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The Great Depression

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FC: The Great Depression By: Josiah Rasbeck JR119908

1: Through out the book we shall be looking at five questions. 1.What caused the Great Depression? 2.How long did the Great Depression last? 3.What was life like during the Great Depression? 4.Who was affected by the Great Depression? 5.How did the Great Depression End?

2: What Caused The Great Depression? It happened when the Economy failed banks were shut down and people were losing money and jobs. | There are possible 5 ways it started 1. Stock Market Crashed of 1929 2. Bank Failures 3. Reduction in purchasing across the board. 4. American economic policy with Europe 5. Drought conditions. | Many believe the Stock market failed around October 29th on Black Tuesday over 40 Billion dollars where lost. For the bank failures over 9000 failed and the ones who survived did not know how long they would survive so many did not give out loans.

3: When The Great Depression hit people stopped buying items so more and more items didn't need to be built and workers got laid off from work which meant that products price would go up by 25%. As businesses failed the Government set up the Smoot-Hawley Tariff which meant it would Protect all the American businesses and charged a higher tax rate for import goods. The Drought conditions had no direct hit to The Great Depression but for the farmers and workers near the Mississippi river got no profit from there crops and could not pay there taxes.

4: How long did The Great Depression last? | The Great Depression lasted from 1929 till 1941 it led to high job loss, bank failure, stock market drops. United States lost up to +60.7% of job losses. Although The Great Depression did not just effect America, it effected Australia, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Japan, Latin America, Netherlands, South America, Soviet Union, Sweden, United Kingdom,and The United States.

5: How was life during The Great Depression? | Life was extremely tough, people would beg for food,and they would steal and kill people for food, there where barley any jobs, any one who had a job before the crash more than likely lost it,people lost thousands of dollars, people would go out and buy things that they couldn't afford and they would take loans from banks they couldn't even pay off then the banks would run out of money and then that would cause a chain reaction, from a person taking money they cant pay back and then the banks close down and then people lose jobs because of the bank closing down.

6: Who was affected by the Great Depression? | Many people were effected on a level the poor were effected greatly, they were left with out money and food and sometimes shelter many of the poor people either had to steal or starve to death there land they had would be taken away but not sold because no one could afford it so it sat there owner-less. Some people think the Rich were hardly effect but they were the rich lost thousands of dollars, any of the rich people who had stocks lost it all and lost thousands of dollars they had in the stock, they lost most of there money in the banks.

7: How did the Great Depression End | The Great Depression Ended when World War 2 started since the army needed men to fight the men would leave and the women would have to work for make guns, ammo, tanks, and other Military things that where needed so when the factories where re opened in the 1930/40's most the women got a job and were paid and the men were off fighting so they would get paid.

8: Pictures!

14: Finally a chart to show how the job loss went down very close to Zero in 1944.

15: The End!!

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