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Surviving Tough Times Together - SHE 4th Grade

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Surviving Tough Times Together - SHE 4th Grade - Page Text Content

S: Surviving Tough Times: Together

FC: Surviving Tough Times Together | "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow." | Life Stories and Words of Wisdom shared by the residents of Mennonite Manor Written by the Fourth Grade Class at South Hutchinson Elementary 2011-2012

1: Many families are going through tough times these days. Getting through those "tough times" seems to be something everyone must deal with at one time or another. As part of a school project, "Surviving Tough Times Together," the South Hutchinson Elementary fourth grade students interviewed several residents at Mennonite Manor to learn how they and their families have made it through life's challenges. Special thanks to the residents for sharing their stories with us!

2: Edna Kauffman's Tough Times by Noah Bruce, Olivia Larson, Korree Byard Edna Kauffman at the Mennonite Manor was born in Iowa. Later in her life, she moved to Kansas. Edna's parents farmed for a living and this was very hard to do during the Great Depression. As a child, her favorite things to do were making mudpies and playing in the sandbox. She also liked making puppets. She didn't really like school. She didn't like math, reading, or spelling. Her favorite elementary school moments were recesses. One of her chores as a child was to wash and stack the dishes. If she stacked them and they broke, she would get a spanking. She said she broke a lot of dishes! Edna also had a dog and kittens that were kept in the barn. Edna remembers some tough times when people had to give her clothes because her family was so poor. How she survived these tough times was relying on friends and family. Her advice for getting through tough times is, “Just keep on trying and you will get through it.” We enjoyed learning about what her life was like. Life was hard for a lot of people back then.

3: The Tough Times of Helen Janke by Dallas Jones, Logan Broomfield, Evan Taylor Helen Janke lived in the country when she was growing up. She lived Kansas for most of her childhood. She moved to Nebraska to live for about 13 years, and then moved back Kansas to live for the rest of her life. Helen was a good girl most of the time, but every once in awhile, she would get in trouble. When she did not say 'please' when she wanted something at the table, Helen would have to get down from the table. Her consequence would be that she would not get to eat until the next meal. She wouldn't even get any snacks. Now for Helen's tough times... When Helen was little, she was in a bad dust storm. The storm was bad enough that dust got in from the windows. To keep the dust from getting into the house, her mother had to put wet sheets over the windows. Helen's mother would flip the plates over and keep the food in the pots that they were cooked in so no dust would get on the food or plates. Helen's Words of Wisdom are, “Pray to God and count on family.” When times were tough and money was low, she would ask herself, “Do I need this or do I want this?” We really enjoyed meeting Helen Janke at Mennonite Manor. The best thing about our visit was learning about the dust storms and the things people had to do to survive them. Thank you, Helen Janke!

4: Roberta Young and fourth grader Dallas Jones | Edna Kauffman and Wilma Yoder | Noah Bruce, Korree Byard, and Olivia Larson | Jolene Cook

5: Viva Dunn and Dylan Shah | Dylan Shah, Alberto Melendez, and Donte Quidachay | Helen Lovett, Jacque Coonce, and Evelyn Rose | Viva Dunn

6: Charles and Roberta's Tough Times by Wyatt Pauley and Aspen Apfel Some students from South Hutchinson Elementary went to the Mennonite Manor. Aspen and Wyatt interviewed Charles and Roberta McCallum. One question that was asked during their interview was, “What are some of the tough times you have been through?” Charles lost him mom when he was three. He had a favorite pet – a beagle. Roberta never had pets. Charles was a farmer boy, and Roberta was a city girl. They did not have much play or free time. Charles and Roberta both lived through World War II. They survived these tough times by praying. They lived in New York when they were teenagers, which is where they met. Roberta lived in the city, and Charles lived in the country. They were alive when the atomic bomb was dropped on Japan and could feel the effect with wind afterwards. Charles and Roberta were missionaries and traveled many places. Some of their Words of Wisdom were, “Never give up and keep praying.” Aspen and Wyatt's favorite part of the visit was when Roberta and Charles talked about World War II. In 2011, Aspen and Wyatt have fire drills at school, but back then, students had war drills at school in case America was attacked by an enemy country.

