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The Crusades

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The Crusades - Page Text Content

S: Failed Wars of God: Journey to the Holy Land by Chan and Stern

BC: Copyrite© 2011 | U.S.A. $19.99 Can. $21.99

FC: Failed Wars of God: Journey to the Holy Land | Carmen Chan | Lily Stern

1: Failed Wars of God: Journey to The Holy Land | By Carmen Chan and Lily Stern | Eyer Middle School

2: Note before you read. The Crusades were a series of military expeditions launched by Pope Urban II. All characters and events in this story is true, except for the narrating character. This story is on the First Crusade and its journey to the Holy Land. | Enjoy! | All rights reserved | This book is dedicated to Pope Urban II because without him, the crusades would never have happened and therefore this mixbook would never have existed in which this book is also dedicated to Ms. Torpey for being such an awesome social studies teacher and for letting this mixbook be created.

3: November 27th, 1095 - Pope Urban II has just called us to Clermont. It was odd but soon, we found out what it was about. He announced that a group of people called the Saracens had captured the Holy Land. They are against God and Christianity. The Pope promised us that if we fought against the Saracens, we would earn a place in Heaven. He finished his speech and was fallowed many cries of "God Wills it!" We were excited and the city was in excitement. We shall now go and capture back the Holy Land from those who appose Christianity!

4: April 1096 - We were supposed to set out to the Holy Land on the 15th of August but a German monk named Peter the Hermit set out with his group of peasants and common men earlier from this date. We of course stayed behind of order of the pope until the initial set out date. A foolish move to set out alone without any tactical experience, but we could not stop him. Let us hope he does not fail.

5: August 15th, 1096 - We had set out to the Holy Land. Thousands upon thousands of men, women, children, peasants, and other non-combants had taken part in this journey. Foolish thing to do, although I do admire their courage and their strong belief for faith. However, they will slow us down greatly. Four major groups set out today: two on land and two on sea. Following them were smaller groups led by local lords and nobles. I took the land route.

6: October 30th, 1096 - We had received word that Peter the Hermit had just invaded Nicaea in the Byzantine Empire: an empire we vowed to protect. He marched toward the city on the 21st of October into Constantinople and into Nicaea. Near the village of Drakon, they fell to an enemy ambush and were slaughtered by Saracen forces. He was foolish to do such thing and now he has fallen. Hopefully the enemy doesn't know of our plans.

7: February 3rd, 1097 - Halfway to the Holy Land, in the bitter cold, armed Saracens lay ahead of us. They saw us marching and sounded an alarm. Once we heard this we started a cavalry charge towards them to stop them. The Saracens however formed small groups around each of our knights and hit them off guard to get the upper hand. I was scratched by a sword, but other than that I was not that terribly wounded. We fought off the forces and set up camp to heal for the day.

8: October 21st, 1097 - We had just laid siege on the city of Antioch. The battle was hard but we pushed forward. Suddenly though, the gates to the city closed on us and we were trapped inside of the walls while fighting the Saracens. Let's just pray that we have enough food until people are able to find us. | February 20th, 1098 - 4 months has already passed since we first laid siege. The army is starving. The large number of non-combants has depleted our food supply greatly. Bohemond of Taranto was chosen to lead an army into Hispania for food. I am currently too hungry to write now and I have to save my energy. I must put down the pen.

9: Bohemond of Taranto

10: June 2nd, 1098 - I have to estimate the date here for I have lost track of time in my time here. I woke up to hear footsteps of men outside of the walls. A ladder hit the wall and soldiers came climbing over them. The ladder soon broke and less soldiers came. A Frankish soldier that made it over told us that reinforcements for the enemy are coming. Bohemond feigned a march out to meet the enemy, but marched back to the city at night to scale the walls. The gates opened and all the soldiers came pouring in and the fighting began. I too went to fight against the enemy despite my hunger. We massacred the many Saracen soldiers and captured most of the city.

