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The Good Deed Project (SHE 6th Graders)

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S: The Good Deed Project

BC: Brake, Richard Banks, Brianna Danks, Austin Davis, Tara Frederick, Trevor Glenn, Jade Goldsmith, Makayla Hess, Ann Hutchison, Levi Jefferson, Evan Miller, Colten Mock, Koralee Moore, Peggy Pinkston, Jacob Shimel, Brecken Tompkins, Darby White, Anakin Whittington, Kaden Williams, Kelly Willis, Jaedyn Young, Cade | Atkinson, Madison Davis, Brooke Ewing, Sarah Hall, Shandi Harbert, Briley Hirsh, Katricia Isley, Trystan Kuhns, Peyton Lattimer, Wade Miller, Hanna Moore, Jenna Pederson, Gage Pettay, Alhena Powell, TJ Roberts, Taylor Simmons, Elexie Snell, Austin Sutton, Laci Terrazas, Alan Tyler, Abbigayle Vasquez, Issac Wendell, Hailey | 2011-2012 Sixth Grade Authors

FC: The Good Deed Project | South Hutchinson Elementary Sixth Grade 2011-2012 Mrs. Shandi Webster Mrs. Barb Schmidt

1: The Good Deed Project South Hutchinson Elementary sixth graders were on the lookout for ways they could reach out and help others survive tough times -- or a tough day or a tough moment. Here are the opportunities they came up with...

2: Alhena Pettay On Saturday, I spent the night at Katricia’s house. We were in the middle of a game and I started to think of how we could help her mom since she bought us pizza. I came up with plan to clean the kitchen, so I told Katricia and we got to work. When we were all done, her mom came in. At first she was curious, then very happy. It made us feel good because we know her mom deserved it.

3: Austin Danks It was January 14th, when I remembered that I needed to do my good deed. I was at Wal-mart shopping with my mom, and I saw a woman that needed help with her bags. I asked if I could carry them for her. She was very thankful. I felt good because she was struggling.

4: Ann Hess What I did on Saturday the 14th was what I count as my good deed. I was at Hailey’s for the weekend and she was just getting ready to shutdown her computer. She was ready when the computer froze. She tried pressing the shutdown but the computer didn’t do anything. So she tried pressing the shutdown/power button again. That did nothing to help her. So she asked me if I knew how to shut the computer down. She handed me the computer. I looked the computer up and down and then I got an idea. “What about taking out the battery? That should shut it down.” I said to her. “That might work!” she exclaimed.

5: “But where is the battery at?” she asked. We looked at it several times before figuring out where the battery was. Hailey tried to pry open the battery case but it didn’t open. She handed it to me and I tried to open it. Then I saw it had little clips on it. I pushed away the clips and POP! The computer battery came out! We looked at the screen and it was black. Now we turned it on and it worked. “Now I get to return to my game.” I said. And with that done, I pressed start and continued on my game. I felt pretty good about helping her since she was my friend and all. And I bet she felt pretty good too because she started playing some funny music.

6: Austin S. My teacher said we had to do a good deed. I got up early in the morning and made my mom breakfast. I cooked Waffles. They took forever. I made coffee and toast. She got up she said, "Something smells good." She came into the kitchen. She said "Thank you" and she he hugged me. She was so happy. It made me happy too. Have you made your mom breakfast?

7: Brooke Davis On Saturday, my sister and I were home alone, We didn’t have anything to do so my sister watched TV. I didn’t want to be lazy and just sit there the whole time until my mom got back. I hadn't done something nice for my mom in a couple of weeks. So I did the dishes, Even though we have a dishwasher, I wanted to do it with my hands to be nice to my mom. When my mom got home that night, she noticed that I had done the dishes, She was very happy, and gave me money. I felt very happy when I got done doing something nice for my mom. I was happy she gave me money for it, too.

