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Summer School 2010

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Summer School 2010 - Page Text Content

S: By: Prabh Sahota (Teen Sensation)

BC: It's the little things that make life beautiful.

FC: SUMMER SCHOOL 2010 | Ms.Turner's class | GLD201 "Discovering the Workplace" | Take a look

1: ME I'm a unique and different individual. I play by my own rules; I'm not a follower but a leader . Throughout this course, I have learned and developed further my knowledge of myself. For example, through the Us and Then we recognized what our perspective consisted of, List/Mind Map of Fav's talked about us preferring our choice, Multiple Intelligences activity we learned about our learning styles, the Fish in a Pond of Frogs exercise helped us understand how to improve our weaknesses. Although, these were the main activities, everything from our daily journals (reflection/math) and assignments (Map of Me, Career Pathway, Cuisine Brochure, this scrapbook) led to us discovering new abilities that we have within and building/improving upon our strengths and weaknesses. | PRABHJEET SAHOTA a.k.a Prabh or Teen Sensation

2: US and THEM | This activity was the first activity completed on the first day of classes. Before they switched us around, I was in Mr.Pereria's class. He stated that this activity would help us get to know each other better and understand that each of us is different in our own ways.If you take a look at the picture to the bottom, we received a chart where we answered the questions given in each section. Along with that, we wrote down a list of our faves which looked like this: Colours: Pink, Emerald Green, Royal Blue Music: Pop, Punjabi, R&B, Rap Hobbies: Singing, Reading, Swimming Food: Ice Sports: Badminton, Biking, Running Celebrity: Justin Bieber To help us get to know each other better, we had to join a group of four ; which consisted of Devarshi, Cameesha, Methan and I. Once our group had formed we were instructed to discuss our answers and I was surprised. With Devarshi, I got 2 same and 4 different while with Cameesha and Methan I received all different. Then, we had to pair up with someone else that wasn't in our group of four. I paired up with Lopana and the results turned out to be 2 same and 4 different. The theory as discussed by the class was that maybe your results would be different from a person who is from another school or is the opposite gender. Doing this taught me that everyone has different interests;due to them this world is an interesting place. Same goes with careers; if everyone had the same career the world would be a boring place. This will apply to me in the future because as I grow older, enter high school, post-secondary education, my career choice, future in general I will always be meeting new people no matter what environment I'm in. Using the questions in this activity, within a discussion can lead to knowing a person's personality in just five minutes. Applying your communication skills just like we performed in the activity are also needed to talk to others. Relating this directly to the title of the course, "Discovering the Workplace", the same skills used to complete this activity are used to bond with co-workers as you enter your career at your workplace. For example, if I wan to become an announcer , I will have to learn the differences and similarities between my co-workers and I to ensure we work together as a team effectively.According to my perception, I learned more about myself (educational factor) and I made some new friends (social factor) through this activity. | the chart given | Red: Most Important Category Blue: Least Important

3: Multiple Intelligences | Everyone has different skills; but how do you know what special talent you bring to this world? Everyone has their own learning styles which define them as a person and how effective their working skills are. To figure out our learning styles we took a quiz that instructed us to rate each comment (0 doesn't describe you, 1 somewhat and 2 definitely) under the 9 styles (word, number, picture, body, music and nature smart). I related this to myself because this was an opportunity where I could reflect how I had changed over time; how I had built upon strengths and improved upon weaknesses (I am self smart, my top three learning styles shown at bottom) because this quiz had been conducted by my Grade 8 teacher last year. I know that I have improved being people smart because before it was third and now it's first in my top 3; I used to be nervous when meeting new people, now I have made many friends just on the first day of school. It will apply to my future but it also applied to me throughout the course. Almost each activity required to to know your learning styles. For example, the cuisine brochure; if you know you're learning styles you know which role would be most suitable for you to take on. Because my top learning style is people smart I think of myself as a leader, not a follower. Therefore, I took the role of the leader, kept everyone on task, and made sure that every detail was taken care of for our cuisine brochure. My future career choices also depend on my learning styles. For instance I want to become an announcer; since I love to talk to people, am a leader, give advice, like to do group projects I would make a great team member to a TV station, I may be assigned to an advice columnist specifically, or I can become an anchor because I am a leader and they start off and end off, introducing people etc. My back-up plan would becoming a singer/music teacher or instructor because I'm people and music smart. Being people smart, I am willing to work to teach people the art of music and because I'm people smart I enjoy teaching people things I already know how to do. Also I am willing to work with people from all different genders and age groups which would make me successful. I'm music smart making me an expert in all things that have to do with music; teaching and singing. Being a teacher also suits me because being people smart working with difficult kids, genders, and age groups is an easy task for me. My knowledge of being self smart, knowing my strengths/weaknesses can help me understand how to teach others better, can apply my knowledge to understand how to help students learn their strengths/weaknesses Every step of the way, throughout my journal reflection I stated how I used my learning styles to the best of my abilities. | TOP 3 STYLES: 1) People Smart (Interpersonal) 2) Music Smart (Musical-Rhythmic) 3) Self Smart (Intrapersonal) | being leader | music smart | self smart | working as a team | different learning styles

