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Texas In The Alphabet

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FC: Texas In The Alphabet

1: Texas In The Alphabet By: Kate Pellman

2: Table of Contents | 3- Austin Zoo 4- Baylor University 5- Fort Croghan Muesam 6- Davis Mountains 7-Enchanted Rock 8- Fort Mckavett State Historic Park 9- Gladys Porter zoo 10- Hawkins Lake 11- Inks Lake 12- Jacksonville 13- Kickapoo Lake 14- Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site 15- Masonic Lodge Building 16- Neches River 17- Odessa 18- Edwards Plateau 19- Quitman Lake 20-Rice University 21- Sand Hills Sand Dunes 22- Texas Tech 23- University Of Texas 24- Victoria 25- Waco 26- BAr Ranch 27- York Town 29- Zilker Park

3: Austin Zoo | recreational | The Austin Zoo is located in the capital of Texas, Austin. The Austin Zoo has 300 types of animals across more than 100 different species. It also visited by almost 1000 people each year. It is not only a zoo but a sanctuary rescuing animals and helping the Austin community. The mission of the Austin Zoo is to help animals in need of rescue, rehabilitation, and education. The Austin Zoo first started off as goat ranch but slowly over the years it turned into a popular zoo.

4: Baylor University | university | Baylor is located in Waco Texas, about 100 miles from Austin. Baylor consistently ranks in the top 100 doctoral-granting universities in America. Baylor has more that 14,000 students working towards degrees in more than 151 different areas. Students also interact with full time faculty from their first day on campus. Baylor has a very active community of faith, and most students are part of the Christian Community of Faith. Also, most students and faculty do about 150,000 hours of local community service.

5: Fort Croghan Museum | historical importance | Fort Croghan Museum is an important part of Texas history. After the annexation of Texas to the United States in the 1840's the federal government became responsible for the protection of the frontier settlers from Indian raids. Several companies of the Texas Rangers were stationed along the frontier. The site also included a hospital to help the settlers. The site became a federal fort named Fort Croghan, in honor of Col. George Croghan. The Federal Government abandoned Fort Croghan in December 1853 when they thought the population could protect itself from the Indians.

6: Davis Mountains | landform | The Davis Mountains are located in the heart of the "Trans-Pecos". The Davis Mountains have been suffering a prolonged and severe drought for the past eight years. It is also 2078.9 acres in size. The mountains were formed by volcanic activity during the teritary geologic period. They were named after Jefferson Davis, the US Secretary of War and later President of the Confederacy. The Davis Mountains are also the most extensive mountain range in Texas.

7: Enchanted Rock | landform | Enchanted Rock Area is 1643.5 acres on Big Sandy Creek, north of Fredericksberg. It was designated a national natural landmark in 1970. The rock is a pink granite exfoliation dome. Tonkawa Indians believed that ghost fires flickered at the top of the rock but scientist found out that it had to do with the heat of the rock. Visitors can enjoy camping, climbing, biking, and lots of other stuff. Enchanted Rock also includes not only nature items, but Indian artifacts.

8: Fort Mckavett State Historic Park | Fort Mckavett overlooks the spring-fed waters of San Saba River in Texas' scenic Hill Country. The site is a natural setting for a frontier post that was established, in part, to help guard the upper San Antonio-El Paso road. The troops from Fort Mckavette also participated in several major Indian campaigns such as the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon during the Red River War in 1874. Spanish missionaries arrived at Fort Mckavett in the 1750s and then the U.S. Army in 1852. Fort Mckavett is one of the best preserved and most intact examples of a Texas Indian Wars military post. | historical importance

9: Gladys Porter Zoo | Gladys Porter Zoo is located in Brownsville Texas. An average of 375,000 people usually attend the zoo each year. The zoo is dedicated to the preservation of nature through education, conservation and research. Gladys Porter Zoo has many types of animals from all over the world. The zoo does not only have animals but they have a botanical garden that you can walk through. There are also many other things at the zoo to help people understand nature such as an education center. | Recreational

10: Hawkins Lake | Hawkins Lake is located in Tyler Texas. Hawkins Lake is a tributary of the Sabine River. The main fish you can find at Hawkins Lake are the large mouth bass, sunfish, and the chain pickerel. Native floating aquatic plants are most abundent in Hawkins Lake. The surface area of the lake is 633 acres with a maximum depth of 30 feet. | Water

11: Inks Lake | Inks Lake is located in Burnet, Texas which is close to Camp Longhorn. There are many things to do in the lake such as SCUBA dive, boating, and many more. The wildlife includes white-tailed deer, wild turkeys, and various lizards and snakes. Some of the fish in the lake include the guadalupe bass and the White crappie. Inks Lake is 803 acres long and has many areas for camping. | Water

12: Jacksonville | Jacksonville is a city near the city of Tyler. In the 2000 consensus the population was 13,868. Lake Jacksonville is located near Jacksonville and is a place to have lots of fun. There are two private junior colleges in Jacksonville, Lon Morris College and Jacksonville College. The public library, not just being a library, is also a vanishing Texan Museum. | city

13: Kickapoo Lake | Kickapoo Lake is located 12 miles northwest of Archer City. The lake is man-made and covers almost 6,200 acres.. It was named after Kickapoo after the Kickapoo Indians and Kickapoo creek. The lake also serves as a municipal water source for Withchia Falls that is 32 miles to the northeast. | water

14: Lydon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site | Lydon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Park is located in Gillespie County. The park is historically significant because it is in the heart of the former president's home country. At the park you can do activities such as historical study, picnicing, and many many more. The wildlife includes buffalo, white-tailed deer, and longhorns. The history of the culture has an impact on the park and the community around it | historical importance

