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Texas A-Z

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FC: Texas ain't Texas without Music | By Natalia Nassour and Emma McCornack

1: Table of Contents | A- Austin City Limits- pg 4 B- The Backyard- pg 5 C- Big Country- pg 6 D- Duck Soup- pg 7 E- Emo's Music Venue- pg 8 F- Pecan Street Festival- pg 9 G- Good Texan- pg 10 H- The Harmony Theory- pg 11 I- I Like Texas- pg 12 J- Jessica Simpson- pg 13 K- Beyonce Knowles- pg 14 L- Lollapalooza- pg 15 M- Texan Man- pg 16 N- The Nocturnal Festival- pg 17 O- Texas Oil- pg 18 P- Pachanga Latino Festival- pg 19 Q- Quihi Gun Club- pg 20 R- Bruce Robison- pg 21 S- B.W. Stevenson- pg 22 T- Thats Right (You're not from Texas)- pg 23 U- Uptown Marble Theater- pg 24 V- Vince Vance Band- pg 25 W- The Wagoneers- pg 26 X- The X-Rated Presents- pg 27 Y- Yoga's Cafe and Bar- pg 28 Z- Z and the Party Faktory- pg 29 Citations- pgs. 30 and 31 About the Authors- pgs. 32 and 33 | Purple= songs Blue= Solo artists Green= Bands Orange= Music venues Red= Music Festivals | Key:

4: Austin City Limits | Austin City Limits (ACL) is an annual music festival that takes place in Austin, Texas. ACL takes place at Zilker Park, one of Austin's many signature sites. Many national bands, as well as local bands, perform on one of the eight stages set up. The festival occurs in the fall (usually September/October) over a three-day period. Several bands and solo artists have performed at ACL such as Willie Nelson and The Eagles. | Austin City Limits stage with a huge crowd!

5: The Backyard | The Backyard (TBY) is a Venue located in Austin, Texas on 13742 Bee Caves Road off Highway 620. It was originally opened in Austin, Texas in 1993. TBY is known across the U.S. for its music and food. The Backyard, at its new location, is trying to keep the atmosphere clean, they use green products and show Austin how to conserve while having fun. You can visit their website for more info at | The Backyard entrance

6: "Big Country" | Big Country is a classical song by Bela Fleck. Bela Fleck is an amazing, very well-known banjo player who was born and raised in New York City. Bela Fleck also has a band, Bela Fleck and the Fleckstones. Bela Fleck and the Fleckstones is the specific band or group that performs "Big Country." "Big Country" is a beautiful, smooth classical song with touches of bluegrass from the banjo. | Bela Fleck's album cover

7: Duck Soup | Duck Soup is a band from Austin, Texas that is known across the state for their wonderful sound. Since being established in 1955, Duck Soup has had many band members come and go, after all, it has been around for almost 26 years. Sam Irwin, the lead singer, is the former lead singer from the band Sixpentz, from Houston. Other members include Kevin Conway, drummer, Kyle Brock, Bass Guitar, Daryl Buckner, lead Guitar, Scott Benner, Saxaphone, and many more. To learn more, visit their website: | The Duck Soup Logo

8: Emo's | Emo's is a music venue located in Austin, Texas. Emo's is located just off 6th Street and Red River, a big hot spot in Austin. Emo's has two stages; one indoors and one outdoors. All live music shows are for all ages, unless otherwise noted. For more information about this awesome live music venue, visit their website at | The entrance at Emo's

9: Pecan Street Festival | The Pecan Street Festival is located on 6th Street in Austin, Texas and has been around for more than 33 years. One interesting thing about the festival is how all the profits go to multiple organizations or charities. This festival happens twice a year, in the fall and spring. When you arrive, you will find arts & crafts to do, little kiosks to shop at, and music to listen to. The Pecan Festival sticks to tradition by selecting upcoming musicians from the heart of Texas to perform and entertain. | The Swamp Romp performing at the Pecan Street Festival

10: "Good Texan" | "Good Texan" is a blues song by The Vaughan Brothers. The Vaughan Brothers consist of Jimmie Vaughan and Stevie Ray Vaughan. Both of the brothers were born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Stevie and Jimmie both started playing guitar, which is highly represented in the song, at a young age. Jimmie Vaughan is still living today, and Stevie Ray Vaughan passed away in 1990. "Good Texan" was also number 19 on the Top 40 list in 2003 in The Austin Chronicle. | The Vaughan Brothers

11: The Harmony Theory | The Harmony Theory is a rock influenced jazz band. The band members include Chris Alexander (Acoustic Guitar), Allen Boden (Bass Guitar), Charlie Fountain (drums and percussion), Ben Thompson (Guitars), and Darrel Commander (Piano and Keyboards). They work with McFarland Records, with their agent, Matt Welch. They are a Texas band that tours country-wide, but they love playing in their hometown most. | The Harmony Theory Logo

12: "I Like Texas" | "I Like Texas" is a bluegrass song by Pat Green. Pat Green was born in San Antonio, Texas and was raised in Waco, Texas. Although offered the opportunity to move to Nashville and possibly hit it big, Pat Green decided to stay in his favorite state, Texas. Pat Green loves country music, especially Robert Earl Keen, and describes it to be much better than other stuff on the radio. He describes it as "they just painted a better picture with deeper colors."

