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The Civil War

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S: The Civil War

FC: PORTFOLIO | Causes of The Civil War

1: The Civil War was an interesting time. You shall learn all about it!

2: How it all began...........

3: The North and South both were regions in the United States. Even though they were a part of The United States, they were quite different. For example, the South thought that they needed slaves to work on their plantations.. They were more like the country type. The North on the the other hand, did not like slavery at all. The North were like this only because they had factories and they were more like the city type. They had no interest in slaves at all. They wanted the South to work for them selves like they did.

4: What happened next? I bet this will answer your question.

5: Suddenly, Missouri asked if they could come in as a slave state. This made the North furious. It would not be fair. They would have 11 free states and 12 slave states.The North and the South argued over what to do about slavery. Finally, Henry Clay came up with a compromise. He said that the South could have Missouri only come in if the North got Maine. Both regions agreed. In addition he said that they can draw a line across the map of western U.S. at 36 degrees latitude, 30 longitude. Except in Missouri, no slave states would be allowed North of that line.

6: I bet you all know the Underground Railroad........

7: Forward Then the Underground Railroad came next. But it wasn't actually Underground or a Railroad. They said Underground because they wanted to keep it a secret. They called it a railroad because there were theses things called stations, where runaway slaves could have a break.

8: A group called abolitionists wanted to stop slavery. A man named Frederick Douglas was leading them all. He was actually a former slave that escaped. Frederick told who he got treated as a slave. It was terrible for him, for all slaves actually. He convinced everyone that the South must stop slavery. The North began to use the Underground Railroad.

9: Did You Know What? | You know how there were stations? Well, a former runaway slave named Harriet Tubman worked in the Underground Railroad. She was a conductor, which was the person who helped slaves reach stations. she did this 19 time back and forth.

10: The Compromise of 1850

11: The North and the South were starting to fight about slavery again. One day, a man named Henry Clay convinced them them to make a compromise. It is known as The Compromise of 1850. The South agreed to give California to the North.(Hint:remember when they made the border? It turns out it went right through California So they had a fight over who gets it.) The North then had to follow the Fugitive Slave Act. I was when they had to get their officials to capture runaway slaves. The North did not agree. They know they were going to get pulled into slavery. Abraham Lincoln soon said that they couldn't have the U.S. half slave and half slave free.

12: Bleeding Kansas | How did they decide for this? Let's see.

13: Kansas and Nebraska soon wanted to join the U.s. According to The Missouri Compromise, both should've been free states.But in 1854, Congress, decided to make a new law. This was called the Kansas-Nebraska Act. The two states would get to vote. They chose Kansas for people to fight at. The South claimed that they got there first. The North said that they cheated. They said that slavery people supporters from Missouri crossed over and voted illegally. Then, In 1856, slave likers marched into the town of Laurence in Kansas to arrest anti-slavery people. They burned down hotels and damaged the town. It upset and abolitionist. named John Brown.He and many people attacked and killed 5 settlers. Everyone soon knew that time for compromise was over.

14: The Election of Abraham Lincoln!

15: The North and the South's president, Abraham Lincoln, believed he could solve their problem. He would allow the South to have slavery in the places they already had it, but he would not allow them to have slavery in any other states that would be added to the U.s. The South was so upset that they seceded fro the U.S. This group was called The Confederates of The U.S. They thought they would select a new president, Jefferson Davis of Mississippi. They quickly moved to take over federal forts and other property in the South. Still, President Lincoln and many other Americans hoped that they would come back. Then on April 12, 1861, the South began to attack Federal Forts. The Civil War had started. Those were all the causes of The Civil War!

16: Hope You Learned A Lot!

17: Thanks For Watching!

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