7: Jean Graber: Surviving Tough Times by Seth Manche Jean Graber was born in Kansas and is now living at the Mennonite Manor in Hutchinson, Kansas. She is 99 years and has lived a long life with many good times and tough times. When Jean was young, she lived in the country with her mom, dad, two cats, a pony and her sister. Her parents were farmers. She went to a one-room schoolhouse. To get to school, she had to walk two miles down the road. One time she decided to cut across a field so it would be only one mile. When her dad saw her, she got a spanking. One of Jean's favorite memories about school was getting candy for Christmas. As a child she liked to play Rook, which is a card game where one tries not to end up with the rook. Jean had a terrible accident with a sewing machine. She cut off her finger! She says prayer, patience, and friends are what you need in tough times.

8: Allen Teaches Us About Tough Times by Jarron Kaufmann Allen Smith was born in Kansas. Then he moved to Florida. A couple of years later he moved back to Kansas to a town called Council Grove. Allen went to the second floor of a limestone brick school building. His dad was an engineer and his mom was a hat and jacket maker. Allen had two dogs as a young boy. He didn't have many toys so he played catch with his brother. Allen loved, loved history and still loves to read about it. He got in trouble one day because he didn't want to go to school. He didn't know if there were animals or people there. His consequence was a spanking. Allen's toughest time was getting grown up. It's hard work growing up and learning all the lessons there are to learn. He said God gave you two ears, two eyes, and one mouth. Ears are to listen, eyes are to see, and mouth is to keep shut! I learned that tough times are really hard.

9: Roberta Young's Tough Times by Logan Broomfield, Dallas Jones, Evan Taylor The fourth grade classes went to Mennonite Manor in South Hutchinson on November 29, 2011. They met with the people who lived there and learned about how they survived tough times. Logan Broomfield, Dallas Jones, and Evan Taylor met Roberta Young and interviewed her about the tough times in her life. Roberta remembered living in the country. Her mom was a homemaker and her dad was a teacher. She had a pet rabbit, a horse named Ribbon, and a pet collie. Back then it was very bad to sass parents. When Roberta sassed her mother, her consequence was getting spanked with a belt. It was not an ordinary belt though. It was a razor strap her father used when shaving. Roberta's favorite games were jacks, jigsaw puzzles, and Chinese checkers. She said when she was little, she and her sister would hide a piece of the puzzle so they could be the last ones to put the puzzle in place. Her mother would say, “Whoever has the last puzzle piece needs to put it in the puzzle so we can do another one.” Sometimes things were tough back then. Roberta got only one pair of shoes every year. She had to make her own clothes because her family was poor. Roberta lived during the Great Depression when there were lots of dust storms. They had to cover the windows with wet sheets. One time flying ants invaded the area and got in their bread. They had to pick the flying ants out of their bread so they could eat it that week. Roberta's Words of Wisdom are, “Pray to God and love your family.”

10: Evan Taylor interviews Helen Janke | Wyatt Pauley and Aspen Apfel interview Charles and Roberta McCallum | Tre' Garcia, Jarron Kaufman, and Seth Manche interview Al and Puline Smith | Alyssa Land, Cyra Kelley, Holly Warrington, and Faith Marciano meet Alice Stutzman

11: Emogen Snyder, Emily Scott, and Alexis Kidd meet Lola Parsons | Alyssa Land and Blake Douglas meet Juanita Bacon | Noelani Mendoza, Tryniti Isley, and Matthew Meadows meet Jim Turnbull | Madison Herd, Brittany Cross, and Ari Haffner meet Vern Martens

12: Our most treasured family heirlooms are our sweet family memories. | Learning About the Life of Ruth by Tyler Bontrager, Jaeden Hall, Dylan Cunningham, Colton Ediger On November 29, 2011, the fourth grade classes at South Hutchinson Elementary went to Mennonite Manor to learn about surviving tough times from people who had a lot of life experiences. Ruth Dragoo lives there at Mennonite Manor. She has had an interesting life and has survived many hard times. Ruth is an elderly woman. She was born on a farm in Missouri many years ago, but spent most of her life living in several towns. Ruth had an interesting but simple life. They had no technology except a radio. She did not have very much money and didn't waste anything. When she was growing up, her favorite toys were paper dolls. She played with them everyday.

