family. Family and friends theme is found in all books with more than friendship is betwe. Also with Pony and the rest of their

8: a father that were killed in an auto wreck. Family is anyone that is blood related in some way, or by law. (Ex. Your sister marries a man, he becomes you brother; in-law) But family doesn't always have to be by blood. Someone can be fostered and become part of a family. Friends on the other hand are people around you that you have relations with. Maybe you might become friends with your neighbor, you have some sort of bond. But, only because you live by each other. Friends and Family are very important in a persons life. Especially to Pony who only has his brothers, and his gang to care for him, since he lost his parents. Some of the gang also have parents who are dead, abandoned them, or don't care about them. | connection is between Pony and his | two brothers. There are no other family | members in the Curtis Family, besides a mother and | greaser "gang. The family | Theme Description (Cont.)

9: Character vs. Society | Ponyboy is a "greaser", which is a term used to class all boys on the East Side of town. Greasers are poorer than the Socials and middle class. Greasers are almost like hoods: they steal things | and drive old souped-up cars and hold up gas stations and have a gang fight once in a while. In the book. the classes are divided and the people within them live in different parts of town and only communicate with their class. For example, when you walk through the East Side, | you don't see many Socials walking around, unless they are crowded around Greaser, who is potentially their next victim. Ponyboy, was born in the Greaser neighborhood, so he has no choice but to live like that. His older brother Dally could be a Social if he wanted to, but because of his many friends in the East Side, he

10: Connections | * Text-Text- This book, reminded me of another book that I had read when I was in 5th grade. The book was called "Sweet America." It was about an immigrant boy who lived in a poor town. In some ways, you could classify | the main character "Tonio," a greaser. He and Pony didn't have money to blow, and everyone in the society seemed to despise them. However, Pony isn't an immigrant, and Tonio doesn't have close family like Darry and Soda as Pony possesses. They may be different in some ways, but similar in a lot. They had close friends that had their backs, along with a semi-safe home in a semi-safe neighborhood. | * Text-Self- This book related to me because of Two-Bit. He is a joker who always has his last word in a funny | situation. When I was in Somerville, there were many | many kids in my school that like to wise-talk the teachers, and also

11: find school entertaining. In one situation, there was this painting I had made that only took like 2 minutes to make. Kayla, my friend, had said it looked like a dinosaur with chicken pox. It wasn't as funny, but everyone started laughing because everyone was silent, and Kayla just blurted out her opinion! | * Text-World- The world of the the division between Socials and Greasers, is the same as the past segregation between the races if Black and White. Socials are a lot like the "White" side of our population. And the greasers are like the "Blacks" of the story. It is not uncommon for their to be a one sided community in the world. Some will favor the | Black, and some the White. It is not surprising that the Socials get the attention, like the Whites do in our olden common society. In the early 1800, America took in slaves from Africa. Of course the story of Ponyboy is not that severe.

12: The main setting for the story is the East Side of town, along with the movie house, the abandoned church, the vacant lot, the park, along with Pony's house and the hospital. Most of the settings are concealed in the East Side. However the church is somewhere in the country where Pony and Johnny hide out after they get caught in a situation where Johnny murdered a Social, as self defense. The vacant lot, is where Johnny and Pony drift off to sleep, and where they try to reach Dallas before the police officer shoots and kills him. The park is where sadly Johnny defends Pony and kills Cherry Valance's | Setting | boyfriend. Pony's house, is where the protagonist lives with his brothers. It is kind of like a stay in motel for the rest of the gang. Since the doors are always unlocked, the gang member come and leave as they wish. Lastly, the hospital is where Johnny, Pony, and Dallas are admitted. This is also the place where Johnny passes away. The settings in the book are very diverse and different.

