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Teens in the Holocaust

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S: Teens in the Holocaust By Cayla Corley P.3 5/10/09

FC: Teens in the Holocaust | By Cayla Corley Period 3 5/25/09

2: Im shoveling ashes by Cayla Corley When I was done, I walked back to the barracks, where I was given an under sized piece of bread. I wolfed it down and went , stiil starving, to my cold and uncomfortable bed. The next day I was shoveling away the ashes of the dead, when an officer came by and I saw. I saw a beautiful child, no higher than my thigh, who was screaming "NO please dont kill me! I dont want to die!" Then I saw what would be burned into my brian, The officer did something so insane, That even I cringed and felt the child's pian. He threw her into the furnace. I will never fordet the screams I heard, Nor the frantic clawing at the big heavy door, For what the officer had just committed, Has never been done before. Oh, what a cruel and inhuman way to silence a thirsty child.

4: factual background on teens in the holocaust... During the holocaust teens were forced to difficult tasks such as carrying haevy blocks of granite on thier backs, dig ditches for burying the dead prisoners, tend to the crematorium, walk with thier shoes off on a sharp and rocky raod, clean the sewage out of the bathrooms with thier hands, and other pointless tasks. The fences that surrounded the the campsites were barb-wired and most were electrically charged. They were given tattered rags to wear and wooden clogs. Thier hair was shaven off, mostly to make them feel like they had no pride, and some camps maid cloth from thier hair. A tattoo and, if they were Jewish, a star of David identified them. The teens were only fed 300 calories a day, and most died of starvation and diseases, like Dysentry and Tphus. When the camps were liberated some nurses found that the children had hidden thier food under thier mattresses because they thought the nurses would take it away. The prisonerswere so malnurished that they would eat grass, which is why the camps were mostly dirt. when the camps were liberated, nurses gave them lots of bread and slowy went from grains to meat. Before they were put in to camps, the families would try to hide in hopes that the germans wouldnt find them.

5: Mothers hid thier children in caves they dug themselves, in houses of Jewish helpers, in the lofts of barns, in attics and basements, and deep in the forests. But the germans would get out thier tracking dogs and find them. the dogs were vicious, and if you were found, the dog would probably attack before the officers could pull them off. When Jews were moved from one camp to another, they went on "Death Marches" that lasted for days at a time without food or water. If you collapsed, you were beaten untill you got up, and if you didnt, you were shot and left where you lay. Some people were carried in cattle cars, which were filthy and smelled like death.it was so crowded that you had to stand up. most people didnt sit anyway because of the urine and feces on the floor.

12: My reflection on the holocaust... The things i have learned from the holocaust have forever changed my mind about thinking that humans were even capable of doing such things. I had no idea that someone could live with the guilt of killing thousands of people just because they were Jews. I feel so sad for all the innocent children who were grabbed by an arm and a leg and just thrown ALIVE into the crematorium ovens. I also feel mad at the germans who had no clue that the holocaust was underway. I mean, how can you not see the smoke and cattle cars full of walking skeletons?They were basically walking around doing everyday things while a giant murderous crime was gonig on a few miles away. I feel very sorry for all the prisoners who were expirimented and tortured.I learned that officers would try to freeze people to see how long they would suvive and then they tried to get the bodies to a warmer temperature.

13: Some prisoners survived, but they were killed anyway to cover up the evidence of torture. Other expiriments were conducted, and most of them were pointless. Another thing i learned is that the officers would try to scare the prisoners into working harder by just randomly shooting prisoners and hanging "dogs" as an example of the punishment they would recieve. The "dogs" were prisoners and were called that because of the dog tags they wore to identify them. The officers would also beat the children and wemon for no real reason. A surviver of the holocaust said that a woman had collapsed right next to her, and she spotted a piece of bread in her hand. With out thinking, she picked it up and started to eat it. An officer came by and saw what she was doing and he beat her with a whip until she was done. That poor girl sat there through the pain just so she could have a tiny crumb of bread. I now hate the SS and the officers who killed thousands of prisoners a day just because they looked different or had a different religion.

14: Works Cited Kluger,Ruth. " Still alive, a holocaust girlhood remembered" New York, NY: The feminist Press, 2001 Leapman, Micheal. " Liberation:Teens in the holocaust and the teen soldiers who liberated them." New York city, NY: The Penguin Group,1998 Menszer, John "Holocaust Survivors" 1999-2009 "Photos:majdanek Death Camp Gas Chambers" the Florida center for instructional technology, copyright 2005

15: The End...

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