13: She also had one pet cat when she was older. It was a black cat. She did not have any pets when she was really young because they were very poor and a cat would have been one more mouth to feed. Ruth never had much money, so when clothes became too small, they were made into blankets or new clothes. Ruth did not have a favorite elementary school moment. “School was school,” to Ruth. She never really enjoyed it, except for grammar lessons. Ruth's dad was a chef. He was a very good chef. Her mom was a teacher. Ruth was married. Her husband passing away was another very tough time in her life. Ruth's Words of Wisdom to young people were, “Make do with what you have. Don't try to get extra kinds of things, like electronics, and just be happy with what you have.” We really enjoyed this visit. It was a helpful learning experience that will teach us throughout our lives.

14: Jim Turnbull: Surviving Tough Times by Tryniti Isley, Noelani Mendoza, and Matthew Meadows Jim Turnbull is a nice man, and he has had some tough times in his life. We had the opportunity to meet with him at Mennonite Manor and learn about his life and how he survived tough times. When Jim was about nine years old, he went to school at a one-room schoolhouse. Sometimes he would get in trouble at school and his teacher would put her arm around him and tell him to stop. Jim's family was poor and had very little money. He lived in the country. His dad was a farmer and his mother was a housekeeper. He had some pets, like a dog, some cows, and boar hogs.

15: Jim's favorite toys were homemade rubber-ban guns out of the wood from orange boxes. When he was done making them, he would take them into the barn and shoot at the pigeons. After Jim graduated from high school, he got in a fight with his dad and ran away to join the military. He lived in Alaska during his military years. This time in his life was part of his “tough times.” He married Judy and they traveled to many states. There were times when they could barely survive on the money he made. They survived by using their money wisely. Years later, Judy discovered she had cancer and continues treatment. This has been another tough time. “Respect your parents and be responsible for your work,” are Jim's Words of Wisdom for others. It was very enjoyable to meet Jim Turnbull and his wife. The fact that he made homemade guns was very interesting. His words about respecting your parents really hit home to us.

16: Ari Haffner, Marcia Haffner, Madison Herd, and Brittany Cross listen to Vern Martins | Darin Mitzner, Lizzy Ullum,, Jodi Mitzner, and Andrew Laralde visit with Alice Schwatzkopf | Matthew Meadows, Marcia Meadows, Noelani Mendoza, and Tryniti Isley visit with Jim Turnbull | Dylan Shanh interviews Viva Dunn

17: Judy Turnbull shares her life story | Maria Hernandez, Daphne Medina-Lorta, and Chad Gallegos enjoy Judy Turnbull | Jacque Coonce interviews Helen Lovett | Helen Lvett shares about her life with Jacque Coonce and Taysha Brown

18: Jolean Cook's Life By: Dylan Shah and Alberto Melendez We interviewed two ladies. One was Jolean Cook and the other was Vivla Dunn. This story is about Jolean. Jolean went to a one-room school and only twelve students went there. She spent her whole life in Kansas. Jolean's parents were farmers. She also had a bulldog. Jolean's favorite game was making little houses out of wooden boxes and making mud pies. Her husband lost his job and Jolean had to do all the work until he found a new job. Without her job she probably would not have been able to buy food or even survive. Her advice was to be satisfied with what you have. She gave the example of having a truck and being happy with it even if it doesn't go very fast or having a Lamborghini and looking good going fast.

