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The Crucible

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The Crucible - Page Text Content

S: The Cruciable

FC: Abigail Williams

2: The crackle of the fire and the burning of the moist wood create liveliness amongst the women frolicing around; nothing to clothe themselves, but the luminous glow of the florid flames. I see Tituba lost in a platonic world, her eyes roll back as if she were a blind child lost in the willowing woods of a long dark past. I feel as though something has come over me, a being that is not my own; testing me, taking my body for its own. My soul feels as though the black man has entered and twisted it into cinical warmth, to use for his own uncouth desires. He plays a game of contortion, with my decadent soul and feverish mind. In the shadows of the darkend, mysic forest, glow two possesed eyes. Then they aproach closer and closer, judging for themselves the nature of our platoinc dance. A figure slowly makes itself visible and i see the darkend shape of my uncle; Reverend Parris. Our actions can not be explained to him, I guess we will have the black man to judge for us. | The fire burns around me, Tituba, Betty and many other women join in our dance. The skies above are darkened with the pain and evil the black man brings; no one can touch him for he is thou above our earthly being. The ground trembles, Tituba has a glow of anger, pain, and fear in her eyes as she brings the undead to our eyes. | DeSCRIPTIVE

4: John, I need you now more than ever. You know very well the things we have done were not feigned, and yet you still deny it all. You love me and you very well know it, don't hide your feelings. If you did not want my company and my affection then you would have never committed adultry. I wake in the night because I can not dream. I wander through the house in the cold dark of the evening, hoping you would walk through my doorway. You look up into my window with your sullen lonliness burning for the passion that we share; do not lie John i see it in your eyes. That woman you call your wife blackens my name and puts shame on you and you know it! | The day you held me in your embrace behind the shade of your house; out of the site of your wife's glare, I felt the fierce passion through your hands that came from the deepest orifiace of your heart. When that wench put me out of your house, your wan face dropped with anger and disbelief; your heart felt pain and I could see it on your face. At night your heat draws my soul to my window only to know you are burning for the same passion both, emotional and physical, as I do. The other day you said to me that you still think of me softly from time to time, you confessed that you thought of the same desires as I, the same sins that i find myself wandering through day after day. I love you John; and I know you feel the same. | Persuasive


6: The sun beams through the small window next to the bed that Bettys limp body lies upon. The wind whistles in the daytime's lost purpose. Reverend Hale has been called to uncover the going on's in Salem, we have been accused of witchcraft; a hanging crime. In the room stand, My uncle Parris, Giles Corey, myself, and Betty is still spread out upon the bed. My uncle questions why the Devil would choose a holy man such as himself to bring this torrment upon; Hale responded with an unwanted and fear jerking answer. " What victory would the Devil have to win a soul already bad? It is the best the Devil wants, and who better than the minister?" | My uncle beckons betty to awaken, but she does not stir. Then as if thunder had struck the ground, my world was questioned; "What sort of dancing were you doing in the forest?", asked Hale. I responded with " common dancing", hoping they would believe me. I told them " I am a good girl! I'm a proper girl!" Tituba is brought into the room and I tell the world of the things she made us do that night around the fire. I said," she made me do it! she makes me drink blood!" Tituba's face is distruahgt and wan, as she tries to defend her situation; " No, no, chicken blood. I gave she chicken blood Mr. Hale! I swear i truck with no Devil!" The hunt for witches in Salem hath only just begun. | NARRATIVE

8: not one greatly looked at in the community I tried to get John to leave with me on a vessel; far away from the newfound troubles in Salem. He would not charish me and come with me to a place far away; a place in better spirits than that of Salem. He would not look into my sorrowfull eyes; he vowed to stay there and stand for himself and what has been done. So I shall flee; take my uncle's money and leave this retched place, allowing the mistakes to take care of themselves. Salem shall never look upon | REFLECTIVE | I feel that people should reproach me for the things I have caused amongst the community members, for I have caused colossal amounts of pain and dispair. This whole situation has sensitized me and I can not bear to look into the eyes of the inocent people that have been condemned through fiegned actions. Although I will to preserve my image.I felt that I needed to get John's attention, but I found that I came out to be a meretricious and coniving woman;

9: my face ever again, for I do not desserve it. I shalt never lie again in the name of jesus and the holy spirit. My friends and family warned me to stop but we did not...I led these girls to murder and they can pay for following me. I shalt not justify for them.

10: Yesterday in church i gave Marry a rag doll with a needle in it to give to Goody Proctor; hopefully this will lead to her damnnation. I can not be with out John another day! Marry decided to cry out to John telling that this was all a lie; that all of the goings on as of late have been feigned. The other girls and I found ourselves in the court house being cross questions for everything that has gone on in the past weeks. We had the judge eating out of our hands as we played dumb and feigned the image of a yellow bird | amongst the rafters. We ran towards the sea with moist dirt beneath our feet; the water was cold and frigged as we dove to preserve our image. The rest of the community followed as the our screams echoed through the cool air. I do not know what came about Marry, but her demeanor changed; she began to look scared and blamed John for toying with the Black Man. I was cold and confused as she came to me and held me tight; what John did next I did not expect. " God is dead!", he said. | Descriptive

11: Feigned!!

12: I MUST TRUST IN GOD!!!! | I Need To Find Him Again!!!

13: I have dug a hole in which I can not escape. The pain and fear in the community has been caused by no more than selfishness and shame. I can not bear it any longer so tomorrow at dawn I shall flee to somewhere I do not even know; to a place that shame shall not reach me. Scared? Yes, I am extremely scared, but I can not stay another fort night. As I look upon my room there is emptyness, darkness, and fear. I can not see much as it is late in the quiet of the night. My uncle sleeps in the room down the hall; he does not know of my plans to leave, but he shall find me gone in the morning. Well I fear that it is time to go, but first I shall take 30 | pieces from my uncle to support myself as long as I shall need. The morning light shines through the misty morning as I set out, the ground is damp under my feet. Not a single soul stirs, I want to keep it that way. As I walk for hours I can only think of the troubles I left unfinished behind me; I am running to escape, but it seems the thoughts will not leave with my footsteps away from Salem. I finally found a colossal willow tree and I must stop to rest underneath its shaded branches that fall over head. The birds chirp and I feel that this journal can not be kept in my possession, for the memories will forever be burnt into my chest. I shall leave it here for whom ever to find; just know this is the story of Abigal Williams. | Descriptive

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