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The Class of 2012: A Book of Memories. [Tim Johnson]

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The Class of 2012: A Book of Memories. [Tim Johnson] - Page Text Content

FC: The Class of 2012 A Book of Memories | Tim Johnson

1: Carmichael Apt. Standoff Ends with Suspect's Surrender | The World In...

3: Seniors Catch a Tune! | Song | Artist | Lyrics | Died in Your Arms Tonight Let's get Down to Business Ferret Song Beverly Hills Jack Sparrow | Cutting Crew Mulan SecretAgentBob Weezer Lonely Island | "These are all of the little things that make me smile..." "I might as well enjoy my life and watch the stars play." "This is the tale..."

4: Senior Slang | 1. Shag 2. Rug 3. Hella 4. Hai 5. Berbz | 6. Oic 7. xD (or :P) 8. Preeease 9. Rawr/Rahh! 10. Ohreally? (or ORLY?) | _______________________________________________________ | Senior Favorite Websites | Webpage Name Reddit Justin.TV Facebook Youtube Google | Web Address www.Justin.TV | Web Desc. Anything. From funny to insightful. A streaming website for anything. Mainly gaming. Social Networking Video sharing/Watching Search Engine!

5: Senior Favorite Hang Outs | 1. My room 2. The corner of any room. 3. Movie Theater 4. Friend's houses 5. Poolside ^ (Not mine. :[ )

6: My Senior Must Have's | 1. Computer 2. Phone 3. Videogames 4. Baseball (Or items related to it) 5. Drums 6.Trumpet | #1 & 3. | #5 & 6

7: ~Cont.~ 7. Car 8. Bed/Blanket 9. Glasses 10. Cast :( | #4, 8, & 9. (Glasses on red hat) | #7 *Not my actual car* | #10 | #2

8: Senior Positive Self-Talk :D | Being a Better Me | Something that I am getting better at is motivating myself to get my work done. I'm proud that I can legally drive others and withstood the pressure to do so before It was legal. I can help other people to learn. I have accomplished earning a GPA or 3.6 in my first semester of Senior year. People who expect a lot from me can make me feel overwhelmed, but also important. I want to be able to find a vocational skill that I am good at and enjoy doing. I get praise from other people when I do well at the task at hand. People can't make me do or say things I don't want to do. I don't like people to help me with anything I don't ask for help with. If I want to, I can be successful in life.

9: Friends Are... | Friends are people who will tolerate me, and who I can tolerate for long periods. My best friend is someone who I seem to enjoy in nearly every facet of life. Friendship is two people enjoying a well-cooked face. (Also, inside jokes.) We all need friends because they're the ones that help us make it through the day/week/etc. Having a friend is pretty normal. I trust friends because being a friend implies they have earned my trust. When I talk about my best friend(s) I can usually recall many fond memories. | "A friend is someone who knows you... | ...Yet loves you all the same." -Elbert Hubbard

10: Senior Pressure | When I am being pushed around, I cope bu pushing back effectively and rationally. When I am the center of attention, I cope by getting out. When I am late, I cope by leaving earlier. When I am given criticism, I try to accept it and learn. When I am feeling awkward, I cope by breaking my comfort zone. When I am embarrassed, I cope by laughing along. When I am showing affection, I... don't really need to cope. When I am being put down by others, I cope by ignoring it and walking the other way. (Not always literally.) When I am dealing with anger, I cope by trying to clear my mind... or by punching a bench. When I am being offered drugs/alcohol, I don't accept, should the offer ever be extended to me. When I am trying to meet a schedule set by others, I do my best to meet it. When I am being conformed to the standards of others, I stay true to myself. When I am accepting responsibility, I do just that.