19: Judy's Wonderful Life by Maria Hernandez, Chad Gallegos, Daphne Medina Judy Turnbull is an elderly woman who lives with her husband at Mennonite Manor in South Hutchinson, Kansas. She is a nice person who has a very interesting life. When she was little, she had a doll house. It had toy furniture that she played with. Her pets were unusual. There was a dog, raccoon, and a parakeet. The raccoon could open the door. The parakeet would sit on her shoulder and sometimes she would go to school with parakeet poop on her clothes. She also played football and could kick the ball as far as the boys. She was married when she was 20 years old. While she was in college, her husband was in the army. One of her tough times was when she had not eaten for three days. She found a person that had the same problem. They made cookies with sugar, flour, coffee, and water. This was their food for a while. The cookies did not taste very good, but they were better than having nothing to eat. We found her stories interesting. Toys and food are much more expensive now than they were then. Paychecks were ten cents per week and they could barely buy clothes. She got clothes for Christmas. Later the paychecks were bigger. Judy told us that when we go through tough times, we need to know that it will get better soon. We are glad we are nine years old now and not back then.

20: Vernon Martens: Surviving Tough Times By: Madison Herd, Ari Haffner, Brittany Cross Three fourth-grade girls went to Mennonite Manor and interviewed a man named Vernon Martens. He was 87 years old at the time of the interview. Part of his life he lived in the country. Other times he lived in a town. When he was growing up he lived in Kansas, Florida, and Germany. While he was in Florida, he lived with an alligator in his back yard. He had a dog, but couldn't remember her name. He only took the dogs for walks. She couldn't be out in the yard because of the alligator. He was in Germany for five years and fought in the army. While Vernon was there he got his finger cut off at work.

21: A couple of his tough times were when his dad had died and his wife died. He was four years old when his dad died. Playing football and basketball was one way to get his mind off his problems. Vernon got a football for Christmas one year. It was his favorite toy. He got his first bike in college which also helped keep his mind off dad's death because he could ride to his friends' house. He said it was important to rely on friends to support you in tough times. We learned that tough times are very hard to get through. We enjoyed his story.

22: Dallas Jones and Evan Taylor interview Roberta Young | Sanjay Shah, Dylan Shah, Donte Quidachay, and Alberto Mendoza with Viva Dunn and Jolene Cook | Darin Mitzner, Jodi Mitzner, Andrew Laralde, Alice Schwartzkopf, and Lizzy Ullum | Mary Powell, Chad Gallegos, Daphne Medina-Lorta, and Maria Hernandez listen to Judy Turnbull

23: Tre' Garcia, Jarron Kaufmann, and Seth Manche crowd around to listen to Al and Paulene Smith | Jarron Kaufmann and Seth Manch learn a lot from Jean Graber | Wyatt Pauley and Aspen Apfel interview Charles and Roberta McCallum

24: David Troyer: How to Survive Tough Times by Andrew Hoffman, Blake Douglas, Devan Potter, and Gunner Bower Everybody goes through tough times, such as losing a job, a house, a child, money or a family member. We interviewed David Troyer at Mennonite Manor. Mr. Troyer is an elderly man who has had a lot of tough times and good times. When he was our age, he liked to go to the creek. He was born in Kansas. He lived in Florida and California. He has lived in towns, a cities, and in the country. His mom was a farmer. His dad was a carpenter. He made a tree house out of straw and chicken wire, and then later burnt it down because he wasn't in it that much and was bored. He got in trouble for this. His consequence as a spanking. Mr. Troyer's favorite elementary school moment was recess. His favorite toy was a little red wagon. He was walking home from school and it was dusty and windy. He couldn't see so he used a fence to guide him home. He prayed to survive tough times. Mr. Troyer was also in the military. He got his first car when he was twenty-four. Mr. Troyer's Words of Wisdom to us were, “Don't do drugs.” We learned that people that are elderly are very nice and intelligent.

