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The Bloody Talon

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FC: The Bloody Talon

3: A letter from the editors: This year, the literary magazine staff has worked diligently to prepare the 2009-2010 edition of "The Bloody Talon." The submissions to the magazine reflect the talent and potential of the students of AC Flora. We hope you enjoy the shining talent of the Falcons. Mary DuBose Stewart and Tamir Cherry, Editors

5: Table of Contents Maybe...Page 6 Photo by Hagood Hemphill...Page 7 Picture by Marisa Bank..Page 8 Over and Over Again...Page 9 Picture by Kaitlin Bowie...Page 10 Pictures by Anna Eaddy & Hagood Hemphill...Page 11 The Real Question...Page 12 Photo by Maggie Schwartz...Page 14 Day and Night...Page 15 Picture by Sarah Hipp...Page 16 Story by Marisha Faust...Page 17 What Do You Do?...Page 18 Photo by Maggie Schwartz...Page 19 Picture by Kelli Posey...Page 20 School and Employment...Page 21 Story by Tiara Brown...Page 22 American Gangster...Page 24 Picture by Drew Kline...Page 25

6: Maybe By Marisha Faust If I tell myself not to want you Maybe If I tell myself you’re not good for me Maybe If I tell myself you hurt me too much to want you back Maybe If I find new friends I wont miss you Maybe If I burn everything that makes me think of you Just then Maybe I can stop loving you so much.

7: Photo by Hagood Hemphill

8: By Marisa Ban

9: Over and Over Again By Marish Faust Come to the same old place Day in and day out Same thing everyday from eight fifteen to three fifteen Go to class go to another Go to lunch go to another Talk in class get in trouble Yelling back and forth no willing no losing Monitors called cuss words said Referrals passed from hand to hand and doors are slammed Long walk to the administrator's long walk your parents called Long wait for the bell to ring long sit in ISS I feel like a prisoner in the place I really want to go home to the place so well known But when I get there more talking in my ear I can never win this same old place.

10: By Kaitlin Bowie

11: By Anna Eaddy | By Hagood Hemphill

12: The Real Question How can one dream without a glimpse of freedom? How can one hope without seeing others success? How can one fly when he had his wings clipped early? How can we trust when new friends quickly become new enemies? How can a boy become a man without even first seeing one? How can we speak of fairness without getting our 40 acres and a mule? How can we prosper when we are constantly look down upon? How can we seek quality when segregation is over but not racism?

13: How do you make it today as a black man without first being thought of as a gangster, thug, or inmate? How can you make it as a black woman without first being thought of for your body and never your mind? I myself cannot answer these questions but I still seek an answer. I ask but no answer can be given to me because no one knows. But being an intelligent black male I find myself one of many who have fallen victim to this discrimination I am a trend to follow. I am one of many who hold my head up high after many obstacles and challenges. I am a real black man.

14: Photo by Maggie Schwartz

15: Day and Night By Marisha Faust Day and night which is best Only the selfish can have both Today I am selfish But to share both is a test So I must choose the best. Day, I’m most comfortable, it knows how to make me smile and laugh Day brings the hugs of the warm sunshine And when my day is sad it brings tears of rain from the sky I don’t know how to live without my day. My night is cool and fun. It brings tears to my eyes when I gaze and I gaze into his starry eyes in the sky Night brings different personalities every moon My nights cool winds hold me tight as we walk alone in the night Night is truly a companion for me But knowing myself I can never choose My day brings happiness and cheer But my night brings conversation and love I will never be able to choose All I can do s watch my day and night walk away.

16: By Sarah Hipp

17: By Marish Faust The day comes I’m home alone for the first day in months I’m going to call him to come over, watch TV, listen to music Knock knock on the front door, I walk down the stairs to answer it We hug like we have not seen each other in years We kiss like it was our very first, I wish it lasted forever But he pulls away, takes my hand leads me up stairs We go to my room and sit on my bed, then things get hot He pulls my shirt in between kisses He tells me he loves me and kisses my face Then the next thing I know we are laying down, you on top of me, still kissing I feel a hand reach down to my pants and start to unbutton them Hold on I say wait this is going a little far He looks at me with his light brown eyes and said baby I love you let me show you how much Then his lips were back on mine slower this time moving from lips down Then all of a sudden it happened and all I could think was Oh my God, what if I get pregnant, what if someone comes home, oh my god I love him It felt good in a weird way the way you feel after riding a bike After we finished he left He called me and told me we could not date anymore because we had nothing in common A couple of weeks later I found I was pregnant I never told him because I knew he would not care so I raised my son as a bastard We would always have something in common but he would never know

18: What Do You Do? By Marisha Faust What do you do? When the one you love does not love you What do you do? When the one person who wants them you don't want them What do you do? When your heart is broken and you don't know how to love What do you do? When your world is upside down What do you do? You ask of me My answers are cry and try to pull yourself back together

