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The Cities We Love: a Guidebook

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The Cities We Love: a Guidebook - Page Text Content

BC: Summer 2009

FC: The Cities We Love: A Guidebook of Brazil

1: July 14th '09 | SALVADOR BY JADE Salvador is a city on the Brazilian coast and the first capital of Brazil. It is considered the most populated city of the northeast..with nearly three million inhabitants.The city has famous beaches that attract both residents and tourists. Beyond the pleasant temperature of the water, in the sands of the beach are the small restaurants, known as "barraquinhas" that serve sea food. Salvador is the city where the African-Brazilian culture is more focused and is where the largest number of African descendants in the world. It's population is predominantly black. Sights to be visited: Elevador Lacerda, Pelourinho, Farol da Barra and many others. Salvador is certainly one of the cities to be visited once in a lifetime. Only by knowing to know the size of its beauty.

2: RECIFE BY PAULO The Northeast region in Brazil is widely recognized as a thriving tourist spot. That is mostly due to the amazing, heaven-like beaches. However, the cultural richness of the region's capitals is also very appealing to someone who wants more than just a beautiful shore sight. The largest among those cities is Recife, the capital of the state of Pernambuco. It is a modern, bustling metropolis with a growing economy. Also, its medical center is the second largest one in Brazil. The local government recently started to pay more attention to the tourists' needs, and there was a fair improvement on the basic infrastructure. Although there is still room for improvement, the overall situation is good, and most of the tourists are pleased with the present setting.

3: The first thing you will notice about the city if you go by plane is the airport. The Guararapes International Airport is modern, and visually appealing. There are mosaics, paintings, and pictures depicting the culture and the landmarks of Recife. In addition, there are plenty of stores and commercial spaces so that you can find anything you want, from shoes to expensive Cuban cigars. The traffic is not heavy, which is a relief. There are a lot of signs, and getting directions is not a hassle at all. If you dislike cabs, the best alternative is to rent a car. When it comes to hotels, the best ones are located at the Boa Viagem beach. Most of them have incredible views, and are just across the street from the beach itself. Although it is not advised to swim there due to the risk of shark attack, this beach is excellent for jogging, and running. Furthermore, there are a lot of small bars in the seashore. This way, one can have a great happy hour while admiring the sea. Another important aspect is the culture. Besides the general traditional Brazilian culture, Recife is famous for the frevo. This musical genre is believed to be a merge of European and Afro-Brazilian cultures. The frantic rhythm, and the bright colors of the dancers' clothes create an amazing atmosphere. In spite of that, there is poverty and violence. Like most major metropolises, Recife is troubled by serious social issues, caused by the low rate of development of certain areas. All in all, this Northeastern capital is an incredible city, and it is not unusual to feel a bit down after you leave. This travel destination captivates you from minute one. If you are looking for an interesting city with beautiful people, and marvelous beaches, Recife might be just the right one for you

4: I love sunny places with beautiful and receptive people. Porto de Galinhas is one of the most beautiful Brazilian’s cities. It is located on northeast of Brazil, in Ipojuca, Pernambuco, 60 kilometers in the south of the capital, Recife. Porto de Galinhas is a really famous tourist place, therefore it is so well-known because of its natural beauty: bright-water beaches and natural pools. It’s easy to find there a lot of things to do, like walking on the white sand, diving to see the wonders of the deep of the sea, ridding buggies, jet ski or even relaxing in the beach. The diversity of marine animals is surprising. The reason of this name is that, a long time ago, the wood “Pau Brasil” was a very valuable and commercialized product. Besides that, the city was where illegal slaves were trafficked in the northeast. The slaves arrived under chickens, the arrival was claimed “have new chickens on the harbor”, that’s why the name is Porto de Galinhas.

5: The chickens are an inspiration for the commerce. Although, in different ways, the merchants do lots of thematic decorations, which normally people buy like a souvenir. At night, the city is very agitated. There are lots of interesting things to do, for example going to good restaurants, shows and, moreover, the people there are really cheerful. Porto de Galinhas has been voted as "The Best Brazilian Beach" for the eighth time in a row by the readers of Voyage & Tourism Brazilian magazine. According to this, the main reasons given are the beauty of the natural pools, the closest to the coast in all Brazil, the ecological trails, and the hotel infrastructure. BY MARIANA