13: Plot | The main plot of "The Outsiders" is a story about a Greaser who gets caught up in a murder investigation, and needs to go into hiding. Pony is a | regular greaser in the East side of town. Until him and his friend Johnny get surrounded by a group of Socs, that | plan to "jump" them. While Pony is nearly drowned, Johnny comes up on the man doing to the drowning (Bob), and stabs him with his switchblade. The death weighs heavy on Pony and Johnny's mind. They have to go into hiding, or they will be put in jail. They come to the aid of their friend Dallas, who has resolved problems | with hiding from a murder frenzy before. Pony | and Johnny spend five days at an abandoned church, until Dallas comes again to bring them home, when it is safe. They eat, and on their way back, the church they were hiding in, is on fire. Johnny and Pony go in to save the trapped school kids. Pony escapes with only minor burns, but Dallas and

14: Plot (Cont.) | Johnny are the less fortunate of the situation. Johnny soon dies in the hospital, while Dallas is shot down, shortly after his release from hospital care. | Characterization | Ponyboy is a young teen, with red hair, and green eyes. He lives with his brothers Sodapop, and Darry. Along with his other "gang" member Dallas, Steve, Two-Bit and Johnny. He has a great amount of intelligence that shows in his grades, and how he moved up a grade level in grade school. While he is good at school, his brother Darry is hard on him at home for not being able to conjure up common sense. In the book when | Pony meets Cherry, he seem to create a bond. He may even like her, but that is not described in the book, but a figure of my own assumption. He always is very conscious of his surroundings, because of the community, and mostly the Socs that beat up greasers on the street. Ponyboy seems to me as a very caring boy that loves his family and friends.

15: Main Characters!

16: Recommendation | The book “The Outsiders” was carefully written by S.E. Hinton in the early 60's. It is about a boy who gets caught up in a murder of a Soc locally. It was a very good book and should be read by millions more people. However, the violence of some of the actions of the characters may result in certain age restrictions. Ages 12 and younger should not attempt to read this book. Even though the scenes are not so detailed in the gore of the situation, they are still in my eyes, inappropriate. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a book about friendship, as well as the hardship of being on the run, and shortly after having to face your problems. This was an adventurous book that I believe anyone would enjoy. I myself am not a fan of the segregation of Greasers and Socials, but I found the book rather appealing. I liked how there was a murder involved and how two young boys were in the middle of it, and how they went through their problems.I again, would highly recommend this book to anyone willing to read it, 13 and older.

17: "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" | -Info- *Name- Denise Perez * Date- Thursday, August 04, 2011 * Title- "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants* * Author- Ann Brashares | * Publisher- Delacorte Press, Random House Children's Books * Copyright- 2001 | By: | Ann Brashares

18: "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (Summary) | Four friends, Carmen, Tibby, Lena and Bridget, are facing their first ever summer apart since birth. Before they depart for the many adventures to come. they discover a magical pair of pants that miraculously fit them all, despite their different body structures and figures. They decide that the Pants should circulate amoung them throughout the summer, in hope that the magic concealed within them will graciously be | given to them in their sudden summer of being apart. Bridget is off to | soccer camp in Baja. Lena's off to Greece with her sister Effie to visit her grandparents, Carmen's going to South Carolina to visit her dad, and Tibby is staying in Bethesda working at Wallman's. It all started out with a pair of pants, that were neatly folded near the checkout counter in a used-clothes store. Carmen found them, but never actually planned to wear them, but rather to throw them out. When everyone was gathered in Carmen's

19: bedroom packing and talking, Tibby declared that she wanted those old pants sitting alone on Carmen's dresser, hardy touched since they were bought. They all agreed that Tibby should try them on before taking them. She slips them on, and they fit her perfectly hugging her hips, and barely reaching the floor. Then, Lena tried them on. They also fit her perfectly. Again with Bridget, and again, perfect. Lastly, there was Carmen, whom was not the same structure as any of the girls. She tried them on anyway, and the magic in them was proven. They fit her perfectly, too. That night, they all gathered at a place called Gilda's were their moms did aerobics classes when they were all still in the womb. | They concieved the idea of the Pants being able to be with them all throughout their summer. They also came up with the set of rules that would go along with the

20: Summary (Cont.) | The next they day they sperarated and left each other's side for their summer apart... | When Lena first arrived in Greece, she was welcomed by her grandmother and grandfather in their little house on the hill in "Oia." She unplacked her clothes and other stuff, when Grandma invited her downstairs to meet a local town boy named "Kostos." Grandma had told her about Kostos and that everybody in their village loved him. Lena has given everyone, even the cute-boy Kostos, her hard exterior personality. Even though various times, Kostos especially, when they tried to make conversation with her she would brush them off, or give them absolutley no enthusiasm.

