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Taking Technology To Earlier Times

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FC: Story By: Dann Mosteller | Taking Technology To Earlier Times | Photo by Flickr CC: Kimberlykv

1: Premise Time travel has always been an interesting topic, especially for stories. But, this is not your typical time travel story. It all starts with the idea of traveling back in time and taking something with you that did not exists 100 years ago. | In this story, a young boy, Simon, is taken back in time with his Uncle Pete, while driving in a monster truck. Suddenly, they appeared in the year 1912, in a small town that still used wagons to get around. Their adventure helped them to see what their society was like 100 years before, how technology has made life easier, and how a society is built on infra-structure to support the use of technology. | Photo by FlickrCC: hthompson

2: Photo by Flickr CC: zolakma | Uncle Pete came to visit one spring weekend. I hadn't seen him in a while, but I was always glad when he visited our home. This time he surprised all of us when he arrived in his blue monster truck. This was a mechanical beast. Even though I was a normal sized 9th grader compared to other kids in my school, I still was not able to reach the the door handle when I stood next to it. Uncle Pete noticed my interest in his truck and he pats me on the shoulder. "Simon" he said to me, "Tomorrow morning I'll take you for a ride."

3: My family had planned a cookout for Uncle Pete, and we had a good time hearing how he bought Blue Betty, the name he gave his monster truck, and how much time he spent working on her. It was mostly the adults talking; besides, I kept thinking about the next day. Uncle Pete had told me that we would drive her out to Mystery Rock, just outside of town. "Can I drive her Uncle Pete?", I said in a senseless moment. My parents stopped an shook their head. I knew I better not say any more because they might tell me that I can't go. | Later, I went to bed but I had trouble sleeping thinking about Blue Betty. I had never been in a truck so big. I don't remember falling asleep, but the next morning I felt like I had a restless night. There were bits and pieces in my head of a strange dream about a mysterious pool of water, but I quickly dismissed it as I knew that Uncle Pete and I were going riding that morning. | Photo by Flickr CC: legneds 2k | Dann Mosteller

4: Uncle Pete was an adult, but he seemed easier to talk to. Maybe, it was because he wasn't married and he didn't have any kids. All I know is, when Uncle Pete and I were together, it was always an exciting time. That morning, turned out to be a little more exciting than I had expected. The roar of Blue Betty's engine was impressive, but I was just so amazed how high off the ground I was. Uncle Pete was daring, but not crazy. Because we were in Blue Betty, he did not have to drive on the roads like everyone else, he was able to climb higher than other vehicles at Mystery Rock. When we were up high, we could see the winding road to Timeless Lake. "Hey!" Uncle Pete pointed down a rough mountain road, "I think I know a short cut." I gave him a smile and off we went. | Dann Mosteller

5: We drove into places that I didn't think were possible for vehicles to drive, but the humongous wheels on Blue Betty kept us steady. We were in a place where there were no roads and we discovered a beautiful waterfall near the lake. The green surrounding was so different from Mysterious Rock. We wanted to get a closer look, so we drove around the back part of the waterfall. For just a moment it went dark and a heavy mist of the waterfall got us all damp. At that very moment, I saw something in the waterfall that reminded me of my dream. We came out the other side, but we both felt strange. At that point we decided we had enough for the day and we wanted to drive back home. | Fotopedia CC, by Mathieu Poumeyrol

6: On our way home, much of the landscape seemed the same, but it was strange because we had trouble finding the roads. We finally found one that was like a dirt path, so we followed it toward town. It was also strange that we did not see any cars or trucks on the road either. We expected the road to change and to see other vehicles as we arrived nearer to the town, but we were shocked when we saw several people riding around on wagons with a horse in front. Uncle Pete and I looked at each other with con-fusion, but the looks we got from other people made us really scared. One man even reached for a shotgun. When we saw that, we drove faster, passing all the wagons that were on the dirt road. We wanted to get home quicker than ever, but when we arrived, it wasn't my house. Everything was different, but I knew it was where my house was suppose to be, because we lived next to the 200 year old school building, which looked newer. | Google Images CC by Ken Lund | by Dann Mosteller

7: However, our curiosity made us stop when we saw one man that seemed to be more interested in his broken wagon than looking at us. We kept the truck running, but we both hopped down and approached the man. There was something very familiar about him. "Excuse me sir." Uncle Pete neared, "Can you tell me where we are?" The man turned a looked and said the name of my town, he extended his hand and introduced himself as Leroy Peabody. Uncle Pete and I froze, realizing that he just said the name of my great-grandfather. "What year is this?" I asked without shaking his hand. "What a strange question!" he responded, "Don't you know it is 1912?" When Uncle Pete and I heard this, we both just turned and ran back to Blue Betty. We were so confused and scared now that we decided to drive away from town, out running all the wagons on the road again. | We left there trying to figure out what had happened. As we drove back into to town, there were more people giving us strange looks. I kept thinking that they looked strange because their clothes were really old fashion. We were afraid to stop. | Flickr CC by Mike

8: Uncle Pete and I were so shocked that we could not even talk. Suddenly, he slammed on the brakes. "We're almost out of gas and there's no gas stations here in 1912!" He started to panic. It was at that moment that I realized that everything had changed after we left the waterfall. I yelled to Uncle Pete, "Hurry! Let's go back to the waterfall to see if it will take us back to 2012!" It was like he knew exactly what I was talking about. He drove as fast as he could toward the place that we had driven to in the morning. We both watched the gas gage closely to see if we were going to make it back to the waterfall. After about 10 minutes, we got to the last major hill. We were at the top, looking far down, and we could see where the waterfall was. At that exact moment, Blue Betty turned off because she was completely out of gas. Uncle Pete put it in neutral and we started rolling down the hill, hitting every bump hard, but we knew we couldn't stop. We finally rolled near the waterfall, and we had just enough momentum to roll under it. We stopped and everything went dark. | Flickr CC by laffy4k

9: We both got out of Blue Betty. It was dark and wet under the waterfall, but we found light ahead of where the truck stayed. Uncle Pete and I decided to walk, since we couldn't drive now. Along the way, we talked about how strange the day had been and we questioned whether or not to believe everything that happened. After about 20 minutes, we suddenly paused. "Look! There's a road!" I pointed to confirm what I had yelled. We both ran toward it and we saw a car, a modern car driving nearby. I recognized the car as our neighbor. I signaled for him to stop and we asked for a ride home. I was so relieved when I saw the old school building, and it looked as old as it always did, so I knew that my house was just ahead. I looked at Uncle Pete and smiled. | Flickr CC by Eli Brown

10: Flickr CC by Alisha V | When we arrived home, Uncle Pete and I decided not to talk about our strange morning. He just said to my dad that we ran out of gas down by Timeless Lake. My dad smiled and said, "Let's go get the gas can, and I will take you down there." The three of us were riding along with the gas can in the back of the truck when dad suddenly remembered something. "Hey Pete, I've been meaning to tell you that I found some old drawings from our grandfather Elroy Peabody. One of those drawings was kind of strange, it looked a lot like your Blue Betty." Uncle Pete's eyes got big and he turned to me. He smiled and then turned to my dad. "That's strange. I wonder what made him draw something like that."

11: The End Taking Technology To Earlier Times By Dann Mosteller

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