6: BUZIOS BY OTAVIO Everybody loves the beach and here in Brazil the problem is not finding a good one, but choosing one in such a big variety of marvelous coastline cities. I would say that one of the best shoreline cities to set a trip to is Búzios. This city suits all tastes and is perfect for everything you want to do there, and this includes good and peaceful inns as well as great hotels for you to relax, or modern and crowded nightclubs besides delicious restaurants for you to have fun at night. Búzios is located in the State of Rio de Janeiro, and stays only a few hours from Rio de Janeiro city. Thats why lots of people go there every year and the city is never empty. For those who leaves in Rio de Janeiro, is easier, you just need to take your car and you will be there soon, but if you don't, there's no complication too. You just need to take a plane to Rio, and then I recomend you to rent a car, since it'll be better for you to go to the different beaches that Búzios offer. The hotels are great, but you need to be smart and book your room before, because if you let it for the last time, it won't be any room in nowhere! Once you are in Búzios the quantity of things you have to do it's so amazing that the city will drive you crazy. The best program for you to enjoy a whole day is first waking up early, taking a walk in the beach, and then spending part of the morning and part of the afternoon sunbathing. After you lunch in one of the delicious restaurants, you can return to the hotel to take a nap, or have a snack in "Rua das Pedras", before doing some shopping. At night you have plenty of options of what restaurant to have dinner in. To finish your day, nothing better than a good music in some nightclub.

7: Búzios has its inconvinients of being a smaller city. If you need a better hospital, or a more sofisticated drogary, you may not find it in there. Another problem related to the size of it, is that, in the summer or in any holiday, the city gets crowded, and you don't have space to park your car, the restaurants have list for you to get your table, and especially the beaches concentrates most of people. However this great city compensates all these problems not only with its good and friendly wether, but also with its marvellous beaches and the unforgettable experience that is being in this magic city!

8: CABO FRIO BY JOSÉ EDUARDO Cabo Frio is a very well-known beach town in Brazil. Its located in Rio de Janeiro, about a hundred km north of the capital. Althought some people may dont like it, the sea water is very cold, however, its is just perfect for cold water lovers. Also, the sand is very light and clean, and the "praia do forte" beach is claimed to be one of the best beaches in the state of Rio, due to its animation and nice atmosphere. Thats a place where you can find people from everywhere, and meet new friends. Another very interesting point of the city is its wide nightlife, when bars and restaurants all over the town are crowded, especially those in the ocean avenue.

9: Theres a lot of places to go with friends, like niightclubs, restaurants, and concerts, during the new year and carnivals eve. The new years celebrattions are also great, when spend the night in shows and you can enjoy the fireworks. Cabo Frio is very well located, because its between two other touristic cities, Rio and Búzios. And therefore, so many people go there. The ciity is very recommended people whose need is to have fun and relax, and for everyone whos planning to travel, Cabo Frio is a great choice.

10: FORTALEZA BY ISADORA Fortaleza is the capital of Ceará, one of the states that are located in the northeastern area of Brazil. Fortaleza is visited by the tourist during the Brazilian summer, between December and January: they all want to know a bit more about this region of Brazil. This city is located on the coastline of Brazil and, consequently, it is a place where we can find amazing beaches such as “Praia da Iracema”, and “Praia do Meireles”. Another fabulous beach is “Praia do Futuro”. This beach is far from the urban area, but its water is clean and there are lots of good beach bars. Besides these beaches there are lots of local landmarks like the Cathedral of Fortaleza, which is the third biggest cathedral in Brazil, and also a Cultural Center called “Drago Do Mar”. If you are spending some time in Fortaleza, don’t forget to buy some souvenirs at “Feirinha da Beira-Mar” or “Mercado de Artesanato”. You can also spend at least a day in Beach Park, the best water park in Brasil! In June the whole northeastern region is “contaminated” with the “Festas Juninas”. These celebrations have strong relations with the Brazilian folklore and also with the Catholic religion. These are lively parties with good local food, drinks and dance. The “quadrilhas” are very nice! The famous Brazilian Carnival, which happens during February, isn’t so important in Fortaleza. In July we have one of the most important “micaretas” of Brazil which is called Fortal. In the city, Fortal is considered more important than the “classic Carnival”.

11: Even tough Fortaleza has all these fabulous beaches, a nice resort, and all those marvelous events, the city has some problems. A big part of its population suffers with the unemployment, the poverty and the extremely dry weather. The public transportation isn’t so good and there are no investments in education and health. Also, there are lots of people who are homeless. On the other hand, the city is fantastic for the tourists. The restaurants are very good with a big variety that fits all tastes. There are lots of city tours that can help you to know the entire city. Fortaleza’s beaches have medium-high waves where you can learn kite surfing and they also have dunes where you can have a buggy ride. The sun is always strong, so you can get tanned. Fortaleza is a wonderful city!

