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Taylor Garrison's Scrapbook

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BC: Epilogue(43) The stranger would imagine a very conflicted computer geek. This geek seems to have low self-esteem (The Perfect Present), but likes to take on more work than he can handle (Who Am I). The geek also loves gaming (Remember Things Present, Room Sweet Room). The stranger would also realize that the geek’s confidence problems could affect his success, but he would also see that the geek is over-coming his setbacks (Annual Report).

FC: "Confidence is Key" | Taylor Garrison

1: 1.a 2.Plans after High School 3.Background Information 4.Boast 5.One English Liked/not liked 6.Hobbies 7.What’s in a Name 8.Likes/Dislikes List 9.Sensory Experiences 10.Metaphorical Definitions 11.Color Your World 12.Room Sweet Room 13.Symbolic Recipe 14.Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse 15.Unfinished Sentences 16.Mysterious Place 17.In Other Words | 18.Remember Things Present 19.As Time Goes Bye-Bye 20.A Day in the Life 21.Cheer Yourself Up! 22.Look Who I look Up To 23.One Medium Suitcase 24.The Perfect Present 25.Memorable Event 26.Are You Hungry? 27.The Examined Life 28.Annual Report 29.Visually Speaking 30.Advice to the Young 31.Who Am I? 32.Valuable Lessons 33.Futures – Fantasy and Fact 34.Epilogue | Table of Contents

2: Plans after Highschool(1) Unlike most of my friends who are going to large universities after highschool, I plan on going to Gaston. Gaston feels like the better financial choice. I can get my core classes out of the way at a lower price and then switch to a more expensive university to take the classes I’m actually going for. Since I plan on majoring in Information Technology, I will most likely transfer to ECU, which is one of the only universities that offer IT.

3: Background Information(2) I was born in Gastonia on September 12th 1994. I have two brothers and one sister, but they are nearing their thirties. As for pets, I have had 6 major pets throughout my like so far. I’ve had one cat, one guinea pig, and 4 dogs. Out of those pets, my cat, ‘Eva’ and my dog, ‘Bilbo’ are still with us. As for schools, I went to Sherwood Elementary, Grier Middle School, and of course, Ashbrook High.

4: Beowulf Boast(3) William Taylor Garrison is my name, Son of Reagan Garrison the freightliner’s employee. Many have spoken of my skills as a technology genius, the computer-programmer and creator of complex calculator games and tools. The master of computer science and information technology. When not immersed in programming or coding, I often Excel is graphic design. My work includes the well known And acclaimed Class of 2012 and French Club t-shirts. I have no doubt that my Engineering Club and All-County Band designs will receive the same praise, along with my awesome yearbook contribution, which is sure to impress everyone. This day, I am faced with a new challenge: English 12 Honors With the conquering of AP English 11 under my belt, this will be no challenge for me. There is only one obstacle that may obstruct my victory now: Presenting projects and papers aloud to my fellow pupils.

5: One English Liked/Not Liked(4) My least favorite English assignment was probably the research essay that we had to do in AP English 11. Not only did we have to cite examples from the back, we had to find other sources that analyzed the book or discusses an element of it. While they may have been stressful at times, video projects always end up entertaining me. Especially since I usually do the editing, which I love.

6: Hobbies(5) My favorite hobby has to be gaming. I spend the majority of my free time playing video games, playing with friends most of the time. I usually play them for the feeling of accomplishment you get when you beat a level or a friend in multiplayer. I also enjoy programming and graphic design, so I get a kick out of the tricks developers use to make their games look and play the way they do. Gaming sort of combines all of my favorite interests, making it my favorite hobby.

7: What’s in a Name?(6) As far as I am aware, there is no unity between my name and myself. The only one of my names that could mean something would be my first name, ‘William’. I always imagine royalty as having that name, but I don’t believe it represents anything about me. I have never thought of calling myself by a different name, and I’m not sure I could. After going by my current name for so long, I can’t imagine any name that fits me better. As for where my name comes from, ‘William’ carried over from my father. I believe they just came up with ‘Taylor’ randomly, and I don’t know which other names they were considering. I don’t really know if they considered any other names. I have just accepted what I have as my name, and I could never change it.