21: One day, Lena decided that she would go paint at an abandoned-looking pond. When she began to stroke color on the empty canvas, she began to sweat violently. She decided to take a swim in the pond. She needed a bathing suit, but she didn't have one so she decided to go into the water nude. Lena looked around her, to ensure that she wasn't to be seen. She took a dove, and out of the corner of her eye she saw a shadow that emerged to be Kostos. He stared at her and she stared at him, with fury coming alive in her eyes. She got dressed and trudged down the hill. When she passes by Grandma, she unortunatley gets the wrong idea about what happens, and tells Lena's Grandfather the wrong story. Hearing these disturbing things, he goes down the hill to Kostos' house, and has it out with Kostos' Grandfather. They both have to take a visit to the hospital, but they are okay. However, Lena's and Kostos' relationship is not.

22: Summary (Cont.) | Over the course of the summer she tries to tell her Grandmother the truth without making it seem like a lie. With the help, and little push from Effie, she manages to express the way she feels about Kostos. She figures out that it was Kostos who always went up to the lake to swim nude, not her. It was his place not hers. They kiss, and leave things at that. Also, she tells her Grandparents the truth, and it doesn't come back to bite her in the end. Tibby: While all three of her friends are away for the summer, Tibby is stuck in Bethesda working at Wallman's trying to make a documentary. Her brain-dead manager is always ramming her with difficult jobs to do like building | On her morning/afternoon shift, while she is staking items, she hears a bang and a thump in the isle next to her. She goes to check out the situation, thinking someone fainted because of the horrible smelling colognes, but finds a little girl, passed out. By the look of it, she had peed on herself and ruined | intracit displays, and restacking items in the dental and hygiene isles.

23: her anti-persperant display. They rushed her to the hospital. Tibby came along even though she had no idea who that little girl was. Before she had called the ambulance, she had found her wallet which consisted of nothing that would identify her. When Tibby went home, a couple of days later, she remebered she still had that little girl's wallet. There was a library card, that had the name "Bailey" on it. Along with an address. She came to Bailey's house to return it. | Tibby's first impression of Bailey, was a stubborn, little girl with a bad attitude. Tibby soon finds out that Bailey has leukemia. Which is cancer in the blood. After their first meeting, Bailey and Tibby start off Tibby"s documentary together. They interview and film people almost everyday Bailey becomes Tibby's assistance, in words. But somedays Bailey is late because of hospital appointments, and sudden sickness from the cancer. One time, Bailey was in a very bad state iin the hospital, and Tibby was scared to visit her. But finally she did, and Bailey died.

24: start. When she first arrives at the camp, she immediately sets her eyes on a good-looking coach that is off-limits. During the first couple of weeks, she meet some new friends and is placed on a team. Sadly for Bridget, she is not on the same team with the hottie coach Eric. So she always tried to see him when training, and shows off for him at the scrimmage practice games. Even though he is not supposed to like her, he does. She is always sneaking off for him, and he is letting her do it. Until one time, they sneak off the bedroom and they explore something unfamiliar to their territory. Bridget expects to feel good about herself knowing that she did what she did at her age, but instead, she doesn't feel so hot. Her summer romance does not seem to be all that it was cracked out to be in the beginning. Carmen: Carmen, lives with her mom, and sees her dad almost | Bridget: Bridget is off to soccer camp for the summer and she is already off to a bad | Summary (Cont.)

25: Summary (Cont.) | twice a year. But that is not enough for her. So her and her mother and father decided that she could stay with her dad for one whole week. She expects him to live in a nice apartment complex, | alone, and eating out all of the time. However, when she arrives to his so-called 'home,' she is in for a big suprise. He is living with his fiance, in a house, with two children. Krista and Paul, along with her new step-mom, Lydia. Carmen is anything but happy but puts on a happy face | for her dad. Except for when she gets fed up with their american, christian ways, and throws a rock at their window because thay hadn't come looking for her when she had ran away. Infuriated, she came home, only to be pushed back by her friends to go to her father's second and final, wedding.