25: Great Grandparents | Parents | Lola Parson's Life and Tough Times by Alexis Kidd, Emogen Snyder, and Emily Scott Lola Parson did farm chores, such as milk the cows. She lived on a farm in the state of Kansas all her life. Her parents were farmers, and her family had dogs, cats, and played with chickens. Lola liked to play Annie, Annie Over at school. One year for Christmas, Lola got a doll. She liked her doll the best. Everyday Lola had to walk a mile and a half to school. One day she was walking in heavy blowing dust. She didn't turn the corner that she was supposed to and got lost. Finally, someone found her and took her home. So after that her father made her carry a flashlight in case dust was too thick or wear heavy clothing and boots if snow became deep. To help us learn to live through tough times, Lola suggests that we always tell the truth, don't tell fibs, work hard, and read your Bible everyday. We learned many things about Lola Parson when we went to Mennonite Manor and interviewed her. Family is also a key to surviving tough times. Lola's kids go every Sunday to visit her because Lola makes cinnamon rolls and coffee. Lola's life is interesting. She has a ten year-old granddaughter who stays the night every once in a while. Lola is a nice person and we really had fun.

26: Paulie's Life by Tre` Garcia When Paulie was a little girl she went to a two-room schoolhouse. She lived in a little part of town in Wichita. Her dad was an oil tool blacksmith. Her mom stayed at home to take care of the kids. She had one dog and one cat for pets. Her favorite times in school were recesses. The games she always played were baseball with the boys and jacks with the girls. The toughest time she had in her life was when the bigger boys put the littler kids in bags of snow that they filled up that morning. Her Words of Wisdom are to pray, go to church, rely on family, and don't give up. Another tough time she had was walking to school in a snowstorm.

27: The Story of Helen Lovett's Life by Taysha Brown, Jacque Coonce, and Emily Bolanos Helen Lovett is an elderly lady that lives at Mennonite Manor in South Hutchinson, Kansas. Throughout her life she has lived in California, Kansas, and Texas. She lived in a city for part of that time and the country the rest of the time. Helen's parents worked on a farm and Helen had dogs for pets while they lived there. Math was her favorite school subject. She loved playing checkers when she was young, also. Her favorite toy was her dolls. One day Helen got in trouble for staying at a friend's house too late. Her consequences were a “nice” talking to and she was not allow to go back for a while. Helen told us about one hard time she had during her life. She told us her father died because he was very ill. When asked about how she survived it she said that keeping faith in God and praying help her. Her words of wisdom was to pray and stay with God. We learned that we need to listen to our parents and follow their directions. We will not stay too late at a friend's house. Now we also know to pray everyday and lean on God to get us through tough times.

28: David Troyer captivates his audience with his interesting life story | Ruth Dragoo has the full attention of Jaedan Hall, Tyler Bontrager, Dylan Cunningham, and Colton Ediger | Taysha Brown, Jacque Coonce, and Emily Bolanos enjoyed meeting Helen Lovett, Evelyn Rose, and Ellis Oxley

29: David Troyer shares his life story with Blake Douglas, Andrew Hoffman, Devoan Potter, and Jeanette Hoffman | Vern Martins and fourth graders Madison Herd, Brittany Cross, and Ari Haffner enjoyed getting acquainted

30: Alice Teaches Us How to Survive Tough Times by Lizzy Ullum, Andrew Larralde, and Darin Mitzner Alice Schwatzkopf is a hard-working person who has been through a lot of tough times. We met Alice at Mennonite Manor on November 29, 2011. She was really nice and shared stories about her life and how she survived dust storms. Alice said that the hardest thing she has ever had to go through was the dust storms when she was child. Her family lived on a farm and her dad was a farmer. Her mom worked in the home and cleaned. During the dust storms, they would have to get little shovels and their hands to scoop dirt off the kitchen counter and the floor. The dirt would also get in the pipes and come out the faucet and into the sink. Alice's family grew all their food. They never had to buy anything from the store except sugar. Her family grew all of their food on the farm. She said that it was hard work. They worked as a team and got through it. Her words of wisdom for someone going through a tough time today would be to go through it with friends or family. We liked the story she told us about the dust storm because she made it come to life. She was lucky to survive the dust storm and to have a farm to raise food and animals.

