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The 3 Branches of Government

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FC: The Three Branches of United States Governement

1: Welcome to my mixbook project!! This book is an example of what students might make while following the directions in my lesson plan found at the end of this mixbook. After creating their mixbook, students can share them with friends and family online or have one made for lasting memories. It also allows students and teachers to show their work in exciting and creative ways. Chelsea Unzicker

2: A Little Background Information

3: The Founding Fathers of America wanted to form a government that did not allow one person too much authority or control. While ruled by the British king they learned that this could be a bad system. Yet the government under the Articles of Confederation taught them there was a need for a strong centralized government. That is why they wrote the Constitution to provide for a serparation of powers, or three separate branches of government. Each branch has their own responsibilities, but also work together to make the country run smoothly. This is done through checks and balances, where the branches check on each other to make sure they are not over using their powers. | http://bensguide.gpo.gov

4: The Legislative Branch

5: The Legislative branch of government is made up of the Congress and government agencies that provide assistance and support services for the Congress. Congress has two parts, the House of Representatives and the Senate. | http://bensguide.gpo.gov

6: Roles of Congress | 1. Write, debate and pass bills, which are then passed to the President for approval. | 2. Make laws that control trade between the United States and other countries.

7: 5. Can declare war on other countries. | 3. Make laws about taxes and borrowing money. | 4. Approves the making of money. | http://bensguide.gpo.gov

8: House of Representatives | Roles of House of Representatives 1. Start laws that make people pay taxes. 2. Decide if a government official should be put on trial if they commit a crime against the United States. | http://bensguide.gpo.gov

9: Representatives must: 1. be at least 25 years old. 2. be a U.S. citizen for the past 7 years. 3. Live in the state they represent. | There are 435 representatives in the House | Representatives serve for 2 years. People elect new ones or keep the same one. | States with bigger populations have more representatives than smaller states.

10: Senators | Must: be at least 30 years old. be a U.S. citizen for past 9 years. live in the state they represent. | Senators serve for 6 years, then new ones are elected or same one is kept. No limit to number of terms they can serve.

11: Jobs of Senators Say yes or no to any treaties the president makes. Say yes or no to any people the president suggests for a job. Can hold a trial for a government official who does something very wrong. | Each of the 50 states has 2 Senators. Making that a total of 100 Senators. | http://bensguide.gpo.gov