11: June 28th, 1098 - The enemy has underestimated the size of each division of our forces. The battle was short. Bohemond of Taranto beat the enemy army back. Soon the remaining troops had to retreat because of low numbers and the city is finally ours after 9 months of besieging the city. I am now tired and have to rest.

12: June 7th, 1099 - I have not written in this journal since we had conquered Antioch, but we have finally reached Jerusalem. On our way we had passed through the cities of Tripoli, Gibilet, Tyre, and Acre. In the city of Gibilet however, we suffered a great thirst and we were worn out. We then reached to a river called Ibrahim, and the treacherous journey payed off. Many cried with joy upon reaching the city of Jerusalem. At length, our leaders decided to beleaguer the city with siege weapons. They constructed wooden towers and many other siege machines. The Saracens however, saw us engaging in this work that they strengthened the fortifications of the turrets at night. Meanwhile, our water supply was limited. Later We have finished building the siege weapons. The towers were brought to all sides of the city walls. We damaged the walls and entered the city, killing anyone who stood in our way. Blood flew every were: from the body and off the swords. Soon the city was bathed of blood of the residents.

14: July 22nd, 1096 - Alas we have won the battle and captured the city after more than a month. I fear, though, that I will not return home to my family for I have been terribly wounded during battle. Stabbed by a sword I now strain in writing in this journal with my own blood. The most important thing, though, was that the siege turned into a success and we have won the Holy Land. I now lay in a pool of blood from the thousands of inhabitants I have killed. I now pray that God shall find me a place in heaven. It is hard to write now and I'm afraid that I must put down the pen. Farewell and God bless thee.

15: Our story ends, but the wars continue.... In the end there were a total of 8 major Crusades. After the capture of Jerusalem, the Crusades continued to be a success. In the end however, the crusades became a failure. In 1187, a Muslim leader named Saladin captured Jerusalem and Antioch without any bloodshed. In 1204, crusaders attacked Constantinople. The Fourth Crusade represented one of the greatest blunders of the crusades. This was the turning point in the decline of popular support. In 1212, in what is called the Children's Crusades, two groups of unarmed children from France and Germany set out for the Holy Land, believing that they could recapture Jerusalem from the Muslims. None of the participants of the Children's Crusades ever reached Jerusalem... However, even though the Crusades ultimately failed in their goal of retaking and occupying the Holy Land, it wasn't a total loss. With the Crusades, there was an increase of contact and trade between the East and the West.

16: The Crusaders brought back many things from the East, such as new foods, new spices, and new words. Europeans also learned many things such as Islamic medicine, astronomy, chemistry, geography, mathematics, and architecture. Although the Crusades were one of history's great defeats, the increase of trade and learning they brought was a major factor of launching the Renaissance.

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18: About the Authors | Carmen Chan Carmen was born December 2nd, 1998 in Easton, Pennsylvania and is now a 13 year old middle schooler at Eyer Middle School. She is the youngest member of the family by 8 years. She has 2 older brothers and an older sister and is an aunt to a nephew and a niece. She enjoys many activities that include art, sword fighting, writing, and gaming. Her favorite subjects are Social Studies and Science and her favorite sport is football. She dreams of becoming a famous artist and plans of publishing a book. She also plans to study abroad to England, France, and Japan for literature, art, and game designing. Currently she is writing a fantasy genre book and a double-author book with a friend. She is considered the "oddball" in her group of friends and is a sci-fi and anime "geek". | Fantasy form ----> An art wolf with dragon wings and a sword

19: Lily Stern Lily was born in May 20, 1998, in China, Hefei. She is 13 year old now, and goes to Eyer Middle School. Lily is the middle child, she have 3 sister and 5 brothers. She likes to read fiction books that mostly about vampires and other nonliving animals. Her favorite subject is Social Studies, Math, and FCS. Her favorite sport is Ice Hockey, soccer, and Basketball and her favorite animals are dolphins, foxes, cats, dogs, and more. When Lily grows up she wants to open her own bakery shop. She would like to open her shop in New York City because that place has many people that live there, and many people that visit there. She would also like to visit the whole China, France, India, and Tokyo. | l

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