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The Great Depression

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FC: The Great Depression | By : Angela Riedel

1: What Caused the Great Depression ?

2: The Top 5 Things That Caused The Great Depression are ...

3: One Thing that caused the great depression was the stock market crash of 1929. The Stock market crashed on October 29, 1929 the day became known as Black Tuesday. Stockholders had lost more than $40 billion dollars. By the end of 1930 they began to recover some of there loses.Unfortunately it wasn't soon enough- and American entered the Great Depression.

4: The great drought occurred in the Mississippi valley. Sadly enough the people of the valley could not pay their taxes or other debts and had to sell their farms with no profit to themselves.

5: Drought Conditions

6: Bank Faluires

7: 9,000 banks failed in the 1930's.When the banks failed the money that was in the bank was gone.The surviving banks began to get to scared to give out loans.This just lead to less and less expenditures.

8: After the stock market crash everyone - poor and rich was watching how they spent their money. People could tell that there was worse to come.This then led to less people needed working because less was needed and less was produced.When the people lost there jobs they soon were unable to pay for the things they bought with installment plan. And of course the items were repossessed.With more and more things on the back on the shelf and the inventory bulging the economy suffered more. The Unemployment rate rose 25%. | NO MORE SPENDING

9: Less People Spending Money

11: The good old government decided to lend a hand to the big businesses and companies. They passed the Smoot-Hawley Tariff in 1930.This Tariff raised taxes in the foreign trade. This made it almost impossible to trade with foreign countries.And it brought on some economic retaliation.

12: Now that you have learned what caused the Great Depression I'm sure your wondering how long did this last ? Well thats a good question. How long did the Great Depression Last ?

13: The Great Depression started in 1929 with the stock market crash and it ended at the end of the second World War. It was about 10yrs of economic depression all over the country.

14: You may be wondering ... how was life during the great depression ? What was it like ? Well I can tell you it sure wasn't great- that leaves us with depressing.

15: Everyone was effected differently-Some were effected worse than others.

16: How were men effected ?

17: Men had lost there jobs - and soon had to relay on there wives and children to make ends meet.Some of the men did not take this well; to them it was a blow in the gut as there family structure changed.For some it was such a blow to there self esteem that they became numb to what was going on around them . They gave up on job searches and left there family's. And a 1940 survey revealed that 1. 5 million married women had been abandoned by their husbands.Black men were layed or cut and turned of faster and sooner than White men.

19: How was the Family affected ?

20: Marital Status and love life changed a lot during the great depression. More couples were delaying marriage.And family's were separating- even tho they weren't actually filing for divorce due to the fact that court cost were to high and that supporting two households would have been a great deal harder. | Birth rates dropped- I guess when the country is in a economic depression you really don't want to bring a baby into it.Many kids were forced to leave school and try to find a job. And many children and babies became sick and died.

21: There was a dramatic lose in the average house hold income.There was a great deal of stress put on the families.Some families pulled together and supported each other by getting help from friends and families. When all other options were ruled out they would then go to the government for help. But that was only when all other options were out of the question. However some families were unable to pull together and soon fell apart.

22: Women were really standing up and taking on a lot of responsibilities at this time. They were going against the historic stereo type that women had to stay at home and work. Women were out getting jobs and earning and supporting there families.African American women found it easier to get jobs. They were working as domestic servants,clerks and textile workers.It seemed the womens role was improved But then again there was all the family and money situations.

23: How did the great depression affect women ?

25: How did the Great Depression End ?

26: The new deal programs had a great influence on the end of the great depression.Some of the programs regulated wages and prices - this helped families be able to pay for the things they needed such as food and clothing.Others helped people get jobs as conservation workers, artist,writers,and labors. Social Security helped the elderly get back on there feet. It is said that this is not what ended the great depression it was the second world war. But we all know this had a great deal of play in it. | By the end of the 1930's the great depression was weakening but many,many people were still in low poverty.Germany became more powerful and started taking over neighboring countries.

27: World war two erupted in Europe. The fighting countries needed supplies and America's people were happy to be able to get back to work.After the attack of Pearl Harbor- America entered the war.Once again the people at | home had to work in the factory's.The U.S enlisted over 10 million men and women.The need for soldiers,pilots,workers to make ammo and weaponry, and air andsea craft all helped the end

28: of the end of the Great Depression possible !!

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