13: Jessica Simpson | Jessica Simpson was born on July 10th, 1980 in Texas. She was raised in Dallas, the oldest of 2 other girls. Jessica was always a singer. She sang in her church choir, and even tried out for The Mickey Mouse Club, but didn't make it. Jessica was soon offered a recording contract with a Christian music industry, but the album fell through. She eventually dropped out of high school her senior year to focus on her music career. Soon, Jessica had a record deal and released her firs album in 1999, when she was 19. | Jessica Simpson performing one of her songs.

14: Beyonce Knowles | Beyonce Knowles is an extremely well-known pop artist from Houston, Texas. By the age of twenty-one, Beyonce became world-famous not only in singong, but also in acting. Beyonce was first part of the R&B group, Destiny's Child, but then began her successful solo career in 2003. Knowles has received many awards such as the MTV Video Music Award and a Grammy Award. Beyonce was also named Woman of the Year by Billboard, an American-music magazine. | Beyonce Knowles

15: Lollapalooza | Lallapalooza is an annual festival that occurs in Austin, Texas and can be seen in Dallas, Texas. This festival features heavy metal, /hip hop, alternative rock, and punk rock. When you go to the event, you will listen to live music, do some crafts, Eat awesome food, and jam out with your friends. Visit their website for ticket buying, questions, or comments! | Lollapalooza Poster, 2003

16: "Texas Man" | "Texas Man" is a blues song sung by Lloyd Glenn & His Joymakers. Lloyd Glenn is a talented pianist and musical arranger. Lloyd Glenn was born in San Antonio, Texas and grew up listening to ragtime, blues, and boogie woogie. Between 1932 and 1934 Glenn played with the local band of Boots and His Buddies. One of his songs, "Chica Boo", became a chart topper in 1951. | Lloyd Glenn's record cover

17: Nocturnal Festival | The Nocturnal Festival is presented by Insomniac Events. It is located on Apache Pass, which is located 5.8 miles East of Thorndale, Texas. The Festival start at 2 am, so you better be awake! Despite the fun times at the festival, there are many required rules and regulations such as "no big bags, backpacks, or purses over 10"x10". These rules upset crowds, but they say it is worth it. For more info, visit | The Nocturnal Festival, 2011

18: "Texas Oil" is a R&B/Soul song written by Freddie King. Freddie King was born in Gilmer, Texas in 1934. King picked cotton for a while until he earned enough money to buy his most wanted guitar, an acoustic Roy Rogers guitar. In 1949 he just finished high school when his family moved to Chicago. Freddie King listened to music, he would sneak in to clubs, and other wild things to listen to music. Freddie King lived a full life, dying in 1976. | "Texas Oil" | Freddie King

19: The Pachanga Music Festival | The Pachanga Festival takes place at Fiesta Gardens, in Texas, on the shores of Lady Bird Lake in East Austin. The festival is a place where you can eat great Mexican food, play in the lake, socialize, and listen to great music. The Latino festival also holds a small festival that is kid-friendly, called the "Nino Festival". One thing that people love about the festival is children 12 and under are let in free with a ticketed adult, no worries on spending tons of money! For more info, visit their website, | The 2010 poster for the Pachanga festival

20: Quihi Gun Club | The Quihi Gun Club is a music venue located in Quihi, Texas. Quihi, Texas is located just nine miles northeast of Hondo. Two German men founded the club and named it the Quihi Schuetzen (shooting) Verein (club) in 1890. It is now called the Quihi Gun Club and is one of the oldest clubs in the country. Dances are still held every second and fourth Saturday of the month! The club is also open for children and those who are 10 and under pay no cost for admission. | Quihi Gun Club

21: Bruce Robison | Bruce Robison is a well-known Texas singer-songwriter who grew up in Austin, Texas. He issued his first self-titled LP in 1995. If you're a Texan, you've heard about Bruce. Bruce and his wife, who is also a country singer, Kelly Willis, often duet together and have done many albums together. Bruce does more concerts and performances than Kelly, as she is focusing on raising their 4 children. Coach Kee, the best Texas History teacher in Texas (check out his website at, has both Kelly and Bruce's autograph in his classroom thanks to a great student named Emma. | Bruce Robison | Kelly and Bruce performing in a concert