4: MAP OF ME | This was our first assignment which was entirely based on us. From our skills, to future plans following our learning styles and personal interests to see if we had learned about ourselves the unique abilities we posses. I decided to create my map on a website called Prezi because it specialized in making mind maps. The learning styles section talked about my top 3 learning styles as explained on the previous page. Career Interests section was information about careers that suited me according to my skills, personal interests (some of which were included in my Faves, in the Us and Them activity , third page) . The skills section is stated to the left. One of my learning styles applied to this assignment: self smart because I know my strengths and weaknesses which helped me understand skills that I held which I used to complete that section. We were also allowed to use Career Cruising which let us do quizzes that determined top careers and skills that according to them you had. Some ideas they gave were on the same wavelength as mine but some I disagreed with completely. For example, I received being a Data Entry Clerk which I disagree with but one choice I agreed with was being a court reporter because it involves being a specific job in one of my career choices. As I grow older, if I am stuck and can't decide which path to take I can use this mind map and take a look at my skills like being a leader which could relate to being a news anchor because they lead the newscast and public speaking because when doing a newscast you are speaking to a large audience. Or, giving advice which could be used for a career choice like music teacher because student might ask how they can improve their music skills and you will be able to help them. This could help me Overall, this assignment helped me justify somewhat how my future might turn out like. | some SKILLS: | public speaking | being the leader | detail-oriented | look at the intricate designs on the previous page, made sure very single detail in this assignment is included

5: This was our second assignment which was entirely based on our future, specifically our career path. We were instructed to choose three different careers, write our skills, write skills required for job, high school/summer job/volunteering, post-secondary education required and then description about the job. Since, the course is called Discovering the Workplace we were given time in the computer lab to go on Career Cruising and search. explore different careers. All information was presented (education, payment, description, work environment) so we could discover the workplace situation for different careers. Ms.Turner explained that it behooves us that we chose 3 careers that suited our abilities, personal interests. learning styles and skills. I chose: Announcer (need to be self smart, people smart, have to be creative, skills like memorizing, public speaking, etc. required), Music Teacher (need to be self smart, people smart and music smart, skills include: memorizing, singing, giving advice, being the leader, etc.) and Astronaut (need to be self smart, people smart, skills include: giving advice, being the leader etc.) I could use this as a helper for my resume when I get older because interviewers (as we learned) tend to ask what skills you have. It applies to me now and in the future because I could us this as a planner when I am choosing courses for high school and my post-secondary education. It would help me make choices as to where I should volunteer/ summer job and where I should do my post-secondary education. It effects me because sometimes when you want to accomplish something, in this case my career and you are stuck you have to do a lot of research to find what path is the most suitable; doing this activity helped you complete some of this process. In this project, one learning style applied which was self-smart because you had to write down your strengths and weaknesses. Some skills required to complete this project were : being creative, and detail-oriented. This assignment summed up what the title of this course states, "Discovering the Workplace." | CAREER PATHWAY | astronaut | music teacher/instructor | announcer

6: HOW TO MAKE A CREATIVE PRETZEL | 1) Make sure to gather all ingredients needed as stated by the recipe. 1 package active dry yeast 1 tbsp. sugar 3 and one-half cups unsifted, all purpose flour 1, one-third cups warm water one-half tsp. table salt egg wash: one egg mixed with1 tbsp. water topping: coarse salt | 2) Preheat oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit. In a large bowl, sprinkle yeast over warm water; stir with rubber spatula until well blended and yeast is dissolved. With a wooden spoon, gradually stir in sugar, salt, and flour until a soft and slightly sticky dough forms. | 3) Turn dough onto well-floured board. To knead, fold dough toward you; with heels of hands push away with short rocking motion. Continue kneading and turning until dough is smooth and flexible. | SAFETY TIPS OR INTERESTING FACTS Even though we are Canadian, we still use the imperial system of measuring in skill trades. Therefore, instead of using Celsius we use Fahrenheit. Remember to put things back in their proper place. Remember to use warm water when mixing yeast, hot water kills it.

