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The Autobiographic writing

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The Autobiographic writing - Page Text Content

S: Nathan's Writing portfolio

BC: Thank You

FC: My Footprint on Writing | PPre | Be Prepared for an adventure of words

1: Prologue | The Beginning | You are about to start a journey, a journey on the path of a writer. Not just any writer, but me the most influential man to myself. A single words can spark an idea, and an idea can start a sentence, and a sentence can start a story, and a story can shape a culture. The passing of ideas have caused the rise and fall of civilizations. I can't expect my writing to have that kind of change, but I do expect it to change one, myself. So the journey begins

2: Dear Readers, I put this portfolio together at age fifteen in my freshman year. I was born in Norman, Oklahoma on February 1st, 1995. I lived in Norman for three years, and then my dad changed professions. I spent my third year of life with my dad in Virginia training at the DEA academy at Quantico. We traveled up to Virginia when my dad graduated and I didn't release it at that time, but from that moment on my life would change. We then moved to McAllen, Texas (five minutes from the border) which we lived for seven years. I attended St. Paul Lutheran school till I was in fifth grade which once again we moved. We moved to Nassau, Bahamas. I lived in what people call paradise. I spent my time at Lyford Cay International School, on the beach, with great friends and meeting people I never thought I would meet. But under this paradise there were struggles.

3: We were confined on a twenty-one mile long and seven mile island. We were severed from family. My father was gone for weeks at a time and witnessed the sacrifices we had to make and others to maintain this paradise. This helped prepare for a greater struggle that would come. December 13th, 2008 we made a move to San Antonio, Texas. I had to finish a half year of middle school before going to high school. I tried to juggle moving to my new house, school, friends, and family. I struggled, but that's how you learn and grow through struggles. I graduated from Concordia then started high school at Lutheran high school where I am today Sincerely, Nathan Behrens

4: Table Of Contents | Page 5- Likes Dislikes Page 6- Room Sweet Room Page 7- Personal Metaphors Page 8- Flashback Page 10- Look Who I look up to Page 12-Family Influence Page 14- How to... Page 16- Extraordinary Pet Page 18- Who am I

5: Likes Dislikes Tennis Annoyances Soccer Obama The Bahamas Cuba Texas Enemies Friends Squash Oklahoma OSU Snow Snow Blazing hot days Colorado Buddha Sleigh Mountains Keisha Nice Cars Boating Ocean People who understand

6: In My Room I have had many rooms It is not by the things you collect but the emotions you get from the room Every room has an emotion when you walk into it My room symbolizes change The change I have gone through my whole life Not just change from room to room But change from country to country Culture to culture It seems empty at times because a room can only handle so much change before it suffers But at the same time I see patriotism A dedication to the flag that has caused this change A flag flies with pride and sacrifice My room has seen some pretty amazing people, places and things What has walked into my room has had a profound influence on my life Change, patriotism and influence is what I see in my room

7: 1) Koala 2) Royce Roy 3) T-shirt 4) Wednesday 5) Coconut 6) Green 7) Casino Royale 8) Aquatic Reef 9) Apartment 10) Cactus 11) Saxophone 12) Diamond 13) Chair 14) Second Chance 15) Fall 16) Gibbs (from NCIS) 17) “Rhodey” (from iron man) 18) Blender 19) Old Faithful 20) Law

8: Cliff Diving In the Caribbean two years ago in April my friend turned thirteen. He took nine of his friends on a boat trip for the weekend. We traveled to Exumas, Caribbean and we were on a private resort island. We decided to go out for the day and visit the surrounding islands. We traveled on the clear blue ocean for about thirty minutes when we came across a cave formed from coral and thorn. We dove a few feet down to find an entrance to the cave we got inside the cave to find an opening about 50 feet up and we decided that we were going to jump it. So we left the inside of the cave and we started to climb the coral and thorn. A few of my friends got up the cliff without a problem. I started what would become a journey. So I started to climb barefoot up the cave.