22: BW Stevenson | BW Stevenson was born in Dallas, Texas. Stevenson is best remembered for his 1973 famous song "My Maria." Stevenson's first name is actually Lewis, but the "BW" supposedly stands for Buckwheat. BW Stevenson joined the U.S. Air force while he was in college. upon returning from duty, Stevenson settled in the Austin area, where he soon started playing music for clubs. BW Stevenson died at the age of 38 in April 1988. | B.W. Stevenson

23: "That's Right (You're not from Texas" | "That's Right (You're not from Texas)" was written by Texas native, Lyle Lovett. Lyle was born 1957 in Klein, Texas. He grew up on a horse ranch named after his grandfather. The ranch is where his song writing began. Soon, his songs became legendary. Lovett's degrees in both German and Journalism helped him write such touching and fluent songs. Five singles from his first album were already climbing the charts once Lyle was a country superstar. Lovett is still living, loved, and played constantly through the years. | One of Lyle Lovett's albums, Road to Ensenada

24: Uptown Marble Theater | The Uptown Marble Theater is a music venue located in Marble Falls, Texas. The Uptown Marble Theater was opened in 1942 as a movie house. It later became a live entertainment venue in October 2004. Any genre of music is played here along with comedy shows and even beauty pageants. The theater can seat about 250-280 people. | Uptown Marble Theater

25: The Vince Vance and the Valiants | Vince Vance, the founder of Vince Vance and the Valiants, is known Texas-wide for the amazing, exciting, and surprising shows he puts on at his concerts for his fans. Once you see this band in concert, you will definitely not forget the experience. The band performs music from the rockin' 50's to the poppin' 90's that everyone enjoys. Vince's hair is one major attraction that bring the crowds to the auditorium. | Vince Vance and the Valiants

26: The Wagoneers | The Wagoneers are a "genuine honky-tonk" country band from Austin, Texas. The band was originally put together in 1986, but broke apart to explore different music. They were separated for about 20 years. However, the band is currently back making music together. In March 2011, The Wagoneers were asked to perform at the Austin Music Awards show at South by Southwest. | The Wagoneers

27: The X-Rated Presents | The X-Rated Presents are one of the big up and coming bands in Austin, Texas. Their first album is called "Step on Me" and includes songs that are becoming more and more popular and listened to Texas-wide. Some say that they provide a new and improved sound for Texas, performing their own songs that are not country, as expected as Texas bands, but punk and rock. | The X-Rated Presents

28: Yaga's Cafe and Bar | Yaga's Cafe and Bar is a music venue located in Galveston, Texas. Yaga's Cafe has their own genre of food: "mo' bettah food" and Galveston beachy vibes. Yaga's Cafe has an outdoor patio available for live music and entertainment. One upcoming bands that will be playing is The Brandon McDermott Band & John Evans Band. Yaga's Cafe and Bar is very tropical themed and definitely a summer getaway! | Yaga's Cafe and Bar

29: Z and the Faktory | Z and the Party Faktory is a band originally from Birmingham, Alabama, but perform lots in Texas. Z, the lead singer, is known for putting on an impressive show. The band members include: Charlz (Bass Guitar), Sweetness (Female Vocals), Teddy Bear (Drums), Lightening (Guitar), WT (Keyboard). The band always gets positive feedback from their customers, and are willing to travel 3,000 miles outside of Birmingham to reach you! | Z from Z and the Party Faktory

30: Works Cited |


32: Emma McCornack | Emma Roselle McCornack was born on April 7th, 1998 to her parents, Jamie and David McCornack. She lives in Austin, Texas in Westlake Hills and attends Hill Country Middle School. She is now the oldest of six kids and goes to Martha's Vineyard, her favorite place in the entire world, every year. In her free time, Emma enjoys dancing Ballet at Ballet Austin Academy, reading, writing, and spending time with her friends. She would like to thank Coach Kee, her Texas History teacher, for being a great teacher throughout the year. Thanks Coach!

33: Natalia Nassour | Natalia Lilly Nassour was born on November 10th, 1997 to her parents Dina and Jimmy. She lives in Austin, Texas and attends Hill Country Middle School. she is the oldest of 4 children who attend Cedar Creek Elementary and ParkSide Community School. Natalia's favorite place to be is her beach house in Rockport, Texas. She goes there often. In her free time Natalia likes to hang with friends, horse back ride, and hang with the family. She would like to dedicate this book to the best Texas History Teacher in the world, Coach Kee. Thanks!

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