11: 1. Don't burn yourself out early. 2. Procrastinating is your worst enemy. 3. Participate in school events. (You'll be a pro be senior year!) 4. Respect the upperclassmen, but... 5. Don't let the upperclassmen walk all over you. 6. Do your work from day one. 7. Don't sweat the small stuff! 8. You have time to make up for bad grades/classes. (Just don't make it a habit) 9. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it. 10. DON'T be stupid. | 1. Don't Slack. 2. So all of your work. (Especially projects) 3. Don't over-burden yourself. 4. Apply to a lot of colleges. 5. Apply to those colleges as early as possible! 6. Pass ALL of your classes. (Even math) 7. Participate in the school events. 8. Don't cut classes. 9. Avoid falling victim to 'senioritis'. 10. Most importantly; Don't be stupid. | Advice to the Class of 2013 | Advice to the Class of 2016

12: My Own Identity | I am a unique Person. I am unique in my creativity, thought, and interests. My family values my willingness to help. My friends value my sense of humor. My teachers value my respectful attitude. Some people are like me in their work habits, affinity for technology, and athletic nature. I always hope to preserve my health, hobbies, and ability to use common sense. I hope to improve my social skills, work ethic, and general knowledge. And I will always be proud to be me.

13: A Year of Self Reflection | ~ I feel Proud When I accomplish a set goal. ~ ~ I feel important when I am called upon for help. ~ ~ I'm not afraid to voice my opinions. ~ ~ I feel appreciated when I help people. ~ ~ I feel bored when I have a broken hand. ~ ~ I am irritated when people are closed-minded. ~ ~ I get angry when I can't come through for people. ~ ~ I am embarrassed when I fail while in the spotlight. ~ ~ I am afraid when I feel that I'm in a helpless situation. ~ ~ I am shy when I speak in front of audiences. ~ | I feel like this has not been a year of great accomplishment for me. However, there is one thing I have accomplished this year that, while may seem like nothing for some people, was pretty big for me. In my first semester of my senior year, I managed to pull out a GPA of about 3.6. After the past three years, being lazy and averaging roughly a 2.5 GPA, it was really refreshing for me and for parents, I'd imagine.

14: Figuring Out the Future | In ten years I will have graduated from college and will be employed as a computer programmer on the east coast of the US. My annual income will be enough to sustain me and allow me to live comfortably. I will be living with a spouse(?) in a nice, fairly inexpensive, yet comfortable house. My primary means of transportation will be a car that runs, or whatever is more convenient and my favorite outfit to wear will be clothing. For recreation, I will play baseball and drum. My lifestyle will hopefully be the same or better than that of my parents because I will have gotten lucky or worked hard.

15: Living Emotion | I saw boredom clearly. He was chubby and short. He turned and slowly wandered in my direction. I saw his bland gray coloring drawing nearer, and heard him mumbling incoherently to himself in a monotone voice. I felt discouraged and disheartened.

16: The Sapling | I used to be A tiny, maple sapling. Malleable and carefree. Thinking about all of the possibilities, all of the things I could be. Now I am a sturdy maple bat. Delicately and precisely carved. Trying to hit home-runs Until the day I finally break.

17: Correlative Companions | ~A car is like Summer. It is fast moving and liberating ~A Car is like a horse. It is powerful and resilient | ~A bike is like a goldfish. Free to swim, but confined to it's bowl ~A bike is like Winter . It is open, yet limiting .

18: My Main Influence | Although it's kind of hard for me to pick a single person that has had a profound impact on my life, I think I would end up choosing my brother, Chris. Honestly, the influence he has had on me hasn't been from me emulating him, or trying to be like him (To some extent), but more so seeing his mistakes and analyzing things he's done so I can avoid them. I don't mean to make it sound like he's a bad person or has made nothing but stupid decisions, on the contrary, he is actually doing pretty well right now in college. Beside learning from his mistakes, he has also shown me and told me a lot of positive things and life-lessons, as well as making sure to tell me that if I do something stupid, even if he has done it, he will beat me. With nothing but good intentions, of course. I would, with confidence, say that watching him and learning from him has really influenced how I am right now, how I have lived my life up to now, and why I really haven't done too many stupid things... yet.

19: My First 'Crush' | Quite a long time ago in first grade, I remember having my first crush. It was on a girl named Jessica. Being in First Grade, there was obviously very little actual communication and a lot of childish antics. Things like hiding on the opposite side of the pillar she was on, or praying that I would be seated next to her whenever we changed seats in class (Of course still never talking to her if I was). Of course, being first grade nothing ever came of it, and by the next year I had nearly forgotten she existed. It wasn't a very significant milestone or event in my life. I probably didn't, actually, I'm pretty certain I didn't even know what was going on. | Me, around 1st grade.

