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FC: The Blondz

1: This book is created for you by: Christine Sweeney Letician Sanchez and Brittany Mann

3: October 24,2008 Measurments of Supplies Rat trap; 6 inches and 6/7s the width; 3 3/5 inch. Straw; 5 2/5 inch bigger straw; 8 inch. string; 26 inch CD; 4 3/4 inch Spoon; 2 inch pencil; 4 inch

4: October 24,2008 The blondz drew the diagram of how we would like to make the rat trap car. We also started making the car by hot gluing the end of several pencils to the sides of the rat trap (to help move our wheels) after we took out the earsers.]Our idea of how we would like the rat trap car to go is by using a propeller, when the rat trap goes off and by using a ramp. There will be a stick on the ramp that will make the propeller move, when the propeller moves it will make another stick (atached to the rat trap) move make the rat trap go off and when the rat trap goes off it will pull a string that is also attched to the propeller and make the propeller move and make the car go faster.

5: October 27, 2008 Today the blondz started to build more of our rat trap car. We used CD's for wheels, and figured out how to put the "wheels" on. We had trouble figuring out how to make the wheels not to be wobbly and to stay in their right position. We finally figured out how to keep them on...we used a rubber band and duck tape. NOW THE WHEELS WILL STAY. The group decided that Brittany would take the car home and work on it.....Leticia would make the ramp.

6: October 27, 2008 Brittany went to her house and started brain storming on how the group thinks that the rat trap will and might work. When she was at her house she tried doing the car the way the diagram (that the group drew) said/looked and what happened was that she was making sure that the wheels did not move side to side. How she experimented was she put rubberbands and duck tape on each side of the CD's, when she tested it our she realized that the disk went right through the rubber band and that didn't work. Then she tried to think of another way to make the wheels not wobble

7: and used spoon tops, hot glue, and a straw. Then by the diagram she had to make the rat trap go off in order to make a propeller move. Finally when the rat trap went off all the wheels came off, flipped the car, and ruined the wood on the car. The next day at school she did the spoon, hot glue and staws and not set off the trap or have a propeller.

8: This is our new diagram. The other one did not work at all. | Plus it also had a propeller that we were not able to use. | This new an diagram is simpilar yet so easy. It can be done very fast.

9: OUR NEW MEASURMENTS!!! Straw: 2 inches Spoon tops: 1 1/2 inches _____________________________ Our new diagram still needs to be tested out and a ramp needs to be built in order for the car to go faster and at a longer distance.

10: October 29th, 2008 We finished making the car. Brittany took the car to her house last night. She made the car very decorative.

11: The next day she brought in all of the stuff to the group. We all thought that was a great idea.

12: October 29, 2008 Today we tested out our ramp and rat trap car. When we put the ramp up to where the car would be able to go a little more faster and further it did not turn out as we planned. When we tested it the first time the car only went one meter in about 2 seconds, and when we tested it the second time (with no additional changes) one of the wheels popped off. Now our team has to figure out how to make new wheels

13: We need stiffer, sturdier, and maybe not as big wheels (this was our hypothesis).

14: The Forces of Motion! The fores of motion are as follows: I That an object at rest will stay at rest unless an outside oject acts uppon it. II Acceleration is produced when a force acts on a mass . The greater the mass the greater amount of force needed. III For every acttion there is an equal or oppisite reaction.

15: The Forces of Motion in the Rat Trap Car! I The ramp helps prepell the car forward otherwise it will stay at rest, and we do not want it to stay at rest II The mass of the car needs to push it self down the ramp as far as it could go

16: October 30, 2008 Today the Blondz was discussing on how we would make new wheels, how the ramp should look and how steep the ramp should look. We also discussed on what we could do for another way of the movement of the car besides the ramp.

17: The Forces of Motion in The Rat Trap Car! I The ramp helps the car prepelle forward, we set the car on the ramp then let go, then once we let go the car will prepelle forward on its own. II The amount of the mass that is needed to push the rat trap car down the 10 meters because if you push the rat trap we could get disqualified. III As the car goes down the ramp, it will reach the ground and it will still go forward unless something ends up stopping the car.

18: October 31, 2008 Last night we made our ramp (with a parental guardian) so that no one got hurt. Today we brought it in and fix it up with a little bit by of hot glue. We are going to make a new disign for the car, we are going to keep the rat trap its self, and make some new wheels for the car, and make a propeller.Our wheels are going to be CD's, and we are now using a propeller to make the car move faster and go further.

19: November 3, 2008 Today what we did was test our car using a ramp. We found out that it curves when we put the car on the left side of the ramp. The car goes further when it is in the middle of the ramp. The furthest that our car went was 3 meters and 36 inches.


21: This is our final car!

22: This is our ramp which the car will go down with and it will get most of its speed in.

23: This graph shows time over place. On the right it shows the time and on the bottom it shows the distance in inches. The propeller made the rat trap go about 12 inches faster.

24: This is a velocity graph !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

25: November 5th 2008 Today what we did was polish are presintation up and we put pictures of our car and ramp. We also put graphs on it. The velocity graph is graph that shows distance over time. On the right we have the\time and on the bottom it shows the distance.

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