12: 3 Branches of Government MixBook Lesson Plan SECTION ONE Author: Chelsea Unzicker Email Address: c87swim24@yahoo.com Semester Created: Summer 2009 LESSON OVERVIEW Title: Three Branches of Government Brief Description: In this lesson students will work in pairs to create a page in the class mixbook about the US government, in which they will include information about what the three different branches are and the functions of each branch using the internet and other sources to find information and mixbook.com to create their mixbook page. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS/GENERALIZATIONS: The students understand how our system of government works with its three branches of government and what the role of each branch is. ENGAGING QUESTION/SCENARIO: To engage the students in this project I will begin by reviewing what they have been learning about the three branches of government for the past couple days and that now they were going to get a chance to create a mixbook. Then I would show them an example of a mixbook. I would also explain that we will be purchasing a final copy for the classroom and that they will have a chance to get one for themselves at home if they wanted to. SUBJECT AREAS ___ Math ___ Science ___ Reading X Writing X Social Studies/History ___ Foreign Language ___ Art ___ Music ___ PE X Information and Technology Literacy GRADE LEVEL (Put an X by all relevant grade levels.) ___ Kindergarten ___ Grade 1 ___ Grade 2 X Grade 3 ___ Grade 4 ___ Grade 5 ___ Grade 6 ___ K-12 Elementary ___ K-12 Middle ___ K-12 Secondary ___ Secondary DETAILED LESSON DESCRIPTION Standards, Benchmarks, Student Learning Targets (use all that apply as related to the “Big Idea” you are addressing) GLE #1: SWBAT identify the three branches of federal government and describe their functions with 100% accuracy (GLE Social Studies, Principles and Processes of Governance Systems, Strand 2 Knowledge of principles and processes of governance systems, Concept C.b. - Grade 3) (Performance Standards 1.2, 1.8, 1.4, 1.6, 1.10, 2.3, 3.4, 4.1, 4.3). GLE #2: SWBAT describe how authoritative decisions are made, enforced, and interpreted within the federal government with 100% accuracy (GLE Social Studies, Principles and Processes of Governance Systems, Strand 2 Knowledge of principles and processes of governance systems, Concept C.a. - Grade 3) (Performance Standards 1.2, 1.4, 1.8, 1.10, 2.3, 4.1, 4.3). GLE #3: SWBAT develop a well written mixbook using the computer with clear ideas and appropriate audience target (GLE Communication Arts, Writing, Strand 2 Compose well-developed text, Concepts A & B- Grade 3) (Performance Standards 1.5, 1.8, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4, 2.7) STUDENT ASSESSMENT The assessment tools that will be used for this project are: Checklists for the students to make sure they have all the appropriate information included in their mixbooks, observations by the teacher to make sure the students are doing the work they are suppose to be doing, rubric for the students' final projects to be graded from, student self-assessments to see how they think they did on their projects and working with their partners. PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA Rubric COLLABORATION In order to do this project I will need to be sure to collaborate with the computer teacher for extra help and assisting students with this project and using the computer lab for multiple days, or the librarian for the same reason of using the computer lab. The special education teacher for extra assistance and resources for my students that are in special education. LESSON IMPLEMENTATION Length of Unit: About an hour a day for 9-10 days Prerequisite Skills: Students must be able to use the computer appropriately, determine what information is important and relative to the subject, and able to work in groups cooperatively. ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS ELL/IEP Students: Any accommodations that are written in the student's IEP's will be followed and if those students need extra time to work or more assistance then it will be provided as it is necessary. Assistive Technology Needs: Any student needing or using assistive technology will be allowed to do so to complete this project. If needed the accomodations found in Windows XP will be used i.e. magnifier, narrator, and on-screen keyboard. MANAGEMENT/ORGANIZATION TIPS To successfully implement this lesson in your classroom I would be sure that students are good at working with each other and that both partners are doing an equal amount of work. I would also be sure to get the students really excited about this project and wanting to do it. Make sure that each student understands fully what is expected of them for this project and make sure they have and can use the resources that are available to them. MATERIALS AND RESOURCES REQUIRED FOR UNIT The materials required for this unit are computers with access to the internet, encyclopedias, and other resources for the students to obtain information from. TECHNOLOGY Web-based resources mixbook.com Social Studies for Kids U.S. Government UNIT PLAN FLOW CHART/TIMELINE Day 1: On the first day students, hopefully Monday, will have already been learning about the three different branches of government and how they work together, so the teacher will explain they are going to make a mixbook using the information they have learned and any new information they find about the three branches of government. An example of a mixbook will be shown to the students, either one previously made of from the computer. Then the students will get with partners (predetermined if necessary) to discuss and decide which page of the mixbook they would like to do that will be chosen from a list provided by the teacher. Day 2: On the second day the entire class will discuss and provide ideas for how they would like the mix book to be designed. The teacher will run the computer, but the students will discuss how the book will be displayed. Day 3: The third day students will begin working with their partners on the page topic they chose the previous day from the teacher's list. Students will use their books, internet, and any other resources they have access to to find information about their topics. Day 4: Students will continue to find information on their topics and determine which information is needed and important for their pages. Day 5: Students who need more time will be allowed to work on finding more information. Students who have found the information they have needed will follow the directions sheet provided by the teacher to begin creating their pages about their topic over the three branches of government. Day 6: Students will continue to work on putting their page together for the mixbook making sure it is well written and designed. Also, to make sure it is appealing and understandable by their audience. Day 7: Students will finish up their pages and the book will begin to be put together for the final showing. Day 8: Students will begin to present their page to the class, sharing what they have learned and why they included the information they did on their page. Day 9: Presentations will be finishing up and mixbook ordering forms sent out, for parents and students that would like to order them. Grades will be taken and recorded.

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