8: Brecken I was going to my aunt’s house for the night and we ended up going to the store. I really didn’t want to go, but I couldn’t tell my aunt that because my aunt loves to go to the store. When we were leaving the store, I saw an old lady struggling to get her bags in the car. To just stand there and watch her struggle would’ve made me feel bad, so I walked over to her car and I said "Excuse me ma’am, but I saw you were having trouble with your bags and thought you would like some help.”

9: As soon as I said that her face lit up like a light in a dark world. She was so grateful she offered to give me a $5 bill, but I didn’t take the money because I didn’t want it and I didn’t need the money. She thanked me for all the “work” I had done for her. She headed back home after she told us how exhausted she was, just from shopping and how putting the bags in her trunk would’ve taken her forever without my help. I felt really good about helping someone with something that was easy for for me but a struggle for them.

10: Brianna Banks When Jade, Leasta, Mattison, and I went to the mall we had gone into the calendar store. Jade said something about Smencils and we had Halloween ones, The woman gave us money for her and us to get some and that she would pay in return. She gave us a free frost’s from Wendy’s. So we bought her them and she paid us. When I came home from school with four Smencils my mom thought I had stolen them. When I went to the mall and gave them to the woman. She was so happy.

11: The reason why she wanted them was because the calendar store didn’t have them there and she wanted them for her and her co-workers. They where amazed that we would really do it. When we did this for this woman she was so thankful and we were talking about it the whole time at the mall. That was the probably was her best day at work! She was really happy.

12: Dannielle Byard I did something nice for my mom and step dad on January 16th, 2012. I wanted to do something for them because my step dad works six days a week, and my mom works twenty-four hours a week. I decided to do something for them so they can relax when they came home. What I did was that I cleaned and organized their room, and I made their bed. They where glad that they came home to a clean room and bed. Though I wish I could have done more, They were happy. I was amazed at how well I did their room and how exciting it was to clean and organize their room. Though I was exhausted I felt like a new person.

13: Darby Tompkins Have you ever done a good deed? Well I have. My good deed was taking leftovers to my grandpa’s house. That night we made Hawaiian pork chops and on the side was stuffing and corn, We made dessert. It was strawberry-banana Jell-o,and vanilla pudding mixed together. Then let it sit overnight, then eat. After dinner we wrap up some leftover then. We took it over to his house. He was so happy, That made me feel so happy and good inside.. That’s what I did for my good deed.

14: Sarah Ewing I decided to wash dishes for my mom, because it is one of the things she does not like to do. When I came into the kitchen there were a large pile of dishes, She also had to go to work that morning. She already had the water running in the sink, so I started doing the dishes for her. Since there were so many dishes it took a little while to do. When I was about finished she walked into the kitchen. She had her back turned, and when she turned around she noticed I had finished the dishes. She was really happy that she didn’t have to do the dishes, and was glad I did it. It felt nice for doing the dishes.

15: Abbigayle Tyler For my good deed I cleaned off the dining room table so my family and I could eat together. I cleaned off all the papers, toys, and other random things that were on it. Then I got a washcloth and wiped it off. After that I waited for dinner to be done. When dinner was done I asked if we could eat in the dining room. They all said that the table wasn’t cleared off, but I said it was. They went to the dining room and saw what I had done. They were very proud of me. When I did my good deed it made me feel good inside. I’m happy I did my good deed because it made the rest of the family happy!

16: Evan On Wednesday I was thinking about what I could do for the family. So I thought about it for a while. Then it hit me! I should cook supper for the family. I wanted to because they were all out doing something, Dad was getting parts for the go-cart, Mom was getting her nails done, my brothers were playing video games really loud, and my baby sister was upstairs with me. So while all of them were out doing something I was upstairs making pizza in the oven. Then I watched my sister for a while, then I heard the oven beep. I went to

17: take the pizza out. It turns out they weren’t done enough yet so I put them in the oven just to sit for 5 minutes. I then cut each one of their pizzas up put them on plates for them. So when they came home they, would be surprised. When they came home they were shocked and happy that they didn’t have to cook. I also put out cups and drinks for them. They were so happy they said I didn’t have to do chores! It felt good to do something good for the family. That was my good deed.