8: Likes/Dislikes List(8) | Likes Smart Phones Computers Tacos Pizza Pepsi The color “Lime Green” Coldplay John Mayer Art Pottery Drawing Solitude Driving Video Games Board Games | Dislikes AP English Homework Classwork School Work Most Rap Justin Bieber Exams Journals Macs Spinach Unspecific Instructions Essays Heat Spiders

9: Sensory Experience(9) Christmas is the first thing I think of when asked for a rich sensory experience. My mom always cooks breakfast on Christmas day, so I usually start the day with tasting sweet syrup-coated pancakes. Later, I’d probably taste the candy from my stocking. As for touching things, shaking presents and holding warm cups of coffee are common. The smell of coffee is high up on the list, since there is usually a pot made by the time I get up. The smell of potpourri is also a very prominent smell throughout Christmas time. The combination of green and red is popular during Christmas, and the lights and decorations on houses are always a sight to see. Last but not least, sound is a major part of Christmas. Christmas music and carols can be heard, as well as Christmas bells.

10: Metaphoric Definitions(10) 1. Boredom is an English class. 2. Happiness is a new car. 3. Sadness is a rainy day. 4. Comfort is a warm blanket. 5. Disappointment is watching Jerry Springer. 6. Censorship is a slippery slope. 7. Beauty is a bright sunset. 8. Calmness is the sound of a flowing stream. 9. Satisfaction is a finished piece of art. 10. Frustration is making pottery.

11: Color Your World(11) Color--Emotion/Description Green--Envious Yellow--Mellow White--Pure/Good Black--Unpure/Evil Red--Angry Blue--Sad Brown--Natural Gold--Valuable Purple--Royalty Pink--Happy

12: Room Sweet Room(12) My room says a lot about me. You can tell that I’m a technology geek as soon as you enter it; electronic and gadgets lay on every table. Game cases are scattered around my desk and tables. Posters representing those games hang on the walls, so you know I’m a gamer. Unfortunately, my room is quite messy with all of the cases and devices. I suppose that also says something about me.

13: Symbolic Recipe(13) Ingredients 1/3 Cups – Patience 3 Cups – Humor 1 Cup – Wit 5 Cups – Trustworthiness 4 Cups – Friendliness 2 Cups – Cynicism Instructions Begin by pouring the Trustworthiness, Friendliness, and Cynicism into a bowl and mixing well. Spread the mixture into a pan and bake it for an hour. Afterwards, mix the Humor and Wit into a bowl, forming some icing. Spread the icing over the top of the baked cake. To finish it off, sprinkle the 1/3 cup or patience on top of the icing. Many people try to add their own types of sprinkles to the top of the cake, but patience is the best one to use. If too much of anything else is added, such as stupidity, it can easily begin tasting like anger instead of patience.

14: Ultimate All-Purpose Excuse(14) I’m so sorry for being late today. Had I not experienced a series of such unfortunate evens, I would have been on time. Due to an alarm clock failure, I woke up around 6:30. Normally this wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that a large tree had fallen and split my house in two. After climbing through the rubble, I was shocked to find that an electrical fire had sparked in my kitchen. I fought the flames for what seemed like hours. The combination of these events is the reason I’m late (well, the car crash didn’t help). I hope you can understand.

15: Unfinished Sentences(16) I usually worry about getting homework and projects done on time. I usually prefer to put a lot of time into what I do, which can sometimes exceed the time I have been given. I feel angry when someone can’t understand logic. When arguing with someone, there is nothing that pisses me off more than the other person not listening to reason. I am moody when I have a lot on my mind. I think that’s a universal thing, when people have a lot to consider or think about. I am happiest when I am with friends and family. Friends and family are always able to cheer me up if I’m down. And once I’m cheered up, they can usually keep me like that. I feel confident when I put a lot of work into something. I hate turning in something I didn’t put 100% into. I feel frustrated when I have a lot of work to do in a small amount of time. This sort of reflects the “I usually worry about” part. I feel depressed when I think about what the next generation is going to do to society. Every time I interact with younger kids, I lose a bit of faith in humanity. I suppose that could be said about my generation too I am comfortable when in my own home. This is pretty self-explanatory. I feel nervous when presenting projects. Public speaking is not my strong suit at all. I feel sentimental when looking through old pictures and at old toys. Obviously pictures bring up memories of people, and toys bring up memories of a simpler time when I didn’t have to write papers every few days.

