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The Final Ballot...

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S: By Cam, Amy, and Sarah

FC: The Final Ballot... | Annoying Orange | V O T E | F O R

1: Speech | Voting for me, the Annoying Orange will help you in many ways. I am well known with kids which will get your children involved with government. I have a good sense of humor and even though it doesn't seem this way to some people, know how to take control and action. Making me your Texan governor will also put healthy food choices on your child's plate at school that is full of healthy but good-tasting vegetables, grains, protein, and fresh fruits (*wink*). I will also form a water management plan to help us to get through this horrible long-lasting drought. I believe more scientists should be researching new ways to create clean biodegradable fuel to run our country and help decrease our dependence on foreign oil. Illegal Immigration is a also a growing problem. One way I will help secure the borders of Texas is to run strict background checks on all immigrants and station more people at our borders. This will help create more jobs and secure Texas. I am a strong believer that the key to success is education and determination. Our schools should be enjoyable for all kids. That's why I am creating a new program called STRENGTH that is meant to eliminate bullies (like grapefruit) everywhere and encourage kids to be drug free. Well, that's my speech, and I would really appreciate your vote. And don't forget every vote counts! Hey, hey, hey. Hey voters! Vote for me!

2: Biographical Outline | The Annoying Orange is 35 years old and male. | The Annoying Orange's family fully supports him in everything and every way. His sister, Clementine, is full of juice and support while his mother, Tangie and his father Tangelo are kind and give constant advice. His friends are also there to help him.

3: His political party is the Republicans and he is currently running for the office of Texas governor. He doesn't hold a current office but has worked as a former campaign manager for various Republicans. The Annoying Orange was educated at Yale for law school. | The Annoying Orange was born is Bradengton, Florida. However, he has has grown roots in Sugarland Texas where he has resided his whole life. He is also Christian. | The Annoying Orange's favorite quote is as Herodotus said, "All men's gains are the fruit of venturing." However, he can also be found many tiumes saying his own soon-to-be quote, "Hey, hey, hey. Hey, voters! Vote for me!"(:

4: Qualifications | The Annoying Orange is very much qualified for the position of Texas governor. He is persuasive and is capable of changing things for the better of the people. He also has the qualities required, such as determination and good character. He is well educated and has strong ideas and knows how to take care of the current conflicts. Also, he never forgets that he is there to provide the needs of the people.

5: The Annoying orange is very active. He has helped out in the Soup Kitchen and was a local volunteer for the fire department. He is part of many community service associations and has attended many political events. | The Annoying Orange votes for and has voted for Republicans that he respects and thinks will be able to do the job. Usually this is the person he is currently working for as a campaign manager, as he has had many good opportunities. However, after gaining much experience, he has decided to upgrade himself to running for the Texas governor.

6: Platform | Illegal Immigration is a growing problem in Texas. Jobs and the economy has attracted many people to illegally come over the border from Mexico to Texas. This is edging out the native Texans' oppurtunities. The annoying orange thinks that we need to put more effort into securing our border by stationing people at it. This will help put workless people with jobs.

7: One of the current issues that are impacting Texas is the long lasting drought. The extreme lack of rain is causing the crops to die, making this problem economical. The agriculture of Texas is failing, and that affects the prices of beef to socks, varying from livestock to cotton crops. Farmers report of not being able to support the cattle and water is growing scarce. The Annoying Orange believes that we need to monitor our water usage by taking quick showers, turn off water when not in use, and he has also created a water management plan to help our people get through this drought. | Texas energy and resources use is a conflict here. Oil is too much depended on and is polluting the state. Texas has a huge renewable energy potential. There are enough resources such as wind, solar and biomass to use for a cleaner state. I believe we should research what resources TX has and what they can be used for.This will decrease our dependency on oil.

8: Mistakes | Rick Perry executively ordered that all Texas school girls in the 6th grade take the vaccine, Gardasil. This shot was developed to prevent HPV, the most commonly transmitted disease. It costed about 120 dollars per shot and right then was pretty new. However, this The Annoying Orange will make sure that all vaccines are fully researched, safe and actually neccesary for the people.

9: Federal officials have charged Texas 3.96 million dollars for issuing food stamp benefits. People were either over or under paid for two years in a row. The Annoying Orange will make sure to double check everything to avoid any more mistakes.

10: Unit Questions | The Texas government is like a reflection of the U.S. government because they both have a constitution, three branches of government and the same purpose: to keep order within the people, run our country/state smoothly and to help balance everything. They both also have two houses in congress, enforce laws, collect taxes, and borrow and provide welfare for the public. | All of the principles of government are reflected in the Texas Constitution. They are Checks and Balances, Seperation of Powers, Republicanism, Federalism, Limited Government, Individual Rights and Popular Sovereignty. They influence the government by outlining parts of the government, describing the rights of citizens, and provides a method for making changes, or adding amendments.

11: The different levels of government help meet the needs of the people by having power over different things so that they can be more equal in power and take care of the citizens. The level federal takes care of things like printing money and signing treaties, while the level state is in charge of establishing schools and things like drivers liscenses. Also, the level local has power over things like traffic, zoning and police protection. | Texas can participate in the government in many ways. They can vote during elections, volunteer and join councils and attend meetings that discuss governmental issues within their community. | Political parties found in Texas portray the beliefs of Texas citizens by showing what they believe in. They express the peoples' views and help the voter decide who they are voting for. The political parties represent what the people believe in and want. For example, if you believe in a certain thing that the Republican party also believes in, you support them and not the Democratic party because trhey beleive in different things.

12: Earlier this week, I heard Scooby-Doo saying things that ruined my reputation and also he was making false accusations toward me. He said that I was a little too annoying and that some fruit told him that I actually enjoyed watching Apple get cut by a knife. He also accused me of saying that he was too nice to be governor and that he just like to play around all the time. | Mudslinging

13: I want to hold an official meeting wih Scooby-Doo to address this problem. I would also like for all of Texas to see this broadcasting live to set everything straight. I want to make it clear that I didn't say those things and it is that knid of lying that can ruin a reputation or damage a campaign. Also, there was simply nothing I could do to help Apple and that I was simply being kind by warning him that the knife was even coming. I hope Scooby-Doo knows that putting down others does not put you on top and that acting like an immature child by blaming others to try to gain for yourself is not one of the qualities you should have to be running for Texas governor.

15: http://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2011/06/04/rick_perrys_gardasil_problem_110089.html www.wiki.answers.com www.davidsimpson.com www.statesman.com www.online.wjs.com www.whitehouse.gov | Resources

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