18: Philip Cornwell by Gage Pederson He did not want to be in the Vietnam War, but he trained and did many exercises. He was heading for war, but he was lucky. He did all his years before the war started. So he did not have to fight in the war.

19: Hailey Wendell One Tuesday my dad and I went to the store. I stayed in the truck because my dad brought my beagle puppy, Jasper, and as you all know dogs can’t go into stores. When he was done, we came home, My dad went to feed sheep or something like that. So I decided to put the food in the fridge . I was home alone with Jasper and my brother Grayson was at wrestling practice. When my dad came back he really didn’t notice that I put the groceries away. I don’t know why I didn’t tell him about it, He might have noticed but just didn’t say anything. It made me feel kind of sad because he didn’t say anything about it. How could he not notice that the food was in the fridge. I gave Jasper some milk and he was really happy.

20: Hanna Miller I decided to do something nice for my mom to help her out. I thought about what she would want me to do. Then I had it! I was going to clean the house for my mom. The first thing I did was that I swept and mopped the floor. I cleaned the ferret room and also did the kitchen (dishes, floor, and counters). I thought it would really help her out and it did. When she came home, she looked really amazed and thanked me. I felt really good about how happy she was.

21: Isaac Vasquez One afternoon my mom's boyfriend, Thomas, was helping his family fix the house because they had walls broken, carpet torn, leaks on the roof, walls fading, and stairs broken. So I ask him if I could help. He said " Ok" .So I helped paint the walls, fix the walls, buy more carpet, fix the roof, buy wood to fix the stairs.

22: Briley Harbert It was the Monday we were off of school and I still hadn’t done my good deed! “The project is due tomorrow!!” I thought. My basement was a complete mess, so my sister and I decided to clean it. It was hard because our basement was pretty messy, but we figured it out. We had already started cleaning before Monday but decided to do a little more. We took all of our dress up clothes and dumped them on the floor. We organized them into two piles; ones we did want and ones we didn’t. We took all the play food and put it in the “food box”.

23: We had already decided that we were going to take everything we didn’t want to “New Beginnings.” My mom said our things would be put to good use there. We haven’t taken anything there yet but hopefully we will soon. When my mom got home and saw what good progress we had made on the basement. She said we did a good job! It was an amazing feeling to know I did something good for my mom.

24: Jade Glenn This weekend I did a good deed that helped my cousin. I did this because I knew what homework he was working on. It was hard for me in 3rd grade, too. I was over at my uncle’s house and my cousins were there, too. My cousin Taiden was having trouble on his homework so I went to the table to see what he was working on. He was working on multiplying and dividing. When I was in 3rd grade I had trouble with multiplying so my teacher gave us little poems to help us remember what the problem was. I could kind of remember some of them and I knew other ways that helped me in math, so I shared with him.

25: After about thirty minutes he didn’t have to think and think about each problem, he could just say his math problems. After we were done he thanked me and he was very happy I helped him. I felt good that helped him.

26: Kaden I had a class assignment to do a good deed over the weekend, so I started thinking. I figured that since my mom didn’t get home till 6:00 p.m., I would clean the house. I cleaned it because my mom always cleans the house. I decided to make her happy so I cleaned the house for two hours! My room took the longest because my I share a room with my four-year-old cousin. I vacuumed the living room and the family room. The family room needed the most

27: cleaning because that is where my friends and I hangout. My cousin tried to feed my fish and spilt all the fish food everywhere. That was a bigger mess to clean up. I took the dogs out for a walk, made all the beds, and cleaned the bathroom. When my mom got home she was so proud and happy, she took me out to Cherry Berry. I felt very responsible.