16: Mysterious Place(17) After the bombs fell in 2077, vaults were the only safe-havens available. The doors were sealed, and no one was allowed to enter or leave the vault. A few decades later, after the radiation had subsided, vault-dwellers escaped the vaults and slowly transitioned into wastelanders. This is how Megaton was formed. A later generation of wastelanders wanted to create a safe place for others, but could only do so with the help of the Children of Atom, a group of lunatics who worshipped an undetonated bomb in the center of Washington DC. The Children of Atom agreed to help build this new settlement, as long as it was centered around the war-head. The settlers agreed to the terms and began building their new home. The walls and buildings were constructed out of materials from a ruined airport nearby, giving the town the protection it needed. After many years, the new city was finished. Megaton is truly a frightening sight to newcomers, with rebar and sheet metal extruding from every crack. As you enter, an old turbine engine utilizes a pulley system to open the entrance to the settlement. Although it may look desolate from the outside, it is quite active on the inside. Because the city is built around a crater, the entrance is higher than almost anything else, allowing you to take in the entire town. The first thing most people notice are the Christmas lights hanging from pipes and scaffolding, used (unsuccessfully) to make the place seem more welcoming. Moriarty’s Saloon, covered in flashing lights and posters, is straight ahead from the entrance. Surrounding it are small shops and homes, where settlers live as well as make a living. All of this is a mere distraction from the elephant in the room. In the exact center of town lies the deadliest thing these people know of, the atomic bomb. It lies in a puddle of radioactive mud, constantly surrounded by Children of Atom praying to it. The people of Megaton may have a safe and enjoyable life now, but there’s no telling how long that will last.

17: In Other Words(18) 1. “A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life.” -Charles Darwin 2. “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” -Friedrich Nietzsche 3. “A mistake is simply another way of doing things.” -Katharine Graham 4. “Always keep an open mind and a compassionate heart.” -Phil Jackson 5. “Better mad with the rest of the world than wise alone.” -Baltasar Gracian 6. “Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.” -Benjamin Disraeli 7. “An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves.” -Lydia M. Child 8. “It is better to have a fair intellect that is well used than a powerful one that is idle.” -Bryant H. McGill 9. “Small minds are concerned with the extraordinary, great minds with the ordinary.” -Blaise Pascal 10. “A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at him.” -David Brinkley

18: (General) Family My School Friends My Online Friends iPods Smart phones The get-togethers me and some of my friends plan. My Teachers (Music) Calvin Harris Kimbra Jukebox The Ghost Daft Punk Coldplay (Movies) Inception Lord of the Rings Office Space Wayne’s World Harry Potter The Hunger Games | (Books) The Hunger Games Trilogy (TV Shows) The Walking Dead Game of Thrones The Office The Mentalist Parks and Recreation Mythbusters (Games) Half Life Series Portal Series Assassins Creed Series Mario Games All games made by Valve Garry’s Mod King Arthurs Gold Soldat The Ship Red Dead Redemption GTA Games | Remember Things Present(20)

19: As Time Goes Bye-Bye(21) There has always been one thing I’ve wanted to do before I die. I see it and hear about it all of the time, people travelling to far away countries. They always witness some incredible event, or see an awe-inspiring landmark/landscape. The sights aren’t the only appeal of travelling, there’s also all of the amazing people you can meet. Experiencing other cultures seems like it would be quite enjoyable. If I were to go, I would also need to take friends, since it’s usually more fun to experience new things with them. I would travel the world though, instead of only visiting one place. If I had one goal before I hit 35, that would be it.

20: A Day in the Life(24) At 6:30 one foggy morning, a loud alarm beings blaring from Taylor Garrison’s phone. It took quite a few rings for it to finally wake its owner, probably because he had been up late studying for his presentation. As Taylor rose to a sitting position, he was not spared one moment of peace before realizing what was special about this day. Today was AP Project Presentation day. As soon as it struck him, he flopped back down beneath the covers, wishing he would never have to present his project. After a few minutes, he convinced himself that it was something he absolutely had to do. He showered, got dressed in his Khakis and dress shirt, and headed off for school. Taylor’s presentation was the last project assigned for today. Throughout the day he heard stories of how amazing so-and-so’s project was or how terrible what’s-her-name’s presentation was. None of the reports from classmates helped his nerves. It was finally time for him to present his project. “My Essential Question is ‘Taking into account their current populations and population policies, which country will have the largest population by 2050, China or India?’”. Taylor talked slower than normal so he could reach the 10 minutes, which wasn’t too noticeable, luckily. After finishing his presentation and answering a confusing question from the Calculus Teacher, Taylor felt a weight lifted from his shoulders. He could care less about what he had actually made. He was finished with it, and that’s all he wanted. A few weeks later, after hearing about how so many people failed, Taylor received his score. An 85! Taylor had passed! Despite it only being a B-, he had passed, even when so many others hadn’t! Taylor was so relieved, and made sure that there was no chance of him having to do an AP project ever again! The End.