20: My TOp 10... | 1. Ribs 2. Hot wings 3. burgers 4. Mongolian BBQ 5. Pizza 6. Rice 7. Steak | Foods | 8. Sour Cream & Onion Ruffles 9. Ice Cream (Chocolate) 10. Fries | ______________________________________ | Video Games | 1. Legend Of Zelda: OOT 2. Starfox64 3. Gauntlet:Legacy 4. Starcraft II 5. Call of Duty 4 6. Warcraft III | 7. Fallout 3 8. League of LEgends 9. Super Smash Bros. (N64) 10. Final Fantasy X | _____________________________________ | tv shows | 1. Whose Line is it Anyway? 2. Improv-i-ganza 3. Daily Show 4. Mythbusters 5. Good Eats | 6. Iron Chef 7. Dexter 8. Dr. who 9. Deadliest Warrior 10. Colbert Report

21: AMix of Numbers | -521194- Hi, my name is Tim. That's right. Tim. Me. I have a very generic name. What is your name? | ________________________________________________ | Who Am I? ^ | Tim Johnson. Athletic, geeky, and caring. Who lives with his mother, father, and brother. Who loves his good friends, thinking and... small furry animals. Who needs things to occupy him, the ability to communicate or interact with others, and a place for himself to think. Who gives encouragement, his time, and his effort. Who fears extreme heights, death, and failing people. Who would like to see much of the world. Who dreams of a successfully happy life. A student of Mira Loma High School. Tim.

22: Why? | *I don't understand why some of these writing assignments even exist. *I do not understand how I manage to forget things so quickly. *I don't get how some people can lack so much common sense and general knowledge. *It doesn't make sense how somebody can hate another for leading a different lifestyle. *Most of all, I don't understand how people can deny other's rights and happiness because of differing views. *I do understand that people are too closed-minded.

23: Here Lies... | Branson Meyers Here lies Branson Meyers. It's a shame he got caught on fire. He was a rock star extraordinaire. If only he had cut his hair. | Tim Johnson Here lies Tim Johnson. He took his cleaning to Swanson's. One day, they'd had enough So they POISONED his stuff.

24: If Only... | Father Understanding and present Supportive, no matter the decision As resilient as a sequoia I wish he wasn't plagued by medical problems & illness Mrs. Pare Stern, but caring Near unconditional support As protective as a mother I wish I did better in her class. _______________________________________________________________________________________ | Anger is... | Anger If anger were a color It would be red. As fiery as a forest set ablaze. If anger were a taste It would be just like wasabi. If anger were a feeling It would be as uncontrollable as the HULK. If anger were a scent It would be rank as a rotting carcass. If anger were a sound It would be as deafening as a sonic boom.

25: Love Letter | Oh , living. How I enjoy being alive. Waking up each day, And still being there. Life. You are ever-changing And full of surprise. Let's keep on living And enjoy all of the time.

26: Thank you. | Mrs. Pare, At first, I was struggling to figure out which teacher I wanted to have my letter sent to. Which teacher had had a big enough impact on me in a positive way to make me want to write them a letter. Maybe one of the English teachers I've had, or maybe Mr.Hull. Then I actually thought about it for a second and realized that you were the obvious choice. Even though I haven't been the most amazing student in your class for the two years I've had you (at least not academically), it never ceases to baffle and completely humble me when you give me yet another second chance or opportunity to do well on something that I messed up, or something I just didn't do. I really don't mean for it to seem like don't appreciate the offers or anything, for some reason, though, I have a sort of mindset that makes it incredibly difficult for me to give myself a second chance when I don't even try the first time. It really does mean a lot to me that you never seem to give up on me (or really any other student, for that matter) and that you actually seem to care about your students. Though I'm still not doing amazing this year, I really am trying to do well and to do more work, not only in math, but in all of my classes; and you're definitely a driving force that makes me want to do better. So that you Mrs. Pare. Even though some people only choose see the stern math-teacher side of you, you're really a wonderful and just an overall good person, which is quite refreshing after a day of interacting with some of my peers in other classes, as well as whatever other stupid thing I notice or hear in the news. Sincerely, Tim Johnson

27: END.! Finally Finished

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