28: Katricia Hirsh On Saturday I thought that my mom might need some help. She is constantly cleaning the house for us. So I cleaned the kitchen I did the dishes. After that I cleaned the counters, Then I mopped the floor, then I cleaned the table tops, an finally I took out the trash. My mom was so proud of me she gave me a HUGE hug. She was really happy with me, and I was proud of myself also.

29: Kelly Williams On Monday I went to the store with my sister. I had been at a Leadership Summit all day and was very tired. I thought that it is unfair to make Lauren go by herself. My sister and I were in the check out line. My sister swiped the card and all of a sudden the bag of water broke. The lady at the counter put some of the water in a separate bag. I carried that bag. When we got around the corner of the store my sister didn’t have the card!!! I walked back around the corner and found the card. My sister was so happy and so was I.

30: Koralee Mock On Tuesday I helped my sisters and my parents take care of the animals and do other chores around the house. I cleaned out the fireplace, brought in wood, and wiped the kitchen when my family was out of the house. My sisters were happy that they did not have to bring in as much wood as they would have to. So were my parents. I was happy that I did that for my family.

31: Levi Hutchison On the morning of January 16th I clean my brother’s room and his mini-van. That was M.L.K day and my brother had to leave to go to work early so I woke up at 8:00. Do not hear me wrong I love my brother, but you try to clean his room, but it’s a pigsty like my room, but he is my brother. So at 9:00 I cleaned the van that was pretty easy, but I fell asleep on my bed and by the time I woke up my brother was gone. When he got back at 5:50 p.m. he said that his room was clean and be able to walk though it, and that the van was sparkling clean he was happy that his possessions were clean. I felt proud to do something nice for my brother.

32: Laci Sutton Do you know how it feels to do something good for another person? Well I do. Jut one thing can make a huge impact in someone’s day and how they feel. On Saturday, my sister (Brittany) went to work at Hastings. She wasn’t feeling well when she got up (slight headache, extremely tired from her almost gone mono) so she didn’t want to go anyways. I felt kind of bad for her. That was when I decided to do a good deed for her. I was going to make her breakfast but she had to be at work by 9:00 AM. I wasn’t going to get up just for that. I had then decided to bake her cookies. I was going to just make her 10 – 12 cookies but then she called my mom and me. She said her boss wasn’t doing anything and she had to clean the store by herself. She was also getting yelled at, and on top of all that she didn’t feel good still. Now I felt really bad for her. I decided I wasn’t going to make 10 or 12 cookies, I was going to make 24 cookies just for her.

33: Now just to make one thing clear, because she didn’t feel good I didn’t expect a HUGE reaction from her. When she got home and came into the kitchen she saw the cookies and asked who made them and why we made them. I told her they were for her and nobody else could eat them. She said thank you and that she loved the idea of cookies. I then proceeded to tell her that it was for a school assignment. I felt like I had made her day. Normally we fight and argue like normal sisters would but that day I don’t think we argued at all. That just shows that the littlest things can really make a difference in one person. The way you feel after a good deed is totally unexplainable.

34: Madison I cleaned the whole house for my mom. I cleaned the house for her so she would not have to do it when she got home. It’s was also homework for school. I do it often when I don’t have homework or anything to do. I was thinking at school what to do when I get home and at that time I forgot about doing a Good Deed. So I thought well I don’t have homework so I will just clean the house because I'm in the cleaning mood. So I went home fed my dog and I started cleaning right away. When she got home she was SURPRISED with the cleaning because I also did laundry and she could not believe it. She was very happy that I did that much!!! I felt really good that she was happy at what I did.

35: Colten Miller One morning I saw an old lady opening her door. When I was walking by her house I saw that her dog got out. I decided that I would go and help because I knew her from church. It was a pretty hard task because I had to run through the woods, and the sand, and got a lot of cuts. That dog is a fast Blue Heeler, but when I caught him I took it back to her. I think that she was happy that I brought her dog back to her. I think that I made her day because I caught her dog. It made my day because I made her happy, and finished a homework assignment.

