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S: The

FC: The | By. Riley, Frazer and Braden

1: Braden ran widely through the dense jungle floor, forcing his way through the giant ferns, attempting to evade the massive predator pursuing him. He desperately reached into his leather satchel, and pulled out his 12-volt radio, !!!”

2: “"Fraser, Riley, I'm approaching the chokepoint, be ready." As he crossed into the narrow passage, separated on either side by a high plateau, he turned back and for the first time he saw his assailant. “"Roarrrrr"!!!!!!

3: Fraser screamed ferociously as he leapt from his hidden position on top of the plateau. As he flew through the air he squared his shoulders to the monster, and prepared for impact. He had timed his jump well. He landed in a perfect position on the fiend's scaly neck, knife in hand, and instantly began to stab the gargantuan eyes of the beast with practiced precision. Using his 12 inch hunting knife he was able to do massive damage. The beast was blinded and angry. It crashed from one side of the narrow passage to the next, dislodging small pieces from the rocky walls with its horns. Fraser held on for dear life.

6: "HHHAAAAIIII"” Riley yelled as he ran in, seemingly out of nowhere, bearing an 80 pound war hammer of death. One hit was all it took; Riley had thrown the hammer perfectly. A loud crack was heard as the hammer exploded the beasts head. Brains splattered all over Fraser, who was still perched on its neck.

7: “"Now that's gonna hurt in the morning." Braden exclaimed in a high pitch voice, and then continued with another cheesy cliché, “"That was a no brainer."

8: "I'll take that,"” Riley muttered as he bounded towards the now headless corpse, leaning in to retrieve his weapon. Using Fraser's knife, Riley scratched another notch on the handle. “"How many does that make?"” Fraser asked. “"101,"” Riley replied.

9: “"Hey guys can someone else be the bait next time?"” Fraser and Riley glanced at each other and laughed. They had used this same method to kill various jungle creatures for food, and not once had anyone but Braden been the bait.

10: “"Can you believe we have been trapped in this god forsaken jungle for over a year?"” Fraser asked as he stared at the 101 notches carved into the handle of Riley's war hammer. The three of them had been a part of a scientific expedition that had become stranded when their helicopter crashed. Seven of the fourteen had survived the impact. Only three survived the first night. The small uncharted island near Argentina was home to several undiscovered and thought to be extinct animals, many of which were carnivores that viewed humans as a valuable meal.

11: “"I guess I'll start butchering this thing,"” Riley sighed. Riley was the only one out of the three that had not been a scientist. He was an extremely built body guard with a decade of special ops experience. He had been paid a small fortune to protect the researchers from any “problems” that may arise during their stay on the island. In hindsight, the choice to join the scientists had been an awful one.

12: Braden and Fraser headed back to camp, leaving Riley to go about his work. Their camp was set up at the opening at the end of the narrow passage. It was near dark by the time the meat had been butchered and brought back to the camp. The time to sleep had come.

13: “"Braden you have first shift,"” Riley barked. “ "But I always have---"” “"I don't want to hear another word,"” Riley interrupted, “"Go take the first shift, then wake me up in a few hours and I'll take the next."” Braden stumbled away from his cozy bed made of giant leaves, and sat at the opening between the area that the camp was situated in and the long corridor of stone separating them from the jungle.

14: Braden had suggested building a wall to separate their camp from the jungle to Riley, but as usual his ideas were quickly disregarded by the stubborn war veteran. Instead they were forced to have one man alert at all times during the night. Braden was exhausted and very tired from his mad dash through the jungle earlier in the day. He thought about the fact, that in the entire year that they had spent in their camp no animal had dared to venture too close, so he allowed his eyes to close.

15: Braden awoke at the sounds made by a large group of small, deceptively cute looking creatures that had very sharp teeth that reflected light from the small campfire. “Wake up! "Wake up"!” Braden cried, frantically running towards the fire of their camp. The small wolf-like carnivores seemed so out of place in the jungle setting. Every other creature that ate meat was hairless and extremely scary looking, but these were furry cute looking killers.

18: “"5 more minutes"” Fraser said still half asleep. Lucky for the others Riley was able to be up and alert as soon as he was awakened. Riley gave Fraser a swift kick to the leg, resulting in a cry of surprised pain. That woke him up. He was now up and ready with Braden and Riley as they formed a triangle around the fire. They were hoping the fire would deter their adversaries, but this was not the case. They formed a circle around the fire, then began to slowly advance.

19: It went all the way around the circle they had formed, igniting every creature it touched. They rolled on the ground and ran into the walls trying to put out the flame, but it was to no avail. The fire had consumed the majority of the creatures and the few that were left quickly ran away. Riley looked at Braden for the first time with some respect, which was quickly erased when Braden busted out yet another corny line.

22: Riley dropped his shoulder and put all his weight on his back foot, ready to swing with his weapon. This was the worst position they could have had in this fight. If ample warning had been given, they could have cut the beasts off at the chokepoint, making the fight a lot easier. One of the creatures rushed at Riley, only to be crushed momentarily afterwards.

23: "I never imagined I'd die like this,"’ Fraser stated, accepting his fate. Fraser had his knife, Riley his hammer, but Braden had not had the fore-sight to create a weapon. What Braden lacked in combat experience he made up for with sheer intelligence. An idea had struck him but he had to act fast. He grabbed a stick from the fire and hurled it into the middle of the pack. The plan worked out better than even he had dared to hope. Once one lit, it spread like wildfire through the rest.

24: “"Now that's what I call a sticky situation"!” Riley looked away in disgust. The three decided that it was close enough to dawn that no watch had to be kept. They retired to their separate quarters and Braden could hear Riley and Fraser snoring almost instantly. Braden was too pumped with adrenaline to rest, so he got up and starting rummaging through the camp supplies.

25: He came across a small round object with a pin coming out of it. It had been tucked into a special compartment and looked quite intriguing, so he decided to take a better look at it. Two things Braden lacked were knowledge of military equipment, and a good common sense. Interested by the object he decided to pull the pin. Nothing happened. Then he heard a click. It was the last thing any of the three had ever heard.

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