19: Photo by Maggie Schwartz

20: Photo By Kelli Posey

21: School and Employment By Justin Sapp School: it is something everyone must do. For most students education is like a race. The reason you compete in the race is to get the prize at the end. The only way you can get that prize is by putting forth the effort to get in 1st place. The prize is the same to most people and that prize is employment. School is something everyone must do; however, it is only necessary to get employment at a good job. If I could name three reasons why school is necessary to get a good job, my first reason would be how most high quality jobs with a good paying salary require a high school diploma. Education shows businesses owners that you are capable of absorbing the knowledge the manager has to offer. College education is also required to guarantee a successful future and will prove most effective on a resume. The second reason would be how the extracurricular activities focused on the field you want to pursue would look good on your resume. If you want to impress your future boss, you would enroll in a lot of extracurricular activities dealing with your future job. Taking extra classes like business applications or entrepreneurship can prove to your boss that you can exceed above and beyond standards. The third and final reason education is a key ingredient in the role of getting you a good job is communication. If you can’t communicate with your co-workers or furthermore your boss, you wont have a job for long. Having good communication skills is good for calling in sick, talking to your bass, or even asking how to do your job. Having advanced communication skills is even better because you can translate foreigners that are trying to buy something from you, or even pursue a job as a professional translator. School is something everyone must do; however, it is only necessary to get employed at a good job. These three reasons are the most important reasons to me why school is important. If you try to win that race, even if all the odds are stacked against you, with hard work and effort you will always be a winner.

22: By Tiarra Brown Each boat-crew was divided into two watches. While half the men attempted to rest- curling up with the Galapagos tortoises in the bilge or leaning uncomfortably against the seats- the others steered, tended the sails, and bailed. They also attempted to keep an eye on the other boats, which would sometimes disappear entirely from view when they dipped down into the tough of a wave. We tried to keep the boats together all at one site. Even though we tried to keep watch on other boats, we had to watch our own. If trouble came alone to one of the boats there was nothing we could really do. The waves were heavy that night, and the wind was going strong. Boats were getting thrown from side to side and going deep into the waves. It was hard to see. The night was very foggy. If they boat-crews were to get separated, it would be hard for some other boat-crews to find their way across the ocean. Boat two disappeared into the ocean. As my boat and the other continued to go on, we saw the boat broken down and sunken into the ocean. Some of the men were dead, and the ones still alive were trying to fight the waves and swim. I felt sorry for that boat-crew and their boat. It was sad to see the men like that. Later flowing in the ocean, the boat-crew3 started to get hungry and had no food. It was every man for themselves. We all sat there on watch and slowly watched some men die. Men started to eat others, (the dead men on the boat) to stay alive. We cut the men up in to pieces and ate their body parts. It didn’t feel right knowing that these were the men you were just talking to, but we had to stay alive.

23: As the sun started to rise, the more men began to die. Boat one was still in front of us as we were farther behind. One of our boat watcher men yelled, “Wait! Hold on, the water is rumbling and making movement unde4r the boat.” Another man yelled, “Clear clear! Move off to another direction.” Our boat moved and moved. We got away before getting attacked by the whales. We watched and tried to hear if we heard or seen anything. We were clear. For boat one on the other hand, they were not able to get away before being attacked. One whale hit from the back making it easier for the whale on the side to run into it and knock it over. The whale knocked a hole in the side. Their boat sunk. Men were falling into the ocean; injured and hurt. The men were dying, some were sinking with the boat and others were trying to swim but were getting hit by the stuff flying off the boat. We were ready for attack because we didn’t see where the whales went from there. Later in the ocean we heard loud noise and seen a whale. So we went in that direction and got prepared to kill the whale. We got into our little boats and struck the whale until we thought it was dead. We wheeled the 600 pound whale onto the bigger boat, and headed back on our path. Boat three (my boat-crew) was the only boat to make it back home. We came back with less than 20 men. All were hungry and half clothed. We came back with one whale. The trip was one of the rough whale watches that we went on. Now that we were back home I was happy. Happy to be with my family and happy to be alive.

24: American Gangster By Tyree Tucker In the book American Gangster this book is about a man name frank Lucas he is a big time drug dealer. Frank he was born in New York City in the year of 1930. Frank was the biggest drug dealer in Harlem. Frank was a violent person he became violent after the KKK came in his house and killed his cousin. Frank said the he would never trust another person in his life. Here is the story of an American gangster. Drugs were a dangerous thing it became so that drugs had a name. ‘’ There were many different brands of dope in Harlem true blu, mean machine, could be fatal” Frank had once stop selling drugs but returned at the age of 69. Frank was driving a blue Toyota and he would always park it Eighth Avenue. Frank was six-feet-two-inches tall. Frank was raised by his grandmother. Frank was a violent man he would kill people if they did not have his money on time. Frank shot one of his family members in the leg. Frank was called an American gangster at the age of 16. ‘’Not yet 16 years old, he was already on the run. Already a gangster.” Frank would let this people called country boys hold his money. This was because he said ‘’ his wife and kids might be hungry, starving, and he’ll never touch it until he checks with you. Frank would start selling his drugs when the cops changed shifts. Frank was smart when it came to selling drugs but frank made the mistake that he said he would not do and that was put his family in the game. But Frank did and that is how he got caught up and got caught. As you can see the book American gangster was very deep drugs are taking over. Drugs can make you turn on your own family they are things we need to get off the streets we the people need to no that drugs are not needed on the streets they are tearing families apart kids and young people are getting involved in this so that should be enough to get drugs off the street this is the story of American Gangster.

25: Photo by Drew Kline

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