36: Makayla On Wednesday I was thinking about how I needed to do a good deed, so I started thinking about what my mom always complains about that she has to do every day. Finally, I thought about it and I was down to two things; I could do laundry or cook supper but then I was like “I am going to cook supper.” So when my mom and dad got home they were sitting on the couch and I started cooking to make Hamburger Helper I know it doesn’t sound like much but I can only cook things that have directions on them. So my mom knew that I was cooking supper because she could hear and smell it so I couldn’t keep it a surprise. When I finally got done I had salad, dressing and croutons. We ate our supper peacefully. After that I washed dishes like I do every night. I could tell my mom and dad were very excited and they enjoyed it, plus it made me feel good too, and most of all I felt like I accomplished something.

37: My Good Deed by Gage I was wondering what good deed I should do. I decided to clean up my house. I cleaned the kitchen and the walls. I swept the floors and vacuumed the house. I cleaned my mom and dads room. When my parents got home, they were so happy. I bet they were happy they didn’t have to do everything. I felt really good doing that for my parents. My good deed helped my parents out alot.

38: Peggy It was the night of the music program, almost the WORST night of my life. Here is the story of my classmate’s great deed. It was the 4th song, my solo was here. I started singing but stage fright got me in its grasp, and I needed help, They could see I needed help, so they helped me. And I am grateful for it. If I didn’t have good friends I would've been humiliated. I'm glad for my good friends.

39: Richard A. Brake On Monday January 16, 2012 I woke up at 7:30 A.M. right after my dad walked out the door headed for work. Then I got up and swept and mopped the floor, vacuumed the living room and the bedrooms, did the dishes, did the laundry, folded the clothes, washed the bed sheets, pillow cases, and blankets, baked a pumpkin pie, before my mom or dad got home. Luckily dad didn’t come home for lunch like he sometimes does or he would have caught me and ruined the whole thing. So by the time mom got home at 2:30 P.M., the entire house was spotless. My mom said that she couldn't believe her eyes and I felt like I had done something worthwhile.

40: Shandi Hall January 16th, 2012, I was home alone and I was thinking about all my homework that needed to be done. I looked through my bookbag and realized that I still needed a good deed. So I looked through the house and found everything in the house that needed done. So I started with the laundry. Then, I did my room, my mom's room, and my brothers room. Then finally, the kitchen. When my mom got home she was surprised. I got $25.00 for cleaning our house.

41: Elexie Simmons Monday, January 16, I did some good deeds for my family. First, I cleaned my whole room, I didn’t just pile stuff, I moved things around to sweep. I changed my room format around. Next, I cleaned the main bathroom like wiping the counter, the toilet, and the bathtub. Next, I cleaned the dirty dishes, did my own laundry, hung up clothes, and put clothes in the washer. Finally, I picked up all the trash around the house and then I put the trash on the curb. I told my mom and dad about what I did and they said, “Thank you very much.” After that day I felt like I was queen of the world.

42: Peyton Kuhns I was walking around one day, then I saw something falling from the sky so I went to go check it out. Once I got closer I saw a bright green light. It’s a green glowing ring! I start walking away thinking if I should go tell some one then I thought no I found it I’m going to keep it. So I walk back to it and then I look where it was suppose to be and it wasn’t there! But then I noticed more weight on my finger and there the ring was on my finger. Once I got home I went to the bathroom trying to get the ring off my finger I used soap, shampoo and butter but nothing helped. The ring started glowing even brighter I fell to the floor nude but then I noticed I wasn’t nude just smaller then usual I was a troll! I was thinking to myself this is impossible but then I turned back when the ring flashed again and I did get freaked out a little.

43: After that I went to the police department they even tried everything and I got really scared when they tried shooting it off! So once I got home my dad was home because he just got off work. So my Dad had this special gear and I tried asking him what it was he wouldn’t answer so I got suspicious because I didn’t even no where he worked! My Dad had a little ray then he shot it at my finger and I waited a few minutes then the ring just fell off. I thought to myself it’s a miracle so I went outside and chucked the ring that was broken in two in the other yard then I went back inside and shut the door behind me.But then I realized more weight on my finger and there it was the ring again in one piece then I screamed dad its back He said I know so confused I let him use a different ray and this time the ring disappeared. My Dad said it went to go bother a different family now.

