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Texas Adventure A-Z (By Katie Kenney and Julia Lyssy)

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FC: A-Z Texas Adventure

1: A-Z Texas Adventure By: Katie Kenney & Julia Lyssy

3: Table of Contents | 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. | Amarillo Botanical Gardens Big Bend National Park Chisos Mountains Dallas Zoo Enchanted Rock Fort Stockton Georgetown canerns Harden Simion Universites Inks lake Jasper Kilgor Jr. collage Lake LBJ Moody gardens Moody Gardens Cont. NASA On the Brazos Washington Pedernales River Quitman lake Rockport San Jacinto community collage TCU USS Lexington museum VIVA Woodlands Xit ranch Ydakum Zilker park Map Citations Citations Citations

4: Amarillo Botanical Gardens | Recreation | The Amarillo Botanical Gardens is a museum with living exhibitions. The gardens include indoor and outdoor exhibits. Including plants, flowers, some animals, and exhibits that you can even touch and or smell. One exhibit called that Mary Bivins Tropical Conservatory has over 6,000 square feet filled with gorgeous flowers. The Gardens are fun and educational trip. You can find them all in Amarillo, Texas.

5: Big Bend National Park | Landform | The Big Bend National Park includes more than 80,000 acres of land. The Rio Grande covers more than 1,00 miles of the park also holds the boundary between Mexico and the U.S. The parks weather is hot during the summer (consisting of weather over 100 degrees) and mildly cold during the winter, the park has a wide variety of plants and animal habitats. This wonderful place is located in Alpine, Texas.

6: Chisos Mountains | The Chisos mountains are part of the Big Bend National Park. A 7 mile road goes up into the Mountain for the ground. At the top of the mountains the high summer temperature rarely go over 90 degrees. Tourists can also stay in the Mountains at a hotel called the Chisos Mountains Lodge. Tourist that have stayed that say that some rooms have the best view of Texas. At the top of the mountains includes places to eat, sleep, places to go hiking. The mountains are also located in Alpine, Texas. | Landform

7: Dallas Zoo | The Dallas Zoo is the biggest and longest zoo in Southwest Texas. Located in Dallas Texas. The zoo was opened in 1888 and add 15 new or redone habits in 2005. Including the 11 acre habitat for elephants, giraffes, zebras and much more. The zoo is getting closer and closer to becoming one of the world's best zoos. There are even places where people can walk along pretty trails or places for kids to cool down and play in beautiful streams. | Recreation

8: Enchanted Rock | Landform | Enchanted Rock is located just north of Fredericksburg, Texas. The rock has been visited by humans for over 11,000 years. The rock rises about 425 feet in the air and is about 1,825 feet above sea level. The rock looks like a pinkish brownish giant dome; made of granite and other rock. Visitors can enjoy many different activities as in hiking, camping, bird watching, rock climbing and more.

9: Fort Stockton | Historical Importance | Fort Stockton is located in far west Texas; near Odessa and Midland. Back in 1858, Fort Stockton was a military camp left by the military in the Civil War; also know as Camp Stockton. In 1867 is was re-opened as Fort Stockton and has been a big part of west Texas ever since. Now visitors can go to the museum after visiting the historical Fort Stockton. The museum is voted one of the best museums in the city of Fort Stockton.

10: Georgetown Caverns | Landform | The Georgetown caverns are located in Georgetown Texas; just north of Austin Texas. The caverns are over 100,000 years old. Inside the caverns the temperature stays about 70 degrees throughout the whole year. The caverns were found in 1963 by a highway work thought while the were drilling through the ground. Inside, the caverns include pre-historical fossils and magical formations of rock. The Georgetown Caverns is a wonderful and educational place to go with friends and family.

11: Hardin-Simmions University | University | Hardens Simmions University is a private collage located in Abilene, Texas; west of Fort Worth Texas. The university was originally Abilene Baptist College made by pastors and cowboys in 1891. In 1892 the collage was renamed to Simmions Collage after James B. Simmons honoring him for being an early contributer. In 1925 to 1934 it went from being Simmions University to Hardin-Simmions University; Hardin from Mary and John G. Hardin who were also big contributers. The University's school colors are purple and gold. Their school motto is "An Education Enlightened by Faith."

12: Inks Lake | Water | Inks Lake is in Brunet, Texas. Inks lake is a reservoir, or an artificial lake used to store waters, from the Colorado river. The lake was named after Roy B. Inks; a former board member of Lower Colorado River Authority. The lake is also called a fishing lake because different species of fish were put in their purposely for recreational fishing. The some of those fish are white bass, catfish and largemouth bass. It includes different facilities for activities like fishing, camping, swimming, golf, and boat access.

13: Jasper | City | Jasper Texas was settled in 1824 by John Bevil. By 1830 the city had only 30 families living in it. In 1835 it was renamed after William Jasper a man who died while trying to put the American coloring down during the storming of the Savannah. Jasper is only located 130 miles away from Houston, Texas. The populations consists of 8,247 recored taken in 2000. Over a thousand people go to the Sam Rayburn Reservoir which is just 9 miles north of Jasper. The lake is one of the largest lakes in the United States and many people stay in Jasper to go to a nice cool lake.

14: Kilgore Jr. College | University | Kilgore Jr. College is a community college located in Kilgore, Texas; in the eastern part of Texas. It made the list of the top 10 best community colleges in the United States. Kilgore was the only community college in Texas to make that list. In 1935 Kilgore opened with only 235 students and 11 faculty members. The college provides in many different fields including cosmetology, nursing, law enforcement, manufacturing technology, and many more. Also the college offers a very good athletic program for those interested. These are some reasons why Kilgore is a great community college or the East part of Texas.