26: Theme Description | Dictionary Definition- a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard, any group of persons closely related by blood, as parents, children, uncles, aunts, and cousins Description: The theme of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" is friends and family. Family and friends theme is found in all books with more than one character. In this book the main friendship is between Lena, Carmen, Tibby and Bridget. The Family connection is between Carmen, and her parents, Tibby and her mother and siblings, Lena, and her grandparents, along with sister, and Bridget with her Dad. Family is anyone that is blood related in some way, or by law. (Ex. Your sister marries a man he becomes you brother;

27: in-law) But family doesn't always have to be by blood. Someone can be fostered and become part of a family. Friends on the other hand are people around you that you have relations with. Maybe you might become friends with your neighbor, you have some sort of bond. But, only because you live by each other. Friends and Family are very important in a persons life. Especially to the four main characters who have such a bond that was created even before birth. | One conflict in this book is between Carmen and Tibby. They are friends who have come from different families and have experienced different things. For one, Tibby went through a death of a friend that had cancer, and for another, Carmen went through a time where she had to live with her father and her new step-family. While their hardships where equal, they were uneven aswell. | Character vs. Character

28: When Carmen comes back to Bethesda, from her experience with her father, she confines to Tibby about how she feels about the situation. However, Tibby's response is not as normal. She is fighting whatever Carmen says and keeps on saying "You could have it much worse." Of course she was thinking about how Bailey has cancer. Carmen is unearthed by her. She was expecting her to sympathize but instead, it became a whole debate. Carmen said some harsh things and with that, Tibby left. They soon resolved their problems, but they still did create friction from their original relationship. | Character vs. Character (Cont.) | * Text-Text- This book reminds me of a book that I read last year called "Faith, Hope, and Ivy June." It was about 2 girls that lived completely different lives, that cam together through an exchange program. They are a lot like Carmen, Tibby, Lena, and Bridget. Their bond of friendship is like the one between Ivy June, and the other character. | Connections

29: * Text-Self- This book is related to me because of the way that I cherish my friends, the way that Lena, Carmen, Bridget and Tibby cherish theirs. They were together since birth. They rely on each other in times of sorrow, or in times of happiness. For example. when Bridget's mother passed away, they were all there at the funeral to support her. And when Bridget was in some sort of the turmoil, they all strutted right by her side, and never left... not once. * Text-World- This book reminds me of the way that in the United States, almost all marriages end in divorce. In the book, Carmen's mother and father are divorced and she has to deal with the hardship of cooperating with her new step-family. Many children go through this, and maybe even have it worse than Carmen does. For example, in the movie "The Parent" trap, Lindsay Lohan stars as twins that are separated at birth with one of each parents. They split up, and 11 years later, they meet up and find that their father is almost married!

30: Setting | There are many main settings in this book. First off, for Tibby, she works at Wallman's where she found Bailey. Tibby also goes to the hospital where she and Bailey hang out shortly before she dies. There is Lena, as well. She is staying in Greece for the summer with her grandparents and sister. There is also a beach where she is, and a lake with olive trees. Now their is Bridget. She goes to soccer camp in Baja, Mexico. She goes to different restaurants in different towns, along with beaches and boardwalks. Lastly there is Carmen. She stays at Lydia's home with her father, Krista, Lydia of course, and Paul. She also goes to a bridal shop where she gets her dress fitted along with her new step sister and mother.

31: Plot | The main idea for this book is that there are four friends who have been inseperable since they were born. They have been through times of hardship, sorrow, and happiness. But they will always stick together, no matter what. Lena is off to Greece, Carmen is staying at her Dad's place, Bridget is going to soccer camp in Mexico, and Tibby is staying in Bethesda working on her documentary. Lena meets the man of her dreams but had a kind of wacky way of going about it. They had seen each other naked at the lake ontop of the mountain. Rumors started and it all turned out to be a mess, but they are almost together now. Tibby had to deal with the death of a little girl that fainted at Wallman's who turned out to have cancer, and be Tibby's really good friend. Carmen had to cooperate with her new step family that was stuck-up to their teeth. She however managed to tolerate them until she ran away, and they didn't even notice. Lastly, Bridget had a summer romance that lead to a hotel room key, and broken dignity. She thought that she would feel superior but instead she felt , sluggish and dirty.

32: Characterization | In this book. the four main characters are Tibby, Lena, Carmen and Bridget. But theirs are also sub-characters that are also just as important. Like Bailey, Eric, Paul, Krista, Al, Lydia, Kostos, Effie, and Perry. They may not be the focal point of the whole story but they are needed to complete it. Carmens family is Al, Lydia, Paul, Brian and Krista. Bridgets family is her dad, and brother Perry. Lena's family is her younger sister Effie. And on of Tibby's really close friends, besides Carmen, Lena, and Bridget is Bailey, along with her friend, Brian.