7: 4) Cut dough in half, then cut each half into 6 equal-sized pieces. With floured hands, roll one piece of dough back and forth between palms of hands to form a dough rope. | 5) From now on, the choice is yours. Cut a long slot through the middle of the dough rope if you choose to add cheese, pasta sauce, or cinnamon filling. If you do not need to, go on to the next step. If you do, pinch the opening closed and egg wash it. | 6) Decide what shape you want o make your pretzel. Once you are done that you may decide to add an extra topping on top of cheese, pasta sauce, or cinnamon. To end, sprinkle with salt, if you want. | 7) Place them on a cookie sheet, with parchment paper, 3 inches apart. Bake 15 to 20 minutes. Enjoy your creative snack. | Do not stretch the dough string too much, will break.

8: ROGERS TV TRIP | This was our first excursion trip outside of school. I was not sure what to expect because I thought we would be learning how to operate cables and wire things together etc., something I have no interest in. But, once we go there, my mind changed, because this was a perfect experience for me to explore one of my future career choices: announcer. We had a guide named Michelle Lynch who walked us through the whole building. We even got to see a power point presentation which regarded career opportunities, volunteering opportunities, and different shows that they provide. I even discovered that Rogers TV has channel 63 in Markham that delivers local news. We explored the editing rooms, studio and even the control center where all the magic happens (graphics etc.) Everything that we go the chance to see today was valuable to me because I could use this experience to see if the workplace environment is suitable for my needs. It applied to me because I want to become an announcer or on-air-talent or reporter and I already had background knowledge using my learning styles, skills, personal interests etc. and career cruising about the different aspects of the job, but without the experience of actually visiting the place I cannot be sure that this is my finalized decision. Also, if I have learned about other jobs in this industry, and I get to post-secondary education and I change my mind, thinking that announcing is not the right job for me, I have knowledge of other jobs in this section and can move on to choose those as career choices. One important thing I learned was that when you are reporting live there is no time for errors. One of my skills is Improvising, meaning if I make a mistake I can continue on without making it look noticeable. This experience added to my knowledge of steps that I need to take in order to achieve my dream of becoming an announcer. | studio set

9: CENTENNIAL COLLEGE TRIP | Adding on to our tour of trips outside of school to enhance our knowledge of differing workplaces we went to a site where we actually were lead through by guides and instructors to enhance our knowledge of colleges where we can study to become worker sin the skilled trades. In order to do that, we decided to visit Centennial College. I was excited to weld and take a tour because last year we came here, same branch from MCI from summer camp. Relating this years experience to last years I noticed a few differences and similarities. Everything from the welding lab was familiar because last year we also welded our names on apiece of steel. In the welding lab, the soap being used was the exact same soap, from the same company that MCI has in its bicycle and cars lab. When we went to the washroom, after welding was done, I discovered my classroom from last year. I remember the tour guide along with the welding instructors because they were the same ones that went through welding with us. Doing the same welding activity, helped me realize a change in myself. Last year when I tried welding, I was nervous and my work didn't turn out to be that professional. But this year, I was more confident and I did a better job in my masterpiece. The differences that occurred were that we weren't able to sit on any of the equipment, didn't get to visit all the labs because of the shortage of time. This applies to me because in my future if I decide to take a course in high school that relates to any of the trades I can use my knowledge that I learned form that and receive better grades. It affects me because now that I learned about the transportation industry in depth, with detail I have more of a clear understanding of what it consists of. Meaning, now I know what jobs the transportation industry holds I am sure that I don't want to pursue a career involving any transportation etc. The most important point that was mentioned by both Michelle Lynch at Rogers and by the tour guide was that being on time is key.Because of this experience, if I have the opportunity to explore different career opportunities then it will make my life easy in terms of deciding what career I want to pursue. | car shop | in front of cafeteria

11: You Make My Sun Shine

12: "Little Girls are Heavens Flowers"

14: Smiles Are Contagious!

19: "Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude"

25: Say Cheese!

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