15: Lake LBJ | Water | Lake LBJ is in Austin, Texas. Lake LbJ, named after in honor of President Lyndon B. Johnson, is great for many different reason. First, it's not ever over crowed plus it's great place to go out with your family. Next, the water is over 21 miles long perfect for many different water activities like water skiing, wake boarding, tubing, boating, sailing or just swimming. It's also a great place to buy a lake house; people from all over Texas come to buy property on the lake. Lake LBJ is also part of the Highland Lake chains of seven different lakes going northwest for over 85 miles. Many people also like to bring there RVs and stay near the like at one of the RV parks right by the water. This lake is a great places to bring your friends and family because it is so big and beautiful.

16: Moody Gardens Recreation The Moody Gardens are located in Galveston, Texas. The gardens has a variety of pyramids that have different types of educational habitats. Some of the different pyramids and rooms include, Rain Forest Pyramid, Aquarium Pyramid, Garden lobby, and more. It also has some beaches like the Palm beach three acres of freshwater and white sand beaches with palm trees. In the center of the Moody Gardens is a 10-story, 40,000 square-foot glass pyramid holds the Rain forest pyramid. Inside the rain forest pyramid has rain forests, wetlands, and many different wildlife. But that's only one place go to the moody gardens and enjoy and exciting and relaxing trip.

18: NASA Historical Importance | NASA is located in Huston Texas. It stands for National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA is important to Texas because it it were space study and rock blast offs take place. It's also a great torest attraction. At NASA they study everything about space and even send people into space.

19: On the Brazos Washington Historical Importance | Washington on the Brazos is located on the Brazos River. It is where the Convention of 1836 signed Texas' Declaration of Independence from Mexico. It is 293 acre piece of land that includes replicas of Independent hall, Star of the Rupublic Museum, and Barrington Living history farm. It is a great Historical Site.

20: Pedernales River and State Park Water | Pedernales River is in the hill Country of central Texas. It runs through pedernales state park, and is apart of a beutiful waterfall. At the state park you can hike camp fish, and swim in some parts. People from all over go to it.The river dumps into Lake Travis.

21: Quitman lake Water Quitman Lake on Dry Creek. It is a tributary of the Sabine River, in Wood County 5 miles north of Quitman. It is most known for it's great fishing. Common fish species include large mouth bass, bluegill and redear sunfish. On the lake you can camp hunt and fish.

22: Rockport City | Rockport is on the cost of Texas, near Port Aransis. It has lots of year round recreational activity's such as neighborhood parks with trails, lakes, boat ramps and pavilions. In Rockport, there is something called the blue wave, witch is a park with picnic sites, children play areas, swimming, fishing, public boat ramp and is a bird sanctuary. The park is Americas first environmental certification for beaches.

23: San Jacinto College Universities | San Jacinto collage is a collage in Huston Texas. At San Jacinto Collage they offer student organizations, arts, championship athletics, and special academic opportunities, including an Honors Program. San Jacinto collage is also very affordable. Scholarships and financial aid are available yearlong. They also partner closely with universities across Texas to provide a clear path for transfer students. There is also over 140 degree and certificate options.

24: T.C.U Universities | TCU is a University in Fort Worth Texas. TCU stands for Texas Christian University. It is a campus that is friendly and diverse. You can choose from 100 undergraduate areas of study, and participate in many different electives and programs.

25: USS Lexington Museum Historical Importance | USS Lexington Museum is on the Corpus Christi Bay. It is a Museum on the water, that was built in World War II and is a former aircraft carrier from WWII. The USS Lexington Museum is also known as "Lady Lex". In 1991 it was retired into a museum, and now it is a very popular tourist attraction.

26: VIVA! Recreation | VIVA! is located in El Paso Texas. It is a outdoor drama that captures the cultures and heritage of the south west. It's become one of the oldest live performance venues in the city. It is also a summer tradition for El Paso. Most of the people in VIVA! have been in it before.

27: Woodlands City | The Woodlands are in east Texas, right near the Huston airport. In the woodland, there are many different parks, and areas. There is a town center and many other outdoors things to do. At the Woodlands, there are homes, trails, shops, and places of worship.

28: Xit Ranch Landform | Xit ranch is in Dalhart Texas. Xit Ranch was the world's largest ranch under fence in 1880s. It is 3,050,000 acres long. Over the years Xit ranch has been divided into ranches that different people own. Each one is about 100,000 acres or more.

29: Yoakum City | The city of Yoakum is in south east Texas. The population is 5,731. In its early years it Anglo-Americans used the site for gathering herds of Texas longhorns. The Country Music U.S.A. started as a fundraiser in 1997, now it is a very successful music review and has earned many awards. The Carl and Mary Welhausen library is a very famous and historical Texas Landmark in Yoakum because the the building once housed the municipal power plant.

30: Zilker Park Recreation | Zilker Park is in downtown Austin Texas. It is 350 acres. There are picnic tables, bike paths, running trails, gardens and more. ACL is also hosted at Zilker Park every year. During the holiday season, There is a HUGE Christmas tree made of lights that they put up and many people come to take pictures and to see the tree.

31: N | Y | S | Z, L | P | O | T | Q | U | R | W | X | V | Landform University City Recreation Historical Importance Water | A | B,C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | M

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35: THE END!!!

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