33: Recommendation | This was a very heartfelt book that had highs and lows, emotionally. I really enjoyed this book a lot. Even more that "The Outsiders" book. This book has drama, and action, along with some inappropriate things. Some content may present an age restriction. However, the scenes themselves that were inappropriate were not graphic in description so this such thing may slide, but language cannot. The language has some vulgar words, that are common.... within an adult mouth. Children ages 10 and under, should not read this book without the consent of an adult or teacher. Besides all of that this book is amazing. I actually really liked how the bond of friendship is the only thing that matters and the drama of sequence that comes along with it! Hope you enjoy the book!

34: Scrapbook Reflections | By: | Denise Perez(;

35: A friend is like a flower, a rose to be exact, Or maybe like a brand new gate that never comes unlatched. A friend is like an owl, both beautiful and wise. Or perhaps a friend is like a ghost, whose spirit never dies. A friend is like a heart that goes strong until the end. Where would we be in this world if we didn't have a friend. - Adrianne S | Resource 1 | When I read this, it made me feel very proud to have friends like the ones I have. My friends are my life. If I didn't have them I would never have fun ever again. They make me happy when I'm sad. They make me laugh when I am serious. They are all I have when I am at school. When I read this I thought 'that is the truth'. Friends are flowers in your life. A friend may be a ghost whose spirit never dies. My family however is always there.

36: Resource 2 | This resource is related to my theme because it is all about family. My theme is friends and family, and obviously this is part of | No one is ever born into Life alone. Everyone has shared the bond of family, at least at birth, and for many people it is a bond that will follow them throughout life. For many people it is the most important bond of all. - Unknown | my theme because it says FAMILY in it. But it is more then that. This is the type of poem I would appreciate if I was Ponyboy (main character of "The Outsiders"). This was how he grew up. His mother and father were killed, and he only had his brothers as family, along with the rest of their "gang." That means that he was born into a family from the very beginning but he never appreciated it, and started looking for something that was right in front of his face.

37: When I read this it made me feel lucky enough to have friends that actually call me and wonder how I am doing. They want to know what I am doing and how I am feeling. I don't regret being mad around them because they know that I need space and then they don't call until the day after, then I am happy again. I feel bad for the people who don't have friends because they don't know what they are missing. | Resource 3

38: Resource 4 | From this resource, I remembered how much Soda, Darry , and Ponyboy loved their parents. They were killed in an auto-wreck so the three children were left in the hands of Darry. They loved their family and slowly built another family, but of really trusted, and close friends. They love each other like brothers and the bond of brotherhood is not easily rattled. Especially when this particular friendship is in the middle of the 60's and segregation. During that time, you needed you buddies by your side, every minute of every day.

39: In the book "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants," the bond of friendship between the four friends is amazing. They go through the rough and sad times together and accomplish everything as a team. Tibby and Carmen come together when Carmen runs away from her father and comes to her for friendly advice on what to do. And when Bridget comes home from her trip to Baja, all of her friends join together again. Kind of like chocolate chips to a cookie. | Resource 5

40: http://www.divorcerate.org/ This resource shows the statistics of people in the United States that end up in divorce. People get married when they are in love, and just fall out of it. In the book, that is what happened to Carmen and her parents. Her dad left her mom, and left to another state, and soon rebuilt his own other family. Carmen feels kind of left out and feels that his knew wife and children will replace her. | Resource 6

41: Resource 7 | http://www.online-literature.com/frost/748/ This is the poem "Nothing Gold Can Stay," by Robert Frost. This poem could mean two things; the journey that we as people go through to become older, or the fact that nothing good can ever be salvaged one it is gone. This is the poem that the main characters of "The Outsiders," are confused about. However, in the end of the book, Johnny figures it out and tells Ponyboy to "stay gold." This is a very deep poem that could have multiple meaning. I think that was the purpose of it. To mean many things that can be interpreted differently through different people.

42: Videos! | http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-O7XWmPpEjI http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5cnC15SHaY&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GH0oQTL0HKA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNB10i95ZFk&feature=related

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