21: Cheer Yourself Up(25) 1. Go Sky Diving Sky diving is one of those things that almost everyone wants to do before dying. I am no exception. The combination of pure adrenaline and the completion of a life-goal is sure to cheer me up. 2. Go Carolling (Even if it isn’t Christmas) It wouldn’t even matter if they were Christmas songs really, as long as you’re singing in a group to random people. I’m sure their reactions to the caroling would cheer anyone up. 3. Bungee Jumping This is the same as Sky Diving really; the adrenaline rush would definitely make you forget your troubles. 4. Go Camping I love camping and getting away from everything. There’s just a certain kind of peacefulness that comes from waking up early in the morning and hearing birds chirping and the crackling of a fire. 5. Travel the World The new experiences are sure to take someone’s mind off of whatever is upsetting them. 6. Ride a Hot Air Balloon Seeing the world from up above, and in such an interesting form of transportation would be amazing. 7. Go-Karting I have always loved Go-Karting, and I can’t remember a time when I was sad while doing it. 8. Go to a Shooting Range I am definitely a gun person. Maybe not to the extent of some people at Ashbrook, who have shotguns and other firearms, but I still enjoy tearing something up with my Airsoft or BB guns. 9. Play Video Games Video games can have some very compelling story lines and environments. I can think of many games that would easily cheer someone up with it’s humor, or distract someone with it’s incredible story. 10. Drawing I used to use drawing as a way of cheering myself up as a kid. I’d draw entire towns filled with little stick men, or I’d draw a character and imagine what his story is.

22: Look Who I Look Up To(26) 1. Christina Grimmie Christina Grimmie is the perfect example of someone who made something out of nothing. She rose from being a regular Youtuber to an Internet Sensation, and is now becoming a well known name in the music industry. She started by posting videos of herself covering a few songs that she liked, unsure if other people would like them. As they slowly grew more popular, she began taking requests. She developed a connection with her online fans, who call themselves Team Grimmie. She, along with her fans, pushed to get her noticed by the music industry, and they succeeded. She has provided backup vocals for Selena Gomez, as well as opening for Selena, All Star Weekend, and the Jonas Brothers. She has also performed at the American Music Awards. I admire how hard she has worked and how well she was repaid for it. 2. Felicia Day Felicia Day is a geek. That’s what she has always been, and that’s part of the reason she is famous. Almost everyone has heard of World of Warcraft Nerds, and she was one of them. I admire here because despite her amazing success as an actor, she has stayed true to her roots as a geek/nerd. She uses the money that she earns from Tv Shows to produce multiple online shows that are completely free to watch, all dealing with geekiness. 3. Rosa Parks I figured I’d at least do one common inspirational person. I admire her because she stood up for what she believes in. By refusing to move on the bus that day, she became an important symbol of the Civil Rights Movement. Although I’m sure many white people would not list her as an inspiration, it doesn’t lessen the amount of courage it took for her to do what she did.

23: Only a Medium Suitcase(27) I can think of a few things I would take if I were leaving home and had only a medium suitcase to store my things in. Right off the bat I would take my computer’s hard drive and my phone. The reason for taking the phone is obvious, but I would take the hard drive because it contains many great memories and pictures that I wouldn’t want to lose. I’d take my wallet, of course. I guess if the suitcase is the only way of taking things, I’d have to take my dog (After cutting out a window for him). I’d also grab any photos of my family and friends that I have. Anything else I’d take would probably depend on the situation I’m transitioning into. If I’m fleeing my home because of some kind of threat, I’d probably take a survival kit or some kind of weapon.

24: The Perfect Present(28) There are multiple Intangible Gifts I could use, but I supposed the best one I could receive would be Confidence. This includes confidence in myself, as well as confidence in what I do. I’m always told by friends and teachers that I sell myself short, and I guess they are right. I’m always nervous about what I’m doing or what people think of me, the only time I can re-assure myself is to compare myself to someone else. As long as I know I’m doing better than what someone else can do, I’m confident in my work, but that’s only because I know it’s not the worst. Because of my lack in confidence, I also hardly take risks, which I understand are important for being successful. There are only a few things in life that I am confident about, and I feel like having more confidence would really allow me to be more successful in school and in life in general.

