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The Adventure of Jaq and Gus

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The Adventure of Jaq and Gus - Page Text Content

S: The Adventures of Jaq and Gus

BC: ...and they all lived happily ever after... | THE END | The End

FC: The Adventures of Jaq and Gus | Written by: Katie Judd

1: “Jaq! Jaq! Gus Gus can’t find CInderelley ANYWHERE in the castle! Help! Help!” Gus Gus cried. “Calm down, Gus Gus. Cinderelley is probably just with Princey is all. Look, over there. See? No need for Gus Gus to worry. Cinderelly right there!” Jaq pointed out. “What is Cinderelley doing over there? Should we go look?” Gus Gus wondered out loud. “Let’s go!” Jaq squealed.

2: “CINDERELLY!! CINDERELLY!!” Jaq and Gus Gus screamed. “Jaq? Gus? Is their something wrong?” Cinderella asked. “No, no, no. We just wanted to see what Cinderelly was doing over here, because Gus Gus couldn’t find you,” Gus Gus said shyly. “Oh,” Cinderella said with a laugh, “I was just talking about our trip tomorrow. I’ve been busy packing all day!”

3: Cinderella was still talking to Jaq and Gus Gus when she heard the prince call “Cinderella? Are you almost finished packing? Our ship is about to start boarding!” “ Just a second guys,” Cinderella said to the mice, “I’m going to go talk to the prince. I’ll be back soon.”

4: “ | “Hey!” Cinderella called as she ran into the prince’s open arms, “How are you?” “Oh, I’m great! I’m so ready for this vacation! How are you?” he asked happily. “I’m good too and-“ Cinderella was cut off by two guards pulling her out of the Prince’s arms and started taking her away. “ | "Keep your hands OFF of my princess!!” the Prince screamed at the guards and was about to lunge after her when they disappeared out of sight.

5: Cinderella was woken up by squeaks and four small objects poking her face. “What is going on?” she questioned. “Cinderelly? Oh Gus Gus! This is great!! Cinderelly is not sleeping anymore!” Jaq squealed. “Gus Gus, Jaq, and Cinderelly were taken by the cruel guards and taken to a region of the kingdom where only a few people have ever been!” Gus Gus said, much to Cinderella’s surprise. “Gus Gus! That was smart! What’s a region?” Jaq asked. “A region is a bunch of places put together I think. Cinderelly? Is that right?” Gus Gus asked. “Yes Gus,” Cinderella laughed. “Sooo How we going to get out of this region, Cinderelly? Guards just left us here..” Jaq said. “I don’t know,” Cinderella sobbed.

6: “Cinderelly! Don’t cry! Gus Gus has an idea!! What if Jaq and Gus Gus goes to Princey and tells Princey where Cinderelly is?” Gus offered. Cinderella slowly looked up and said, “Gus! That’s brilliant! Okay, do you think you can talk one of the mice that live here to come over to us?” “Yes Cinderelly!! Gus Gus will be right back!”

7: About 5 minutes later Cinderella and Jaq heard a rustling in the bushes. They weren’t sure what it was, so Jaq said, “I will go see if it’s Gus Gus!” and this short, dark figure emerged from the bushes. Jaq didn’t know what it was, and panicked when he heard the thing barking. “Don’t worry, Jaq. It’s just a dog, it won’t hurt you!” Cinderella said as a big, brown dog came bounding towards them, barking. Just then, Gus returned with a small but slightly plump mouse that looked much like him. Cinderella asked the mouse what her name was, and also complimented her on her pretty purple dress. She then asked Glenda what their location was. Glenda responded, “Our absolute location is unknown. Our relative location is near the south side of the river and the enchanted forest. Don’t worry, you won’t see any magical creatures. They only appear at night at the heart of the forest.” Gus and Jaq was confused, as was Cinderella. “

8: “Cinderelly? Do you know what she just said?” Jaq asked. “I didn’t think you would understand. I’ll explain it for you. Absolute location is the longitude and latitude of a place, or exactly where it is on a map. Relative location is what you’re near. Does it make sense now?” Glenda said. “Yes. Let’s go tell Princey! We’ll be right back Cinderelly!” Jaq and Gus yelled as they bravely walked away with Glenda. “ Oh, I do hope they come back here safely,” Cinderella worried.

9: “Princey! Princey!” Jaq screamed when they arrived at the castle. “We know where Cinderelly is! She is on the south end of the river surrounded by trees. Princey, you must go save her!” “Cinderelly was taken by evil guards and taken to an enchanted forest on the south side of the river and surrounded by trees!” Gus said. “Wait, can you describe the place for me?” the Prince asked the mice. “Well,” Jaq said, “there was a lot of trees where Cinderelly was at. There was a little puddle under the bench in the circle of no trees, and Glenda told us that there was natural gas in that river! There was not any people living in the enchanted forest, but there were magical creatures. But they only come out at night. There was people who lived by the lake, they all were farmers and fishers. They moved around by horses and shared information by the TV, whatever that is. Their houses were small compared to your house, Princey.”

10: “Right, okay. I think I know where she is. Let’s go save her!” the Prince shouted. “Yay!” screamed Jaq and Gus. When the Prince rode the horse out of the castle grounds, the guards tried to stop him by closing the gates. The prince had to go save Cinderella, so he rode faster and got under the gates before the guards could stop him. “Princey, are we there yet?” Gus sighed. “PRINCEY!” Jaq screamed. “Yes, Jaq? And no, Gus,” Prince said. “Your horse is ruining the grass!” “Oh, that’s okay. It’s normal, it’s called human-environment interaction. That’s when people affect the environment in any way,” the Prince explained, right as they reached the bench and Cinderella.

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