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The Desmond And Tyler Reconstruction Foundation

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S: The Proposal of the Century

BC: "A House Divided Against it self cannot Stand"


1: Dear Mr.President I have before me a proposal that will change the country as it is. The country has suffered enough defeat and destruction. And so I will enlighten you on ideas to help bring back our missing brother and together we will be a stronger and more powerful union. A wise inventor once said " a house divided against it self cannot stand". Meaning that having the south departed from us, will make both of us more in debt and unhelpful. So, by the end of this book you will have enough information to decide if you will take my decision and use it or not.

2: Mr.President I think that you should allow the 10% plan to be passed which allowed the south to have 10% of the norths power, for a faster return of the lower half to the upper country. It also would help the east quickly reunite with west. | Now a law that I think you should not be included in your reconstruction plan are the black codes. They limited the rights of the African Americans, violating the amendments.This would make blacks not want to join or support your construction. It wouldn't be fair to strip the african-americans of their rights. | The 13th amendment was also a great aspect for the rebuild experiment, since it abolished slavery (made it illegal). Making your job easier for rebuilding the country from hard work and cooperation.

3: Another good reference that should be added to your reconstruction plan is the 14th and 15th amendments because they allowed citizenship to all people and allowed all men to vote. This would help picking an accurate government with distributed power between the whites and blacks.

5: I would also like to add the freedman's Bureau and the Port Royal Experiment. The Freedman's Bureau allowed recently freed blacks the shelter, clothes and jobs to those who could not afford it. The Port Royal Experiment watched the blacks to see if they could survive in society and also to see if they could create families. So by using this in your country many blacks will support you, which is most of the population on the other side. | Now what you do not want to do is be like Andrew Johnson and be impeached because than people would question your leadership. The support wouldn't be significant if you followed andrew johnson. A key suggestion would be to run your government where all people would have an overall appreciation of your ideas.

6: The KKK is a bad aspect to the African American life, and those who supported the reconstruction and blacks. They burnt houses, killed families and raided villages and towns. So you should try your best to have guards in each town to prevent the worthless killings. This would eliminate the great numbers in your nation. Do not forget that the kkk doesn't just hate the blacks but everyone who supports reconstruction. Make sure security is at a high number

7: Some people in the south were supporters of reconstruction and were known as Scalawags and CarpetBaggers. CarpetBaggers are individuals who come from the south to join the north on foot with all their belongings. Scalawags were supporting the federal government so you should try to save them and keep them close to us. Cause like wise the east will kill those who join the West. And we could use those supporters to bring others to our reconstruction.

9: The Colfax Massacre, Us v. Cruikshank(1876) and The Slaughter House Cases were pointless crimes that did not protect the blacks from being killed due to the 14th amendment which said it protected the states not the People. It did not get helped by the Civil Rights Act of 1866 because it was vetoed by Johnson. So I say that you should try to save and protect the blacks so pointless crimes will not spread throughout Gampistan.

10: Now as the president of our nation I suggest that you be like Ulysses S. Grant because he was a brave person and fought against the Ku Klux Klan. He was also a soldier in the army, which soon turned him into a lieutenant. I assume that if you follow in his footsteps you will be a great leader. Many people will follow you, It may even help the east to rejoin the west. | Now Grant also had some downfalls to his presidentcy. He allowed for the hunting of the buffalo's, which led to the slow depletion of the Native Americans. That was their primary food and clothing. So as the president of Gampistan I suggest that you make wise decision on what to make legal and illegal. Bad judgement will be the factor deciding whether the east will rejoin us.

11: This is a picture of Charles Sumner. He was a great abolitionist on slavery and tried to punish Ex-confederates. So I think you should have people like him because many blacks would join and the east would never want to leave again | This is Hiram Revels, in office he tried to convince the other chairmen how successful the other blacks could be in society and that they should be given a chance. People like him in your government could really help you make good decisions throughout your presidency.

12: Redemption: another bad cause towards your reconstructed nation. Because it was a time when the whites wanted to rewind time so to speak. And have America back to what it use to be with slaves. So this type of change in your nation would totally destroy your whole cause to keep your country safe and newly born. So I submit to you with my whole interest that you do not, or try your best to keep these ideas out of whites heads. By killing any sign of rebellion or revolt (soldiers in every city or state to stop plans). Making the east more deciding on their choice overall.

13: Two other topics that you would kind of pay attention to is the Panic of 1857 and the Compromise of 1877. In the Panic of 1857, great depression happened. Firing people from jobs, take the homes away from others, and depleting what was left of the clothes and food. Because of this effect the U.S took a great tumble. But Gampistan, is a strong country, so you as its leader should make sure times like those will never happen to this nation. By not going in debt from pointless wars, or by spending money on things hat we absolutely do not need. Or you can even stop this from happening by not worrying about yourself and care for citizens. Making sure your actions do not destroy the lives of them. Now on the other hand you would also like to think about the Compromise of 1877. Which was an agreement between the north and south, that said if the north would pull their troops out of the souths terrain than the south would follow along with the reconstruction of U.S. So I have decided to say that if you follow along with this plan as well than you will bring back the east to us and we will have once a again one nation. Which we can make accurate decisions on what to do for our newly created country/nation.

14: To settle things in this union and make things even, you should allow share cropping. Sharecropping helped farmers get food and money for their hard work by selling what they had raised on their farms to the market. But on the flip side you should not include tenant farming, because it was based on slave labor. So by including one and not the other more people will be happier. The surplus supplies of farming in the south or in this case the east would be a huge contribution to making money and growing food. | An act that should be passed as the lord of this land is the "Civil Rights Act of 1875" which allowed everybody (no matter the race or color) to be granted land and money with housing and safety in the U.S. I think that if you pass such a law many people will join the west, and it will allow and make the east become re-united with us to once again stand a strong domain.

15: The last thing I would like to present to you is General Sherman's Order 15. Which helped African Americans live in , not so much a black but white America life as a black. By giving them shelter and food and other things they would need to survive. Like giving them housing, jobs and an education. And by doing likewise with this order you could help many blacks in the west and east. Who would afterwards gladly help you in your reconstruction.

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