12: GRAMADO by Fernanda Gramado is a city at Rio Grande do Sul. Its famous for the low temperatures during the Christmas that changes the atmosphere of the place. It seems like the city was made for the Christmas, the Saint Claus is real at Gramado. "Parque Knorr", known as the Saint Claus Vilage is a place full of magic and charm where you can find the Desire Tree, the Bear House and the Manufactures Toys and even the Saint Claus House. There you can have the most beautiful view of the "Vale do Quilombo". The Little Worlds is another landmark from Gramado, it is a complete little city. The City also has other important things as Movie, Publicity and Tourist Festivals, and the Light Christmas. In addition Canela, a city near to Gramado, and Gramado faced a problem that is usual in Brasil, the Hospitals cant support the population needs, but the solution is already been founded. The cities are working toghether on this. The weather sometimes causes some problems too, when it rains too much the city gets distroided. The atmosphere of the Christmas is the reason to visit the city because you can feel it, its real, its for you. The city is your Christmas gift.

14: Brazilian Capital by HENRIQUE Brasilia is the brazilian capital and one of the most known cities in Brazil. However, most people inside and outside Brazil see Brasilia as a corrupted and violent city. Our politicians steal money and are corrupted. That’s true, but it couldn’t be reflected to the city their live. People here are respectful and very welcoming. Brasília has a lot of events and places to go. The most known tourist points are the TV Tower, The JK Bridge, The Catedral and the The JK Museum. The TV Tower is famous for it’s fairs around the tower. There you can buy artisanal stuff, beautiful shirts, not only illustrating Brasilia, but whole Brasil and these stuff of cultural things. JK Bridge is a lovely beautiful bridge, where you can see from many places. The bridge has 3 giant white bows through it. The Catedral is a gorgeous place, where people can’t miss visiting. Even you have no religion, it’s a very lovely place to go. The JK Museum is a museum where you can see some of Juscelino’s Kubitschek stuff and learn something about the city’s and his story. Also, the events in Brasilia are something you can’t miss too. There are lots of theaters presentations the whole day. There are circus, parks, sports centers and many other thinks to entertain you. Even the politicians still steal our money, we can still live a beautiful life in this gorgeous city, Brasilia.

15: Always have a blast !

16: JOAO PESSOA BY ESTHER Capital of Paraiba, Joo Pessoa is located in the Brazilian coast at the confluence of the Sanhauá’s river with the Paraíba’s. It was founded in the second part of the sixteenth century and was transformed, in the twentieth century, in a resort rich of beaches much sought by tourists of different places. It also has a number of monuments that helped build the country's history. Joo Pessoa began to become an important urban center culturally and financially for be the head office of the Paraíba University and because the development of tourism. The focus of the development of tourism is in the beaches of Cabo Branco and Tambaú, where you can find good hotels, restaurants and services. In addition, Joo Pessoa also has a good public transportation system and people are very hospitable and welcoming. The average annual temperature is 25 Celsius degrees and the climate is tropical humid, which makes the trip to the beach even better. With regard to touristc points and beaches, here are some suggestions of places that you should visit: Saint Francisco’s church, the Isle of Areia Vermelha and Picozinho where you can dive in the coral reef, ruins of the Powder House, Jacaré’s Beache which has many bars and you can enjoy a wonderful by-the-Sun listening some music, Beach of Coqueirinho, Nudist beach called Tambaba, lighthouse of Cabo Branco that is near of Ponta do Seixas(the extreme east point of the South America), Fairs that happen on the weekend and the “Mercado” where you can buy souvenirs. In conclusion, Joo Pessoa is a beautiful city made up of nice people, where you can relax with your family or have some fun with your friends and know a little bit more about the history of Brazil. In other words it’s a place where you can find peace without giving up fun.

17: "A perfect summer day is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken" - James Dent

18: Have you ever been to a city which not only does it overflow with historical values but whose strongest call is the food and the exotic flavors it has to offer? If that is something that calls your attention, then you cannot let yourself go without visiting Belem in Brazil. Founded by the Portuguese in the 1600's, Belem the capital of Pará in Brazil has many historic buildings of colonial times that tell a story of the wealth that came in by way of this important port of nothern Brazil situated in the gateway of the Amazon. Buildings such as the Peace Theater must not only be visited and photographed, but must also be listened to in its hundreds of cultural presentations of music concerts and plays. However, it is not the historical background of this city that calls the attention of its vistors, but rather the variety of exotic smells and flavors its got to offer. The hues of colors in the strange looking fuits in the Ver-o-Peso market is fascinating for whoever might wander around the little stands in this open-air market. In addition, it is just as attracting to look through the glass doors of the ice-cream freezers trying to find among the memories of tastes one that could come close to the infinite number of new names for the flavors they have available, such as taperabá, bacurí or cupuaú among others just as exotic. And yet another adventure it is to walk down the isles of Estao das Docas, the remodeled port on the River Guamá, that nowadays is the juncture of several restaurants that serve typical food, and smell the most exotic odors of deliciously cooked regional dishes.

19: Yes, undoubtfully, visiting Belem is traveling on a trip of all five senses! By Patricia

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