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Survey Of A Math

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Survey Of A Math - Page Text Content

S: Math 140 Review

BC: By Erica Brooks

FC: Survey of Math

2: Chapter One & Nine | Area & Perimeter Area is when you multiply the length times the width or bases together. The perimeter is just adding the side up together. | Estimation: this is when your rounding numbers and then you do the math.. | Magic Squares: List of numbers in order by their value and then put them in a square and the values have to equal all the same:

3: Chapter 8 | When you are moving down the list a decimal goes to the right and when up it is to the left. | Length , Area, and Volume: V=LxWxH A=LxW L=how long | Metric System: Kilo Hecto Deka - Deci Centi Mili | Fahrenheit and Celsius F to C= 5/9(F-32) C to F= 9/5C+32

4: Chapter 2 | Set: collection of obj. Infinite/Finite: both beginning but infinite has no end and finite does Subset and Proper Sunset: C / {M,A,T,H} this has 16 subsets Equal /Equivalent: exactly same/ same number of items -B={1,2,3,4,.......} -B={1,2,3,4,5) | Universal Set: U Roster Form: is a list of items in a set w/ braces Set Builder Notation: D={X I condition(s)} U and upside down U: U is union and upside down is combination | U

5: Chapter 3 & 4 | ~Negation: ~p ^ Conjunction: p^q v Disjunction:pvq ---> Conditional:p--->q <-> Biconditional:p<->q | P: TTFF Q: TFTF R:TFTFTFTF | V: 2F=F <->: 2T=T &2F=T ^: 2T=T ->: TF=F | Bases: Base to base 10 multiply Base 10 to another base divide -Remainders in dividing go under house -Skip over multiplies you put zero as placeholder Base-if looking for 8s try and see how many 8s can be taken out (16 has two 8s to be taken out)

6: Chapter 13 | Median:in middle Mode:most often Mean:sum data/# items Midrange: low value + high value / 2 Samples: Random, stratified, unbaised, systematic, cluster, and convenience | Statistics Skeleton 1. Order data 2. Pick high and low value 3. Range: H-L 4. Number classes 5. Width: R/ # classes 6. Mean: avg 7. Median: middle number 8. Mode: # occur most often 9. Midrange: H+L/2 10. Classes: 11. Frequency : 12. Cumulative Frequency 13. Standard Deviation 14. Quartiles 15. Stem and Leaf Display

7: X Y X^2 Y^2 XY A) r=n(xy)-(x)(y) square root(n(x^2)-(x)^2) square root (y^2)-(y)^2 B) yes or no there is a correlation C) Slope & B in Y=mx+b ~b= y-m(x)/n | Chapter 13.8

8: House Chapter | I=PRT A= P(1+r/n)^nt | Buying a House -Selling Price -Down Payment: 20% of price -Lending Institution -Interest Rate -Type of loan and how many years -Taxes -Homeowners Insurance -Closing Cost

9: Chapter 12 | Probability: -probability of event cannot occur is 0 -probability of an event that must occur is 1 -Every probability is a # between 0 & 1 inclusive -Sum of probabilities of all possible outcomes of experiment is 1 | Percent/ Fractions/ Decimals 12 = .20, 20% 60

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