31: Alice Tells Us About Tough Times by Holly Warrington, Cyra Kelley, Faith Marciano, and Alyssa Land Alice Stutzman, age 93, was born in Thomas, Oklahoma. She moved to Kansas when she was three and never left. She is the only one still living, besides her kids, of her family. At this time she lives in Mennonite Manor in South Hutchinson, Kansas. When she was little she walked with her siblings across a field to get to school. If they walked through the field, it was one mile. If they went around the field, it was two miles. She went to school in a one-room schoolhouse. All grade levels up to eighth grade were included. Alice's tough time was loosing her parents and siblings. Her most difficult time was when her husband died. He passed just hours before celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary. She survived this time by just moving on. Her words of wisdom are to not stay at home and dwell on it. Go out and get involved with society. We felt this was an interesting experience that will help us later on in life. When we go through tough times we will know to rely on friends and family and not dwell on our problems. We enjoyed visiting with Alice Stutzman.

32: SHE students interview residents at Mennonite Manor | Noah Bruce listens to Wilma Yoder | Jolene Cook shares about her life with Sanjay Shah, Alberto Melendez, and Donte Quidachay | Edna Kauffman and WilmaYoder visit with students

33: Taysha Brown interviews Helen Lovett | Tryniti Isley and friends listen to Jim Turnbull | Charles and Roberta McCallum | Dallas Jones interviews Hellen Janke

34: Vivla Dunn: 100 Years of Wisdom By: Dante Quidachay Vivla Dunn had three siblings and she was born before cars and airplanes. When she was seven years old, she saw her first car. She lived in Sylvia, Kansas all of her life. Her parents lived and worked on a farm, but she had no pets. She was 100 years old when I interviewed her! Vivla fell off of a very tall silo when she was a child. Her parents were happy that they got her back to life. Later she married a patrol officer that she went to school with. She had been married to someone else before this, but he had died. When all the men went to war the women had to do all the work. That was hard. She said life was harder back then than it is now. We were all impressed that Vivla was 100 years old, because she seemed much younger. Jolean Cook and Vivla Dunn taught us to be happy with what you have and work hard. If you have a small house be grateful for it and work hard to keep it.

35: South Hutchinson Elementary fourth graders would like to say "thank you" to all those who helped with this book publishing project! South Hutchinson Mennonite Manor Teachers; Mrs. Lori Bauerle Mrs. Connie Weesner Mrs. Sarah Goering Mrs. Amy Waggoner

36: Meet the Authors

37: Olivia Larson wants to be an artist or an illustrator someday. She loves to draw and do crafts in her spare time. She would like to visit California. | Emily Scott has a pet dog named Opie. She would like to travel to China someday. Emily's mom died when she was two. | Evan Taylor loves to make things like forts out of wood. He wants to be a game artist when he grows up. His dog's name is Bear. | Seth J. Manche wants to be a geologist. He hopes to learn about rocks and likes to collect them. | Alexis Kidd has a pet named Harley. Her favorite subject is science. She would like to go to New York someday. | Jaron Kaufmann wants to be a professional football or baseball player. He would like to visit Barbados someday.

38: Noah Bruce loves to read in his spare time. His favorite subject is Reading. He would like to travel to California. | Tre' Garcia would like to visit California. His favorite subject in school is math. His favorite author is Justin Somper. | Jacque Coonce wants to be an artist. Her proudest moment was when she fed geese by hand. She has a dog named Clover. | Koree Byard LOVES to dance. She has 6 pets and her favorite one is her dog Milee. She would like to go to Maui someday. | Emogen Snyder loves to read in her spare time and wants to be an illustrator. She admires her parents most because they encourage her to do her best. | Alberto Melendez loves to ride horses in his spare time. He has a pet horse named Peanut Butter Cup. He would like to travel to Mexico.