15: Masonic Lodge Building | There are many different Masonic Lodge Buildings all over Texas. One pacific lodge is is Goliad Texas, which is 93 miles from San Antonio. The site at Goliad was inhabited by Indians prior to the Spanish establishing a fort in 1749. Both the mission and the fort were originally founded in 1722 on what is presently Lavaca Bay. Later in history, the Masonic Lodge Building was in the "Cart Wars" a series of ugly events in Texas history. | historical importance

16: Neches River | The Neches River is located in east Texas. The Neches River dumps almost 6,000,000 acre-feet of water into the Gulf of Mexico. It has a steep, muddy, and heavily wooded banks that make egress difficult to impossible in many areas. Logjams can be present along the river causing the water to dam up. Also the fish that are most popular along the river are catfish and the largemouth bass. | water

17: Odessa | Odessa is near its sister town, Midland. The population in 2009 was 100,807. The median age for Odessa is 32 years old. The most popular race in Odessa is Hispanic. Each year Odessa gets about 3 inches of rain at the most and half an inch at least each year. There are only a few universities in Odessa , some of them are The University of Texas at Permain Bay and Odessa College. Odessa is also located under the Panhandle. | city

18: Edward's Plateau | Edward's Plateau is an uplifted and elevated region originally formed from marine deposits of sandstone, limestone, and shales from when that area was covered with water. There is a lot of wildlife around the area such as white-tailed deer, buffalo, and many more. Cedar trees are also very popular around the area too. Drought is a common occurrence in this region and periodical will disturb the wildlife greatly. Also the western part of this region is in the hill country and has eroded deeply. Fire is also present from time to time because of the droughts. | landform

19: Quitman Lake | Quitman Lake is five miles north of the city Quitman. The lake is also a tributary of the Sabine River. The surface are of the lake is 814 acres and has a maximum depth of 25 feet. The fish you are most likely going to find at the lake is the largemouth bass. There are other fish in the lake such as the crappie but they are just not as common. Also the aquatic vegetation is limited at Quitman Lake so you may not find too much of it at the lake. | water

20: Rice University | Rice University is located in Houston Texas. At Rice there are 3,485 undergraduate students and 2,275 graduate students. Forty-nine percent of the students are from Texas, thirty-two percent are from somewhere else in the United States, and eighteen percent are from other countries. Also, seventy-two percent of the students accepted were in the top five percent in their high school.. There is a lot of one on one time with faculty to help the students understand there coursework better. | university

21: Sand Hills Sand Dunes | The Sand Hills are about a 30 minute drive from Odessa. They consist of 3840 acres and some of the dunes can get up to 70 feet tall. Some of the activities at the Sand Hills are picnicking, sledding down the dunes, watching wildlife, and many many more. Also, more than 400 years ago, Spanish explorers were the first to find the Hills of Sand. Some of the wildlife includes mule deer, the gray fox, opossums, coyote, bobcats, porcupine, and many more. | landform

22: Texas Tech | Texas Tech is located in Lubbock, Texas. Texas Tech was founded in 1923. Their sports teams are called The Red Raiders. In the fall of 2010 there were 31,637 student that went to Texas Tech. The school colors are scarlet and black, and their alma mater is the Matador Song. Texas Tech also has 11 different colleges so students have a variety to chose from. | university

23: University of Texas | The University of Texas is located in the Capitol of Texas, Austin. Their school mascot is Bevo the Longhorn. UT was founded in 1883 and is one of the largest and most respected Universities in the nation. There are about 51,000 thousand students each year. The University's colors are burnt orange and white. Also, there are 17 different colleges for the students to chose from. | university

24: Victoria | city | Victoria is a city north of the city Bloomington, Texas. The population of the city in July 2009 was 63,147. The median age of Victoria is 33 years old. The most popular race in Victoria is Hispanic. The Victoria-area historical tornado activity is below the Texan average. The most recent tornado was in 1968, it was a category 3 and caused two people to get injured.

25: Waco | city | Waco is a city in Texas that is in between Dallas and Austin. Waco was founded in 1849. Waco is also alongside the Brazos River. The most popular college in Waco is Baylor. Also ,Waco was named after the Huaco Indians. They were the first to inhabit the area.

26: X Bar Ranch | X Bar Ranch is is located near Eldorado and Sonora. X Bar Ranch is a natural retreat that is great for weekend getaways, family reunions, and weddings. At X Bar Ranch you can bike ride, hike, look at the stars, and many more things. You can camp with your own tent, use a cabin, or rent the whole ranch for bigger occasions. Trip Advisor rates X Bar Ranch four and a half out of five stars. | recreational

27: Yorktown | city | Yorktown is near San Antonio and Austin. Yorktown was founded in 1848 by Captain John York and Charles Eckhardt. People say that Yorktown is a rural area with charm and a strong historical perspective. Yorktown has many community activities such as Fools Folly Festival and the 5k Fun Run. Yorktown is also recognized for its annual Wester Days-Ziegfest.

28: Zilker Park | recreational | Zilker Park is located in the capitol of Texas, Austin. Zilker Park is home to many festivals such as ACL and theKite Festival. Zilker is not only a park but has a botanical garden and the Barton Spring Pool. Zilker Park also has activities for kids such as the train and a playground.

29: Historical importance | recreational | water | landform | city | A | university | B | C | D | E | F | G | H | I | J | K | L | M | N | O | P | Q | R | S | T | U | V | W | X | Y | Z

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