25: Memorable Event(29) Unfortunately, I can’t provide tangible evidence for this, as I no longer have the ticket. During my sophomore year (I think), I went to see John Mayer in concert. He was performing at the Verizon wireless amphitheatre, with Paramore as the opening act (What?). Despite being deafened by one of Paramore’s songs as we entered the theatre, it was still an amazing show. The crowd sang along with almost all of the songs, which was fun. His songs and funny intermissions between songs really made the show a blast. I had listened to John Mayer for a few years and loved his music, so seeing him in concert really completed the fan experience.

26: Are You Hungry?(32) It may sound kind of odd, but my favorite meal is probably Ramen Noodles. It’s delicious and versatile. While most people eat it for dinner, I’ve fixed some for breakfast and lunch as well. To cook it, all you need is a small pot, a bowl, and a stove. As for my favorite part of the meal, it’s probably the noodles, obviously.

27: Good Kind Friendly Tall I can sing I can draw Good with technology Trustworthy Artistic Funny | The Examined Life(33) | Bad Too Tall Unconfident Cynical Terrible hand-writing Sarcastic Uncreative Shy I accept more work than I can handle Boring

28: Annual Report(34) I am definitely better off than I was last year. I hardly put any effort into my work, only enough to make a high C or a B. This year, while I admit to slacking a bit, I have put much more effort into what I do. Not only have I put forth more effort, I have also begun hanging out with friend a lot more than I used to. I have also become more well known in school. I have multiple people (Who I had never met before) ask for help designing shirts and flyers. A year from now, I hope to be a successful college student.

29: Visually Speaking(36)

30: Advice to the Young(38) If you want to succeed in life and school, you need to put forth your best effort as early in life as you possibly can. As people often say: “No pain, no gain”, and that could not be more correct. While slacking and procrastination may provide short-term satisfaction, it will only hurt you in the long run. Remember to work hard, and do so consistently, because every time you slack, it adds up. You may not study a certain concept as much as you should, and as a consequence, you don’t understand a later concept. Or suppose you procrastinate when applying for colleges, and you end up applying too late for the college that you want to attend. Being lazy can cause all kinds of problems, which is why you should always be as productive as possible.

31: Who Am I?(39) I.T. Guy: I love computers, using them and experimenting with them. As a result, I’m pretty experienced when it comes to computer problems. Whenever my friends or family have problems with their computers, they come to me. Son: Everyone is either a son or a daughter, and I happen to be a son. I interact with my parents everyday: helping them with yard work, watching TV with them, or just talking. I play the role of son almost constantly. Even at school, I want to do well so that I can make them proud. Gamer: My friends know me as a gamer, and I usually use it to describe myself. When a new game is announced or I buy a new one, my gamer friends and I always talk about them, or challenge each other. Gamer is a role I usually play when I’m bored, or when I’m hanging out with friends. Artist: Drawing and Graphic Design are two of my favorite hobbies. I love drawing quick doodles, as well as spending hours on one piece. I play the role of Artist at home sometimes, and in art class. Student: I have been a student since kindergarten. I go to school nearly every weekday, and I learn (At least, I’m supposed to). Not only am I a student at school, I’m also a student at home, learning lessons and tips from my parents and siblings.

32: Valuable Lessons(41) (From most important to least important.) 1. Learning to Speak English – Pretty sure this is self explanatory. 2. Learning to Read – Reading is vital to learning other skills. 3. Learning to Write – Writing is an important form of communication, and is needed to progress through school. 4. Learning to do Math – Math is required in everyday life. 5. Learning to Operate a Computer – Computers simplify most tasks, as well as make seemingly-impossible tasks, possible. 6. Learning How to Drive – Driving is essential to get between places such as home and work. 7. Learning to Manage my Time – Managing my time wisely allows me to get more done. 8. Learning How to Design Digital Graphics – It is a great skill to have, it has helped me with many projects. 9. Learning How to Ride a Bike – Never really helped me in life. 10. Learning How to Write in Cursive – Besides my signature, I never use it.

33: Futures: Fantasy and Fact(42) If all of my dreams were to come true, I think I would be pretty well off in the future. I’d work as an I.T. consultant for an office. It would be near Gastonia so that I could visit my family. I would also run my own computer repair service on the side. Of course, If ALL of my dreams were to come true, I would win the lottery and I’d never have to work. If I were to continue on with the same mind set as I have now, I may not be as successful. I’ll probably have a rough time getting through it, but I’m sure I’d graduate from college with a degree in IT. I probably won’t apply myself enough to score a good job, but I’ll probably be able to get a job with Geek Squad. I consider myself a fairly realistic person, making it difficult for me to imagine my future if all of my dreams were to come true. While my dream life in 10 years is realistic, it will still require me to make a few adjustments to my attitude.

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