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The Funky First Americans

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FC: The Funky First Americans | Created by: Gwen and Kaitlyn

1: Paleo Indians | The Paleo Indians were the first people to enter America. Archaeologists believe that they may have entered America about 12,000 years ago. The term Paleo Indian means Ancient Indian.

2: During the last ice age, the water level dropped due to the glaciers. When the water went down, it uncovered a land mass which was known as Beringia. The Paleo Indians crossed this land bridge on foot from Asia to the Alaska area, but they migrated throughout North and South America. | When the glaciers melted, the water level rose again, covering the mass of land. That area today is known as the Bering Strait.

3: When the Paleo people migrated to America, it was because they were following large game, their main source of food. These groups spread as far east as Virginia and traveled as far south as the southernmost tip of South America. | It has been difficult to find some artifacts of these people because they existed so long ago. It's thought that they used some bone tools as well as stone, but bone items haven't been preserved for us to find.

4: These are stone axes. The sharp end was used for splitting or chopping wood. The blunt end was used as a hammer. The axe was attached to a wooden handle and secured with sinew from an animal tendon. | The atlatl was a tool used for throwing spears. The atlatl made the thrower have more power and accuracy from greater distances.

5: TOOLS AND WEAPONS | These are projectile points being used as spears. These spears were used to hunt animals. | This is also a projectile point. It may have been used as a spear, but it could've also been used as a knife, if it had a smaller handle.

6: The Paleo Indians were hunter-gatherers, meaning that they hunted animals and gathered plants for food. Some examples of hunted animals are the mammoth, mastodon, ground sloth, and bison.

7: These are some petroglyphs, that were found done by the Paleo Indians. Petroglyphs are pictures carved into the rock.

8: Shelter | It has been difficult to find a lot of evidence of the shelters, but archaeologists believe that simple skin tents were used because they were easy to transport.

9: -Clothing- | In everyday life, the Paleo Indians wore little clothing. They mostly just wore plant fibers and animal skins. When the weather was colder, they wore more animal skins as clothing to keep warm.

10: Cliff Dwellers/Anasazi | The Cliff Dwellers existed in 100 B.C to 1300 A.D.

11: The Cliff Dwellers | The following pages are about the Anasazi and their ways of life.

12: The Cliff Dwellers eat different types of food daily. They go fishing, hunting, they grow their own crops, and pick berries. They grow corn, squash, cotton, and beans. The Cliff Dwellers are also Hunter-Gatherers.

13: The Cliff Dwellers hunted lots of animals including: | Coyote | Mule Deer | Gophers | Cottontail Bunny | Mountain Sheep | Squirrel

14: This is a picture of a Pictograph. A Pictograph is a form of writing that Indians would use to tell stories.They would paint pictures on rocks or walls. | This is a Cliff Dweller Symbol.

15: Cliff Dweller Pottery

16: The Cliff Dwellers used tools daily. They used tools for digging, scraping, cutting, killing animals, ect. The hide scraper was used to scrape fur off hides. Many tools were found by Archaeologists, and are now considered Artifacts.

17: This map shows where the Cliff Dwellers lived.

18: The Cliff Dwellers lived in the 4 corners. Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

19: The beads to the left, are one trading item that the Cliff Dwellers used.

20: Cliff Dwellers

21: Their Pueblo Houses made of Adobe bricks.

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