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The Giver

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S: The Giver Project

BC: This book is awesome, and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers. It is a cool, creative and a true book, at times I had felt like I was even in the book, this book is so interesting, and I would rate this book a 9.5/10


1: Jonas, a 12 years old boy gets the assignment of the Receiver of Memory. In the Annex, Jonas meets The Giver who then transmits both memories of Pain and Joy. In Jonas's Community The Elders make the decisions, there is no color, no feelings, no freedom, no pain or joy, no love and worst of all no choice. Now who would want to live in a world like that? ...not me that's for sure. A family unit is only allowed to have 2 kids, 1 boy and 1 girl a mom and a dad, but in our world we are allowed to have as many children as we want. Jonas' little sister is named Lily, she is 8 years old, but she is not his actual sister. Jonas escapes once he had found out what they do to people once they get released, (which is killing them) but he also takes Gabriel a toddler who has the same eyes as Jonas, he escapes with him after his father said that he is going to be released because of his behavior in the nurturing center at night. Jonas is worried that he might not be able to save Gabe, but also experiences and sees new things while escaping. Both Jonas and Gabe have to hide from search planes who are trying to look for them with heat sensing devices. Jonas finally gets to were he and The GIver now exists, and can hear music and laughter. | Summary

2: To just be told the memory is really boring it would be way more interesting, and you would learn from it better if you experience it, and it gives Jonas the wisdom and knowledge. | The Giver transmits memories to Jonas, and one of them was the memory of snow (which was also the first). Jonas felt free, and his memory made him experience what it felt like to go downhill in the snow on a sled. Jonas could experience the memories and see beyond because if The Giver just told him about the memory of snow he might even think that “Oh I wish I could experience it too.” I mean I know I would if I have never experienced snow.

3: In Jonas’s society there are a lot of things that are missing like: color, color is a big thing in people's lives because it brings out the creativity in people ‘cause without color then life is just plain boring. Mothers in their society should have a right to have their own babies, and nurture/take care of the child until he/she is old enough to live by herself or get a job/assignment, and not for someone to just take them away and give it to a random family unit, they should also have a choice to marrying whoever they please, and getting to have as many babies as they want and getting to nurse them until he/she is mature enough. | Technically they should get everything we have that they don't have because I think it's wrong to not make your own decisions, and that everything has to be made for you.

4: The Giver also transmits pain (to give Jonas the knowledge) because in life there is pain The Giver just wants Jonas to experience something which he has experienced, but not so hurtful that he wants to apply for release like the previous receiver because just last year Jonas had scraped his knee when falling of his bike, and had also jammed his finger inside a door crack. The Giver gave Jonas the pain/knowledge of sunburn. | When, Poet Alfred, Lord Tennyson said “’Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” he had meant that it is better to have loved someone, and to then let him/her go or to have had your loved one to have died from something than to have never loved someone, and you just died of old age without loving anybody at all. The Giver would definitely agree because he had loved a girl, Rosemary, but she had applied for release, so he had lost her, but I think he was glad to have loved someone than to have never loved at all. I would also definitely agree too because it's true, it is better to have loved and lost that person/something than to have never loved at all.

5: The Chief Elders wanted “sameness” they wanted everything to be the same and wanted no color in The Community. Well I don't actually really know how it has helped their Community other than letting them experience a place without color. No color has harmed The Community because people cannot experience color instead they have to live without it. I would hate to live in a society with no color it's just so plain and boring.

6: Well we could actually benefit from this experience of not seeing color because we could just see how life would be like without color, and how Jonas’s world was like without color and decisions, man that would be sad. We would miss everything, and when we look around all we would see, is seriously just no color just black, gray and white I just thought of something they would have to change people's hair there would be no more red, purple, blonds or brown hair. | Oh My Gosh to not have color in this society, I would feel so gloomy and sad. To have no color that's just terrible, we would never be able experience colors and there would be no creativity in this place it would just be sad to me. Color is what brings this place to life in my eyes. I love color because let's say the government took away color I would seriously just move away. Everything would be different, our technology would be plain black our art would be called “lifeless art” this place would just not be the same with color gone.

7: “Sameness” is the absence of color which means that they want everything the same like skin color, hair color anything that is possible to make someone the same, and also the boys must wear the same clothes as other boys and girls must wear the same clothes as other girls. In Jonas’s world they want everything to be the same which in my opinion is wrong. | Jonas had felt angry that color did not exist because now that he had experienced color he was angry that they took it away, I know I would be angry if they had taken color away. I actually don't know, but maybe because in Jonas’s world The Elders wanted “Sameness” and they got it. Not everything about people are the same like for example their hair, some people may have red, brown or blonde hair you can choose to not have color and to have color in our world, but in Jonas’s world they don't get to make decisions only The Elders do.

8: When Jonas escapes he takes Gabe with him because Jonas doesn't want Gabe to be released (or killed) now that he knows what release actually is/means because if he never knew what release had meant Gabe would have probably died, and he might have not taken Gabe even if he didn't know what it meant or maybe he might have.

9: When Jonas and Gabe escape there are search airplanes trying to look for them. He goes out of The Community, and is trying to go elsewhere that The Giver and Jonas know there is. He finds a waterfall, wildflowers, a deer, a squirrel and a bird plus he had experienced rain, and had actually experienced snow in real life, and not in his memory, and it's cool because Jonas and Gabe have the same eye color.

10: Jonas asks his parents if they love him because he wants to know if they love him or not, but they say that ‘love’ is an inappropriate word to say in the Community that they live in, and that the word love was meaningless. Well it didn't say how he had felt after his parents had said it, but he probably felt sad that they think the word ‘love’ as meaningless, and maybe he thinks that they don't love him.

11: Jonas doesn't take his pill because he wanted to feel love, and something within him that had grown there through the memories told him to throw away the pill. Jonas might get stirrings for Fiona, and it means that without taking his pill to prevent stirrings he could see color around The Community, and he could keep them.

12: When Philosopher and statesman Francis Bacon said, “Knowledge is pain.” I agree to this because it's true, knowledge is pain because when you learn how to ride your bike you are learning which is knowledge well then you might fall which is pain, so yes ‘knowledge is pain’. Or you could be learning how to cook, and you might accidentally cut yourself well then that is pain. I think Jonas would agree because he has experienced pain, and the pain was knowledge because he learned about sunburn which was knowledge and pain mixed together.

13: Freedom meant that Jonas wouldn't have to stay, and be tortured with memories of pain, and he wouldn't be angry anymore that everybody doesn’t know or has experienced the true meaning of pain, and other things. Freedom meant everything for Gabe because he would not be alive if it weren’t for Jonas that had taken him with him to his Journey. Freedom meant that Gabe would not be killed.

15: The benefits of living in Jonas’s society are that you don't have to do anything for yourself, you don't get to cook because food is delivered for you, and you don't have to make decisions for yourself because all of that is being taken care of by The Elders decisions. There are many costs because they don't get to experience knew things like we have experienced I mean they don't get to experience color, they don't get to make decisions for themselves, they can't have twins because they release the lightest one instead, there assigned mothers aren't there actual mothers, and same with their spouses (sister/brothers), and there dad which is wrong.

16: About The Author Of This Project

17: Lola Olukayode was was born on November 27,1999 in Netherlands,Holland she loves swimming, biking and roller blading.

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