39: Taysha Brown loves to draw in her spare time. She wants to be a marine biologist. She hopes to learn how to knit in the near future. | Daphne Medina loves to read in her spare time. Her favorite subject in school is math. She would like to go to China someday. | Maria Hernandez wants to be a kindergarten teacher. She has a dog named Pinkey. She would like to travel to California. | Wyatt Pauley wants to be a prison guard when he grows up. His favorite subject in school is math. He would like to travel to Hong Kong. | Darin Mitzner loves to hunt in his spare time. He would like to travel to Jamaica and has a pet named Lucky. | Donte Quidachay's favorite author is R. L. Stein. His favorite subject in school is math. He has 5 dogs - Dirk, Dummers, Damage, Fable, and Bandit.

40: Tryniti Isley loves to read in her spare time. Tryniti has a pet named Max. Her favorite author is Andrew Clements. | Lizzy Ullum loves to read in her spare time. She has a dog named Ringo. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. | Cyra Kelley has 2 dogs named Taz and Max. She likes basketball and volleyball. Her favorite subject in school is P.E. | Chad Gallegos has pet cats named Cooper, Oreo, and Carmel. His favorite subject is science. Chad would like to travel to Japan someday. | Holly Warrington loves to draw in her spare time. She wants to be a veterinarian when she grows up. She has 2 cats named Lilly and Toby. | Faith Marciano is fascinated with tornadoes because they are part of Kansas. She would like to travel to Florida. Her favorite subject is science.

41: Andrew Hoffman love to build in his spare time. He wants to be a basketball player when he grows up. He admired Kobe Bryant. | Colton Ediger hopes to learn how to refinish chairs. He admires Bill Gates for inventing Microsoft. Proudest moment? Winning the game ball! | Brittany Cross loves to draw or read in her spare time. She has 6 pets. Her favorite subject in school is science. | Jaeden Hall wants to be a race car driver when he grows up. His favorite author is Jeff Kinney. He would like to travel to North Carolina. | Madison Herd loves to build in her spare times. She wants to be a vet when she grows up. She would like to travel to California. | Dylan Cunningham loves to build things. His favorite author is J.K. Rowling. He wants to be a corrections officer.

42: Devan Potter's favorite subject in school is math. He has a dog named Reese. He would like to travel to China someday. | Ari Haffner loves to play with her cat Coco in her spare time. She admires her mom and dad the most because they love her. | Alyssa Land loves to read in her spare time. She has a pet cat named Smudge. Proudest moment? When she was broadcast live on TV! | Dylan Shah loves to play basketball in his spare time. He would like to go to the moon someday. His favorite book is Captain Underpants. | Mathew Meadows has a pet dog named Bruiser. He would like to travel to Germany someday. He loves to play in his spare time. | Logan Broomdield's favorite subject is math. His favorite author is Lauren Tarshis and faovrite book is I Survived the Shark Attack.

43: Emily Bolanos loves to play in her spare time. She has a dog named Brownie. Her favorite author is Dr. Seuss. | Aspen Apfel's favorite subject is math. She would like to travel to Vegas. Her two favorite animals are dogs and cats. | Tyler Bontrager wants to be a motocross rider when he grows up. His favorite subject is science. He has a dog named Molly. | This book-publishing project was made possible through a Hutchinson Community Foundation grant project entitled, "Surviving Tough Times Together." Students and families may purchase copies. Contact Amy Waggoner at awaggoner@usd309ks.org for more information.

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  • Title: Surviving Tough Times Together - SHE 4th Grade
  • As part of the Hutchinson Community Foundation Grant Project "Surviving Tough Times Together," the SHE 4th graders interviewed residents at Mennonite Manor to listen to Words of Wisdom and learn from their stories and experiences about the Great Depression, WWII times, and more!
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