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The Follower

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S: The Follower By: Daniel Amankwatia

BC: © Copyright 2010

FC: The Follower By:Daniel Amankwatia

1: No more. I'll never see them again. I feel lost in the world. The house just feels so different. My folks would always liven up things which made the house feel so warm and comforting. Now it is a dark and lifeless abode. I haven't gone an hour without crying my eyes out of the thought of it. I know I can't change a thing. They are gone and that's that. I am tired of this terrible feeling. I gotta get my mind of them for a little while. I need to get some grocery's anyway, so I'll drive to the grocery store.

2: The car was just as I left it. The old black car my dad used to drive. Still had a dent in the back from my first try at parallel parking. The grocery store seemed farther this drive. I'm approaching the light now. I remember this light better than any other one. This was where I got my first ticket. There is a strange man on the right of my car. He has long black hair, and a face filled with scars. Now he is walking towards my car door...why? Great! The light is green. Time to get away from this weirdo.

3: Alright. Now I am freaked out. The man is running after my car and he doesn't appear to be slowing down. Yet, he might be out for a midnight.....maybe he wants to steal my car! I better step on it. Great! Just great! My car broke down! That man is still after me! I better run to get help...just incase.. I hear the man screaming behind me . He is getting closer. Its only a matter of time until...he catches me. | That's It! The police station two blocks down!. I should go there. I finally made it. The man seemed to disappear which is good. Also the police want to relocate me to some house in Macungie. There I will be safe and get my mind of things.

5: The house was an old two-story house. I doubt I will ever see the man again because it is so far in the woods. The doors of the house are broken and the floors are really creaky. It's pretty late so I put my bag down and now I am in the kitchen getting some snacks. Well now I better get some sleep. That's odd. I thought I left my bag the bag is in my room and I never been there until now. Oh well! Probably just my nerves. The bed is pretty comfortable and the pillow is soft and ...Zzz. BANG. BANG. What was that! BANG. BANG. It's him! I know it. Why are you doing this. What did I do! Get out of my room you monster you! Where did you go! He's..Gone! The man came broke in my door and left. The question is...Will he return!

6: I can't risk another break in. I will create a defense on my door so that the man or monster will not be able to get inside my room. Maybe if I put a table on the door...There! Now I need some planks of wood. I guess I can rip up some of the floor. Alright now I need a bell on the top. If the door does move I can hear it and quickly call the authorities. This is the perfect plan. Now all that is left to do is pray that I may see another day.

7: Ring a Ling! Ring a Ling! He is here. The ringing got louder just as the knocking has. I need to call the police now. "Hello 911, whats your emergency?" "Hello. My name is lous I live on 7342 Elm Street. A man is breaking into my room door. Please help!" "We'll be there in 5 minutes!" "Hurry...please" I don't have that time! He'll be in my room any second and the police will be too late. Theres only one thing to do...get out! The window has a flower pot next to it. I better be careful not to brea...CRACK! The pot fell and made a lot of noise! Suddenly the knocking on the door stopped. He knows I am trying to escape. | I am running as fast as I can but I know this man or monster is much faster. I can't run on forever. If only the police would pass by. If only...

8: I hear the screams again. Every second coming closer. The screams are like arrows that pierce my soul. It has been at least 10 minutes and no police. Nothing but the sound of death from behind me. I know that sooner or later I will be doomed. There is no hope. I can't run anymore. The only thing I can do is....fight! My foot is not moving anymore. I will not be afraid any longer. If this monster wants to take me down...I'll take it down with me! The monster is now laughing..must not think I can take him."I'm taking you down with me!" All I can think about is my family..mainly, my father. I can't cry anymore. I'm doing this for you! I will charge the beast

9: Let's do this! Bam! My body feels cold. Everything is cold. Everything is painful. The man stood up while I still lay. He is mocking me again while I am slowly dying. "I said I was taking you down with me!" Ckkkk Ckkkk Ckk Ck. Those are the final noises the man made as he was begging for air. My hands are still around his neck Even though the blade is deeper in me I will not let go! Uhh. Dead. The Follower is dead! I have won. I have brought honor to my family. I have gained courage. I have...I... Splat! I am cold...I hear the police sirens near me. I knew they would be too late..but I have won.

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