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The Field Trip

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BC: My name is Haleigh Karaan Strader! I live in Houston, Texas. I'm a sixth grader at Dolly Vogel Intermediate. This story is about a group of students | who's plane crashes in the amazon rain forest. This is there story of struggle and survival. Hoping one day to be rescued from the harsh surroundings that they were thrust into by an act of fate. Hoping one day they can be reunited with there families.

FC: The Field Trip | By: Haleigh Strader

1: I dedicate this book to my parents, for being there for all my years I have needed help.

2: Chapter 1 We were sitting in the class room when Mrs. 'D' bursts in the door and says "Class, we are going to Rio!" | "The Rio Grande?" Will asks. "No! Rio de Janeiro!" says Mrs. 'D'. "Where is that?" we all ask. "Oh my gosh!" | "How could you not know about Rio de Janeiro? Okay, first off it's in South America. Thats pretty much all you need to know. We will learn the rest when

3: we get there! We will be going in the begining of February, which will start tomorrow! Okay, we will leave the airport at around 10:00 A.M. and arrive at Continental Airlines in | Port-of-Spain, Trinidad at around 2:00 P.M. We will have lunch and then go from there on out from TAM Brazil Airlines to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil all at around 3:30 P.M. and hopefully we will find a fancy hotel and get our rooms at around 10:45 P.M. Haleigh, Zaida, you will be the flight attendants of plane #1. Will, pilot. Justin, co-pilot. Okay, now plane #2. Madison and Makensie, flight attendants. Bryce, pilot. Thomas, co-pilot! Great!"

4: Chapter 2 "Woo hoo! Here we go, on our way to Rio de Janeiro!" We were all so excited, especially me because it was my first plane ride ever! I had never felt so alive! It was the best feeling I had ever felt in | whole twelve years that i had been alive! About two hours later we were all bored to death! Bryce was trying to balance a pencil on his nose, Madison was texting her friend Paige and i was listening to my iPod Touch. It was so boring.

5: Suddenly the pilot smelled a fume and one flight attendant grabbed a fire extinguisher while the other one was crawling on the floor to feel if it was hot or not. Then I saw a sign that said, "BUCKLE SEATBELTS!" me and Madison got really nervous, so we put on our seat belts really quick! Then I yelled, "every one put on your seat belts because I think we are going down!!!" Then I heard the pilot say, "Flight attendants, please grab a seat for a second. We have experienced engine failure and we are going to try to find a spot to land. But until then I think we are going down!!!"

6: Chapter 3 "...I think we are going down!!!" the pilot says. "Oh no, we crashed!" said Celeste. O.k., so we crashed. Big deal! O.k., it is a big deal! What are we going to eat? Where will we sleep? What are we going to..."

7: "Ahhh!" yelled Makensie. Then I had realized that after the crash a lot of people had gotten hurt or injured, including me! I had broken my ankle. Makensie had a broken arm, Bradley a heat stroke, Madison had a spasm, and Javier, a wee little cut on his poor cheek plus many more injuries. There were so many injuries,

8: you couldn't even count them! I sat there trying to make a cast out of the gauze that was in the first-aid kit and a long stick that I pulled off the tree next to me. Oh, wait I just realized that we had crashed on... | The Great Kapok Tree! "Class, remain calm! We will get all the injuries cured and clean. We just need to figure out how to get down from this tree!" said Mrs.D trying to calm us down. So far this was the worst field trip ever!

9: Chapter 4 Later that night, eventually we all got down from The Great Kapok Tree and we all got help if we got injured. Thank gosh that some of the boys were boy scouts so they could build us a couple of fires so we could get warm. The next morning we got up and we found some stuff.

10: The stuff we gathered is what we used to make some shelter. I made a lean-to. What, you don't know what a lean-to is? Well it is something made out of sticks, palm leaves, and small vines. First you get the poles to make a frame, the palm leaves to put them on top and to keep the rain out. Then you get the vines and tie them together and you get a lean-to! Now that we have our shelter, which took most of the day to build, it was time to find some food because we

11: were starving to death! Instead of some people building shelter, a lot of people made spears and bows and arrows to hunt and gather food for us. They caught fish, found fruit and roots, and shot wild animals with there spears. Well, at least the boys did all that stuff. The girls and teachers built the lean-tos. The hunt was very successful and we had a feast for about a week!

12: Chapter 5 About four weeks later, I heard a drone of a plane and thought it was close by. I walked out of my lean-to to go look | out and I couldn't believe my eyes! I auctually saw a plane! "Guys, guys! Quick, quick, over here! I see a plane, I see a plane! Look, look!" We all started to scream and jump so the pilot could get our attention. And as a suprise, he saw us and came down! We were all so excited! This was the best moment of my life! When the plane got down, I was the last

13: one on. Every one was yelling and jumping for me to get on, and that sir, was the best moment of my life! I will never forget the best field trip ever! The End

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