9: I got a fourth of the way and the scars on my feet were too much to bare. I told a friend just starting the cave to get shoes for us. We waited for a few minutes when he came up with shoes for me. I continued you the rest of the way up, when we finally got up there the friend and I went with looked down and said he couldn't jump from this height and after all that he decided to walk down the cave again. I looked down to see everyone who jumped waiting for me to jump. I stared down having some regrets and that moment I thought I couldn't jump, but I looked down the path I just walked and thought I wasn't going to walk it again after what I went to get up there, so I jumped. I was hanging in the air for what seemed like an eternity I could feel my heart moving up my chest when I hit the water. I sat in the water for a few moments before swimming up to the surface.

10: My Heroes

11: George Washington- I admire the father of America, the very first president to run this historic country. He wrote the book on how to run this country. He took a group of farmers and workers and led them to war with the greatest army in their world. He was up against impossible odds and won. He was a terrorist at the time, he was wanted for treason, and he was a rebel, an idealist, and a freedom fighter. He inspired a nation to rethink everything they knew and change the world. He is over two hundred years old and we still look to his decisions for the problems we have today. John Hancock- He is an icon to America; he was one of the brave few who signed the declaration of independence. He knew that if he signed this declaration he would declare war against a superpower in that point history. He not only had the confidence to sign this historic document, but he had the confidence to sign it, but be the first. He paved a path that others would follow and start a nation that had many struggles, but grew to be a power house that would revolutionize a world. Franklin Roosevelt- In one of the world’s darkest hours, he stepped up to lead the allied forces to war against the axis forces. He tried to stay neutral in this war, but a devastating attack on a military base in Pearl Harbor forced us into war. He made bold, risky decisions that led us to victory. He liked to play it all or nothing in some aspects of the world war, and in the end it paid off. He then made a decision that would end the war, but would contradict his morale and ethnic beliefs, but saved millions of lives in the process of sacrificing lives. He made a decision that no other man in history has done, he used a weapon that is still feared today and had to use devastation to unite the world.

12: Father

13: We have shared moments through my life that has been memorable. Like when he would take me shooting, fishing or our conversations in the car while stuck in traffic. We have shared more conversations and done more together as we grow older. We have become closer to each other as the years go by. We don't share too many moments together, but when we do they are memorable. I hope to grow closer to him as our lives go by. He has inspired me, he is my personnel hero and he has done amazing things in his life. He shown dedication to his country, his family and every task that is handed to him. He has sacrificed so much and I hope to follow in his footsteps. I hope that I can someday fill his shadow .

14: How to annoy the teacher without doing anything wrong | 1. You say their name over and over while there with another student 2. You ask obvious questions 3. You ask over and over again because you don't understand 4. When they walk off you raise your again 5. You fall asleep in class 6. You ask them what a word means with a dictionary in front of you

15: 7. Ask them if you can do something even though you know they'll say no 8. You ask them a question after they answered it five times 9. You ask them about a test on the day of the test 10. You say “We're having a test?” when their handing it out 11. You say “We're had homework?” when their picking it up 12. I am going to be gone are we going to do anything in class

16: An Ode to my dog

17: My dog is aged metal His name is Rusty He is short and plump Like a tree stump He is full of love And overfilling with confidence He is overexcited To the point of peeing He is my dog Rusty

18: Who Am I

19: Student- I am a freshman in high school. I have been going to school for eleven years. I am a student of not just education, but life. Every day we learn something new. May it be a new fact, ability you didn't know you had, a mental or physical barrier you surpass. So I see myself a student for many reasons. Son- I am a son to my parents and my heavenly Father. Brother- I am a brother to my sister Rachel. I have been a brother for ten years. Tennis Player- Tennis is my favorite sport, I am not the best tennis player, but I am good enough to play it completely and truly enjoy the sport. I am on the tennis and did pretty well in the season Christian- I am a Christian, I believe that Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins. I have been a Christian my whole life. I was reborn in Christ when I was seven years old. I can proudly say I am a Christian to all I meet.

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