44: TJ Our garage was a mess. The dog that we got tore it up. My dad wanted to get the garage cleaned out but never got the chance, so I thought I would clean it out. I got a broom and rags, and then started cleaning. It took me a long time to clean the garage out but I did it. I picked up paper, styrofoam, and swept out sand. I felt amazing doing something good for my dad, I felt relieved of something. My dad does a lot for me so I thought I would do something for him. When my dad came inside he pretended not to notice the garage, but then he said thank you and gave me a hug.

45: Trevor Frederick Last Saturday I watched my dog, Memphis, while my parents ran errands. The only reason my parents let me do this job is because I have done it before. Also, the reward was ten dollars, which is even more then what I get for doing my chores for a week! Watching my dog was very easy. All I had to do was take him outside, feed him, and water him. When my parents got home they were happy because I did such a great job, and because of my parents being so happy it made me happy.

46: Tara Davis Work, work, work, that’s all I did today. I worked in my backyard trying to make it look better. Just doing a good deed for my mom. It all started when I was jumping on the trampoline, I saw how much junk was in our backyard. So I started to clean it up. First, I picked up our old chair cushions and hoses. Then, my neighbor came over and helped me pick up the trash. Finally, we were done! When my mom came home she was pretty happy and so was I. You can do little things like this for other people too!

47: Taylor Roberts On Wednesday our class was assigned to do a good deed so I was thinking about what I would do. I got off the bus and thought to myself. I decided to bake cookies for my neighbors. On Saturday I baked cookies for my parents and neighbors. When I brought the cookies to my neighbors they thanked me. The next day I got a letter in the mail. It was a thank you card. I was proud that my neighbors felt close to me.

48: Trystan Isley The reason I did decided to do this was because every time I get home Mom and Dad go on and on about the kitchen so I thought I would do something for them because they clean up for us everyday. So I am going to do something great for them. It is Friday, Mom gets home from work and she sees the kitchen. It is a mess and she frowns. That means she isn’t very happy. So I thought I would do something about this because the kitchen is always a mess and I hate seeing that frown everyday. So the next day I got up early and started on the kitchen. First, I did the dishes. They were left in the sink overnight so I had to scrub very hard.

49: When I finally got the dishes done I had to do the pans. They were pretty hard too since they were left overnight also. After that I had to wash the cups from last night and they were not very hard because all I had to do was wash it and scrub it a little bit. Finally, I had to wipe down the counters and the tables. I was finally finished so all I had to do was wait for Mom and Dad to get up. So after that all I did was watch TV and when Mom got up and she saw the kitchen the frown wasn’t there anymore instead there was a wide smile. In fact I was pretty astonished also and I thought "I should do this more often."

50: Wade Lattimer My dad always says the house needs to be cleaned so on January 8, I decided to help him clean. I cleaned the bathroom, washed the dishes, and vacuumed the whole house. I did these things because I wanted to help my dad clean. I cleaned the bathtub and the sink in the bathroom. Then I vacuumed and did the dishes. He was at work when I did all these things. When he got home from work he noticed and seemed really happy. I was very happy because he noticed me and thanked me.

51: Alan Terrazas This weekend I woke up and I got dressed and my parents went to work. While they were gone I had 3 choices; to clean the house, help my dad with a truck he’s painting, or clean the toilet. So I decided I would clean the house. First, I did the dishes and that took me about 5 minutes. Then, I cleaned the kitchen. When I was done with that I cleaned the living room. First, I cleaned the floor, polished the desk, washed the couches, and let my dog outside. Finally, I cleaned my room and my parent’s room. My parents were astonished and happy. I felt happy inside.

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